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Pluto two Moons-what would you name them?

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I wonder if someone suggested romulus and remus

lol, stix and stones be funnier

It's official! Two tiny moons orbiting the dwarf planet Pluto finally have new names: Styx and Kerberos.


Sorry Shatner, No Vulcan


They didn't name the moon Vulcan. I'm sad.

Star Trek fans have had it rough. First JJ blows up Vulcan and now SETI finds a loophole to deny it from coming back!



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With one moon already called Nix, I was hoping on P4 and P5 being named "Nought" and "Nothing".


There's a Scottish fairy tale NixNoughtNothing that I loved as a child.

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Personally, I would have enjoyed having them called Vulcan and Klingon, or even Romulus, since I'm a Trek fan.  . 


However, since Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld, they could have named the moon for his Greek counterpart, Hades, and his guard dog, Cerberus. 


They could have also chosen Ceres and Proserpina.  Pluto supposedly took Ceres daughter, Proserpina, to the underworld as his bride. 

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here i thought the moons of pluto had names that went way back...

and i thought one was Charon, and i don't remember the other....


I guess they found some new ones? We keep discovering new celestial bodies within the solar system, so...

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