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Whydo so many people hate twilight?

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I wrote a thriller named Twilight and everybody thought it was fan fiction. Most looked at the title and passed it by because they thought it was about gay vegan vampires that suck (in many more ways that is obvious).


People that actually read my Twilight liked it better because it had nothing to do with gay vegan vampires that sparkle.


NOW. Go read my Twilight. It's free and somewhat nerve-racking.

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I HATE it because the acting is sucky but yet they win every award that they don't deserve.... Inception should have won that award I mean dang!! It kicked harry potter's ass when harry potter is so much more meaningful than a love story. Bella can really suck it, vampires don't sparkle! Edward is ugly, Jacob is just eye candy but he's not mouth watering... ugh... I tried reading the book but couldn't get passed the first line without being bored too tears.


But the most IMPORTANT reason is that it's recieved so much hype that it even by passes The dark night where it goes so far as to having cops at walmart when it's midnight like the dvd release is more important than black friday i mean not even that date has cops swarming the area like it did!! Also who in the hell sleeps out at the movie theater waiting too receive good tickets for this shiz? twilight fans of course..... don't angry them!! It's your death warrant I tell you!!


Just sayin....

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I don't HATE it. That is such a strong emotion and wasted on a piece of drivel like this.


The books are poorly written, the storyline is weak and the characters are two dimensional.


The story is about 119 year old who still goes to high school and is crushing on a 16 year old... yeah... fab.


There is enough angst in there to fill a small continent and Bella is the most irritating and frustrating character I have ever read. I'm sorry but there must be SOME lightness there somewhere or the character is completely flat and uninteresting.


I think that if this work were published here then there would be criticism of every chapter. For a first work it's not too bad but there are many new authors on here who do better.


And that's without the fact that VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE.

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I thought the books were O.K. I've read them all, though I did have to force myself through some sections of each novel (especially in the second one). I watch the movies out of obligation to my sister, but I consider the movies to be worthless. Although I didn't hate the books, I have to admit the fact that the vampires were without fangs and sparkled in the light did bug me throughout the series.

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Apart from the saga's critical acclaim or lack thereof, the 3 films have grossed $1.8 billion in box office receipts worldwide on a budget of $188 million (reference: Wiki). Not a bad return on investment, not bad at all.


...and there's more to come to boot. Go Taylor! :2thumbs:

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Everyone seems to also be forgetting the fact that the story promotes unhealthy relationship behaviours such as stalking, obsessively controlling your partner's actions, and worse...


My problem is more the fan base though. I know kids who've had to be rushed to the emergency room because they said they didn't like twilight and they got beaten up for it.

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I know kids who've had to be rushed to the emergency room because they said they didn't like twilight and they got beaten up for it.


Now this is just sad. I mean, yeah, we have violence at NFL football games now. But to get the crap beat out of you just because you don't like a movie? Ridiculous. Posted Image




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The whole premise plays into the teen fantasy of having the biggest, baddest MOFO boyfriend who can kick everybody's ass, but doesn't, 'cause he's a super-sensitive, toothless WIMP.


Vampires sparkle? Yeah, right, and Sponge Bob is a chupacabra.



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I read Twilight at first because my young daughter wanted to read it and I didn’t want her reading something that would be inappropriate for her age. Which led to both of us reading all of them. People need to take the story for what it is, an immature 16 year-old girl who is at the center of attention of a love triangle. The writing is very immature which is reflecting of the main character’s needy and shallow personality.



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You guys are bad :P


So, I was never interested in the books or movies, then I was beaten over the head with a wet noodle to beta read a story for Krista. Acceptance of Fate I actually liked :great:. So much so I had to go watch the movies to compare. I do think Krista has done an amazingly well job of this fanfic.

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Eh, I'm 'supposed' to be on hiatus, but a certain guy named Steve linked me this. I read the books before ever watching the films, I do that with anything - except for Harry Potter, because well.. my younger brother and sister dragged me to the theaters before I could get my hands on their copies.. lol. Anyway, I'm not getting into the movies, but the books, as you progressed through the series got noticeably worse. SM didn't care about creating plot-holes or backing herself into a corner with her plot either. When she got to a point where her defined rules needed to be broken to go on to the next step that she wanted - well she broke them. Its fiction, but you can't have a linear story line, that's progressing ok, creating rules and character limitations, and plot points that people will remember.. Then turn around and shatter them or veering completely off course.


So, Twilight was ok - it was a bit too stalker prominent, but heh..


New Moon, was this huge depressing pity party for Bella Swan, where it was ok for her to use people to find a little bit of happiness. Happiness that she didn't deserve or work for in return.


Eclipse created SO many plot-holes for what was to become Breaking Dawn.


Breaking Dawn broke EVERY rule that SM created in the series. She changed all of her characters... it just went to shit after Eclipse.. lol.

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