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Gay Shifters - Why?

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Non-human stories have been around for centuries. Why? Who the hell knows, but I read them for pure escapism. Just as homosexuality occurs naturally in all "real"populations, including animals, why would it NOT occur in shifter/elves/any non human population?

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In all seriousness, the question is a good one. To broaden it out a bit, the real nut-to-crack seems to be why the general and intense interest in Gothic and escapist themes? Teenage vampire, comic book heroes, and yes - shifters; these are the subjects that bring in billions of dollars for the movie studios.


I don't have an answer when thinking specifically why the LGBT community is drawn to shifter fiction right now, but a while back I was confronted with a work of art that spoke clearly to me. The writer used a Gothic theme so brilliantly, it still brings goose bumps to me. I wrote a blog entry about it as a means of therapy, for it took weeks for the TV series' impact to leave me alone a bit, but not until after I had written this.


I hope you have a chance to check it out because it relates directly to your theme :)



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I've enjoyed "shifter" fiction. It doesn't even have to be gay.


In one series of books I'm following, there is a character I love that's a werewolf. His name is Bobbie and he became a werewolf when he was 17. He's older now but lycanthropy slows the aging process. Bobby enjoys surfing and is a huge pop culture nerd.


Bobby has teamed up with a monster hunter that saved his life. The Hunter has decided that Monsters are things that act monstrous and Bobby is a silly pup either way.


His partner calls him "Teenwolf" and Bobby tells his partner that having super sniffing capability isn't all its cracked up to be in a world where there are tons of zombies and everybody needs a long bath.


M. D. Massey


Scratch Sullivan Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic Action Novel



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@AC Benus Two things - one you make some amazing points both here and in your zombie article, and two weremosquitoes is a great idea. It combines all the best parts of vampire novels and shifter novels. Imagine, a teen tortured with both the intense craving for human blood and the possibility of being squished at a moments notice, all while being angsty AF. I'd read it.

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The where wolf (there wolf), vampire genre never appealed and I found/find the furry thing.....  uh different.


I get the native American tradition of shape shifters, but each nation has its own tradition and beliefs.


I always wanted to be able to shape shift in high school into a hot chick to get with the few straight boys I wasn't able to nail.

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On 1/17/2017 at 4:25 AM, Puppilull said:

We are more or less herd animals..

And you'll be able to verify this next time you're at an event where they have 'serve yourself' appetizers.  People stand next to that table and keep others from approaching...that herd grazes...


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On 1/8/2018 at 1:06 AM, LJCC said:

I'm literally necromancing some old posts here. I think the whole werewolf genre appeals to the younger market, much like the vampire trend.


But if ever I were to write about werewolves, it would be set in the early 1900's for a bit of history, timejump to present day, with adults (the saturated teenage angst is too droll for me) who has real life dramas. It would probably be like a romantic comedy:


"Steve! How many times do I have to tell you, your fur is clogging the sink!"


"Babe, I'm sorry...I tried cleaning myself last night, but you forgot to unlock the dog kennel so I got out," explained Jason, mystified by the smell of Alpo on his breath as he exhaled. "Feck! I think I ate Mrs. Tootsie's chihuahua."


Steve turned around with a blowdry and a pair of shears, and said, "You should've added Mr. Landon's annoying Labrador who keeps on sh*tting on the porch. So how was dinner? With the number of dogs you ate last night...Do you know now how to roll over? Sit Jason. Bad boy Jason! Bad boy. Now fetch! Now spread your legs and open wide...Daddy's gonna do some grooming baby, cause that carpet has to go."



I don't think I have ever heard someone use the word necromancing like you just did here.  That's impressive.

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2 hours ago, CassieQ said:

I don't think I have ever heard someone use the word necromancing like you just did here.  That's impressive.


2 hours ago, CassieQ said:

I'm literally necromancing some old posts here


A renascence which we might have left serenely interred with our teenage years, but exquisite twists of language are always a joy. The only vampires and zombies I knew, except for Dracula, died with Michael Jackson, that was a thriller!

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You know, werewolves are just the beginning :P


Ancient Eastern Mythology has foxes who turn into beautiful maidens that destroy nations (China, Korea, and Japan have loads of stories), deer turning into well endowed young men (it's the horn thing) luring young hunters into their dens (I've always wondered what happens after those guys get captured, the stories usually stop there and assume they are brutally massacred by their prey, maybe they had other intentions),  spiders taking human form as a well- dressed (transparent silk) young person, and of course one of the most famous is the White snake that take human form in order to be with the man she loved, only to be submitted to prejudice by Buddhist/Taoist monks who consider their relationship to be amoral. :o and locking human man away in a temple to keep them apart, possibly a little mystical conversion therapy too :lol: (I've been toying with the idea of updating this tale for LGBT audiences, anyone  interested)


For me, I identify with the White Snake story, her only real crime was falling in love with a human man. It is not conventional love and against natural law, but if the story is told literally true as it was, the Gods/Immortals made this romance in the first place due to their actions, so its consequences should not be faulted on those who fall into the relationship. It's like being gay in the modern world.

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