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Facial Hair on Guys- Hot or Not?

Facial Hair on Guys- Hot or Not?  

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  1. 1. Do you find facial hair on guys hot?

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I used to not be a big fan of facial hair on guys, but lately I've been finding the look pretty hot, on some certain guys. Actor Nick Zano didn't do it for me with his clean-shaven look in Final Destination 4 and the like. But then you add the facial hair and the hipster glasses with his look on 2 Broke Girls, and he suddenly became effin' hot to me.



Posted Image


Who else do you think wears the facial hair well? Do you prefer facial hair on guys, or do you like them clean-shaven?

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When a man has a generic face, whiskers can add a lot. Johnny Depp looks great with whiskers. So does Sean Connery.


I wear a beard, because it's an improvement, I hate to shave, and it's better for the skin. Besides, if I shaved it all off, my man would leave me. My upper lip hasn't seen the light of day since I was 15.


Chow Yun Fat is killer in a fu manchu.

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I like guys a little rough around the edges which includes facial hair. The squeaky clean cut look is too boyish and I want a man! The best thing about when you do gotta shave is give it about 2 days and it's perfect again! Posted Image

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Depends. Some guys look terrible with facial hair and as a general rule if you can't grow a full beard you're usually better off shaving. But even on guys who CAN grow a full beard it doesn't always look good. Stubble sometimes looks hot but, again, only if you can pull it off. The one thing that never, ever works for me is a goatee. I hate them.

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most people don't know how to trim and take care of their beards which gives them that homeless look.



Those that do know how to maintain a beard, it can look very distinguished.



It's NOT for everybody and young guys- scruffy isn't for anybody.

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Facial hair accompanied with bright eyes is a really big WOW thing for me. Maybe a 5o'clock shadow <I dunno if I got this right> would look okay?


Not really a big fan of facial hair, though sometimes it becomes hot when you think about it.

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Beard? No.

Goatee? No.

Muchtache? No.

Stubbles? Mostly it's cool, even hot.


Mostly they're not for everyone.


I look gross if I let my stubble grows for more than 4-5 days because my face looks more reddish, so I shave it off and my skin goes back to white.

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Only on certain guys and only a little bit. Full-on beards or scraggly getting-there beards are not "hot". A five o'clock shadow or some fuzz in the right place can make a guy look very distinguished and maybe even a bit rugged.

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Wow, and body hair. No-one's mentioned this. I like hairy legs too Posted Image


Yeah I say wow all the time Zombie, he has very hairy legs too and the only place he doesnt have hair, is on his back which is perfectly formed :)

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