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Managing time to write

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I work full time and am busy with hobbies, travel, and volunteer work.  I do a lot of my writing at work.  I go in early every morning and that is my time to eat breakfast, catch up on emails, and do some writing. I also try to write a little bit during my lunch break.  I use the drive to and from work to think about story ideas and problem solve areas of current projects that figuring out.  If I have the time and energy during the week, I may do some writing in the evening.  Or on weekends, depending on my plans.  

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Reading is my passion and writing is something I do for me and when I think it is good enough, I share.  So while I have no set schedule to write, I do so when the mood strikes or when I have an idea I want to get down....it might lead to more and it might not.  I don't have any illusions that my writing is so compelling that anyone is bereft when I don't post something.   Of course being retired and no longer having to work to survive is a blessing.  I applaud everyone who juggles a career, home, children and the ordinary tasks of daily life and still finds time to engage in the hard task of putting words on the page.  

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❤️ so many of you find any spare second to write! Like me I'm always coming home at 11pm and writing till 1 or 2 in the morning and waking up at 7am to start the day. It's worth it! I love writing and I always find time among my jobs and personal life to make time for it. 

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I work full time and have three kids, so time can be a problem. I'm a night owl, so I end up writing when the kids go to bed. When I have to travel for work, much of my time is spent lost in thought and I usually develop characters or stories in my head when that happens. I'm not the type who can force myself to write, but it happens more easily when I have an idea and feel compelled.

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I need inspiration to write, I can write a full novella in days if I am inspired. However, I need to shut myself away from the world and sparingly eat, drink, or have human contact to do so.


For me the creative process is one of absolute focus, like an arrow leaving the string, a writer can not hold back his imagination, our stories are an extension of ourselves until we hit a wall. Then, we must wait until the next arrow is loaded and ready for firing.



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