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I'm an iPerson

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I have an iMac, an iBook and a Droid. I get confused often... I would much rather have an iPhone, but got talked into the Droid. Big mistake.

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some ppl in the stock market contest that apple and google need to be put into their own index ,,, ppl can't take the i-heartaches seeing the market drop 




iUPS iFedEx


UPS delivery man steals iPad Mini after FedEx delivered it




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Is apple too much involved in iLawsuits than coming up with new products?

news says Galaxy phone has more features than an iphone


Apple vs Amazon on "App Store" term


do you love the new iTunes?

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The thing is that Apple have learned that it's not a question of coming up with an update with the latest new trick that isn't completely ready or even in use. The most time, they will take the time until the new trick be up to par before including them in their device. (LTE, NFC... and so on).


One can always accuse Apple to make expensive product and so on and so forth, however, they never positioned themselves as a "entry-level" maker. They are there to make higher quality devices, nicely designed products. Unfortunately, that comes most of the time with an higher price tag, but that's the fair market pricing.


*disclaimer : Yes I'm biased, and yes I have worked for Apple for 2 years in the past.*


As for apple product in my apart currently... iMac, Aluminium Macbook 13", MacBook Pro 13", iPad 1st Gen, AppleTV, iPhone4S, iPhone4(my bf's), iPodTouch 1st Gen, iPodNano 1st Gen, 2 iPodShuffles and..... the iPod Hi-Fi (you know that you are a big apple fan when you got that one ;) ) [i guess 80% of my home insurance is to cover Apple products when I think of it ;) ]

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