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My screen name is pretty much a no-brainer. Gary is my first name and K is the first letter of my last name.


Lots of you use screen names whose meaning is far less clear.


I thought it would be nice to learn what your screen name means and the significance it has to you.

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Raro is a screen name I've used before GA, and in this sense, it wasn't exactly chosen with GA in mind... but it's got some interesting background.


"Raro" as a pseudonym was used by the composer Robert Schumann (1810-1856) ... to quote encyclopedia.com,


In order to observe music from all points of view, Schumann invented three artistic characters: the stormy, impetuous Florestan; the gentle, lyrical Eusebius; and the arbiter between the two, Master Raro. In later years Schumann signed many of his own compositions with these appellations.

Further comments, via Google Books:

Raro was the most delicate of the "Davidsbundler" [schumann's imaginary personas]. He was in his irony, which had drunk deep of worldly wisdom, raised far above the storm and stress of Florestan and the gentle, simple complaisance of Eusebius. In Florestan there was much of Beethoven, in Eusebius an echo of Schubert. Raro was to surpass and combine them in a higher unity. But Raro is just---rare.

On that note, "raro" is also a Spanish (which I don't speak) word meaning something like "rare".... Dictionaries more thoroughly translate it as "bizarre, queer, rare, unusual, eccentric..."


Does that explain it?


-- Master Raro

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When it comes down to it, my screen name is what it is because I used it on Comicality's forum before following him here. The "1"replaced the "l" because "Blue" was already taken at the time, I think.


It's also my name because my mother at once point campaigned to have one of my middle names be "Azul." Seeing as I go by my middle name, I'm just as happy she lost that to my outraged Catholic relatives.

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Hmm... well Julian Alexander is a pseudonym I use for my work. My mum actually wanted this to be my name but she got "outvoted" by dad (Whose name happens to be Julian, hehe). My real name is a derivative of Julian. Hence, I can use "Jules" as a my nickname.



The youngest son of one of my best friends is also named Julian, but everyone calls him Jules too. Until now I had never seen anyone else use that nickname. Cool.

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Raro is a screen name I've used before GA, and in this sense, it wasn't exactly chosen with GA in mind... but it's got some interesting background.

Does that explain it?

The exact definition of the word depends on the context in which it's being used. Take the following phrases as an example:


Eso esta raro = That is strange


Como quieres tu bistec? Raro = How would you like your steak? Rare


Ese hombre es raro = That man is odd


In your case I'm inclined to go with the last definition. What about you?

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JamesSavik is the pseudonym under which I write on the net. It's also how I'm identified on the many sites I haunt.


Savik is a name of Sweedish origin. In Smith county Mississippi, where my people are from, there are a great many people of Sweedish extraction: big blond farm people.


They were originally supposed to go to Minnesota but bought a compass from a street dealer in New York.

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Well, the first forum I joined online was only a few years ago and I used the name "Condor", taken after "3 Days of the Condor" -- a cool Robert Redford movie that only those of you my age or older may know. I used that same name when I first posted on GA in Dan's Do Over forum ... back in the olden days when "guests" could post.


When I joined GA, I didn't want to use "Condor" because it really didn't fit me.


I chose Snow Dog because he is the "good" character in the Rush song "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" ... a song written by Neil Peart about two feral dogs that were hanging around Le Studio in Montreal when they were recording ... and it actually made it to the album. What I liked about The Snow Dog was that while he was the hero, he wasn't a kind fluffy sort of hero, he was hard and jaded, but decidedly good. While By-Tor went to become a hero on the next album (defeating The Necromancer), poor snowy was never heard from again (although I do take significant pleasure every time I hear them play it live :P ). As there are only 2 types of people in the world, namely, those that LOVE Rush and those that don't (and those that don't, generally detest them and have no musical taste), I figured it was the best way to tell those in the know what my favorite band was (and still is).


