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Do You Identify As Gay?

How Do You Identify?  

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  1. 1. How do you personally identify yourself?

    • I identify as part of the gay (LGBT) community
    • I identify as someone who has sex with the same gender
    • I identify as something else (please explain)

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11 hours ago, Cia said:

 I see a lot of kids in the schools who are clearly bi/gay/questioning/exploring and who really do band together, but then I see them branch out and be individuals who don't need to be part of the 'group of like-minded souls' to be who they are and mingle with others their own age who don't identify the same as they do. 


Hearing this, and also seeing it myself in real life, makes me happy like no other. It is crazy to see how fast things have changed from when I graduated high school just 8 years ago. I can't wait for the day where no gay kid has to go through what I and so many others did growing up. 

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Oddly enough, responding to a bit of @Graeme and @Daddydavek posts, most of my interaction with what could be considered a primarily 'gay' community would be online when it comes to GA and writing but that also led to a greater outing to the wider world since more and more people Google casually and not just people they are dating. GA is less obvious, since I go by Cia here, but I very deliberately published under my real name since I am just not good at hiding things and have the supreme luck/joy of not having to. A single Google search of my name brings up YouTube reviews of my books, Goodreads reviews, sale sites, my blog, etc... While I don't go shouting it from the rooftops when I meet people, my online life/publishing is actually something that made more casual acquaintances question me about the how and why of getting into writing gay fiction and has led to some very interesting conversations. 

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