The "Dr." and "Mr." are better left unexplained, those that know, know why. and the :king: ... well, that is because I long ago declared myself Emperor and if you don't believe I am ... just ask Trebs.


Finally, as people cracked through the shell, "snowey" and "snowy" became common epithets, and eventually, The Hunter of Plot Slugs and Muse-Slayer Extraordinaire dubbed me "Snoopy" for reasons that only make sense in the nether world that is his mind.


If you wanna know where the :snowy: comes from ... simply join chat




"By-Tor and the Snow Dog"


Tobes of Hades, lit by flickering torchlight

The netherworld is gathered in the glare

Prince By-Tor takes the cavern to the north light

The sign of Eth is rising in the air


By-Tor, knight of darkness

Centurion of evil, devil's prince


Across the River Styx, out of the lamplight

His nemesis is waiting at the gate

The Snow Dog, ermine glowing in the damp night

Coal-black eyes shimmering with hate


By-Tor and the Snow Dog

Square for battle, let the fray begin


(insert amazing guitar riffs)


The battle's over and the dust is clearing

Disciples of the Snow Dog sound the knell

Rejoicing echoes as the dawn is nearing

By-Tor, in defeat, retreats to Hell


Snow Dog is victorious

The land of the Overworld is saved again


:king: Dr. Mr. Snow :snowy: Dog

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I chose Snow Dog because he is the "good" character in the Rush song "By-Tor and the Snow Dog"

Wow, I had no idea that's where the Snow Dog in your name came from! And from their first "real" album too! Does any Rush fan actually consider their eponymous album a real Rush album?


Worshiper at the altar of Rush since 1975 :worship:

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Simple. My name is Mathieu but since childhood my aunt would call me mattie and all her friends would and well 1986 is the year i was born. Not very original...


I like my 1 account on a Vampire Novel writers forum. MyOtherLoverIsAVampire... Meaning i have many lovers and 1 is a vampire lol.

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Many years ago I was searching for a hero figure to idealize. For a while odysseus worked for me but then I went through a phase where I love the glory days of France. During that time I paid particular attention to the hundred years war and especially the story of one Jeanne D'Arc aka Joan of Arc. Once upon a time Jeanne aspired to lead the armies of france against the british and crown the dauphin of france as the new king, but was still busy being a peasant girl. Then she started inspiring people, but to lead the armies of France, she needed to actually meet the dauphin and gain his approval. The trouble was she was stuck in her little peasant community. The solution was a dangerous trek from her little town to Le Chateau du Dauphin, which required the help of various guards and protectors to ensure her safe(ish) journey. Among them was one knight Le Sieur Jean de Metz, who, while reportedly having found jeanne attractive, also found her to be a remarkable and pure figure and swore himself her protector for the course of the journey. It is from this noble knight that I derived the name Demetz


For those of you wondering how the story continued... she arrived safely at the dauphin's house, he liked her, she took control of the army of france, she kicked ass for a while till she was betrayed and captured, and the english burned her at the stake as a witch because they believed there was no other way a girl could have done such a good job kicking their asses.

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Raro, yours was so nifty.


Mine is pretty obvious. I like razors. They're pretty, shiny, sharp, slick, sleek... they're alluring. It's an edge, it's full of symbolism, what more could you want? Razors are seemingly innocent, mostly used for shaving, but the blades are sharp and if you're not careful... well... who knows what we'll do, eh? :D

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I don't get that one either :lol:


Zilar means Silver in the extinct language of the Basque (People who lived in Germany for a while, but no idea where they've gone to)

Oh, and I picked it because, some years ago, I wanted to make a knight character in a game once... Seemed like a good fit :)

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Well I used to be in a band called PETALS and I play GUITAR. SO yeah there you have it.



lol..Tyler. You don't go by Petalsguitar here on GA.


Oh yeah, so here's mine. My first name is Nickolas, my middle name is James and there are 8 letters in my first name

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