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Home Away From Home - 14. Chapter 14

And did we eat. An Italian dinner is 50 percent food and 50 percent talk. I had to tell them how I met Anthony, what kind of work I did and when I realized Anthony was the right one for me. Not all of Mom’s questions were aimed at me, Anthony had a lot more. Doug missed out. I just laughed at Anthony’s answers. He did not go into sinking the sub, but he did tell them about his parents doing an investigation of me before he met me. Mom asked me how I felt about that. I told her when I first heard that they did that, I was angry, then I realized although Anthony was new to me, he knew some very intimate details about me. "I don’t think we’d be where we are in our relationship if he hadn’t told me about the investigation.”

“Where will you stay, here or at the school?”

“Anthony’s dad has rented an apartment for Anthony and I’ll stay with him. But never fear, Sunday dinners guaranteed, if not mid week.”

Mom and dad fully accepted my relationship with Anthony.

Over coffee, mom preferred coffee, we continued our discussions. Anthony told them about wanting to be a doctor, I told them I was thinking of going for my master’s degree. Doug chipped in when he was asked a question and explained that he worked for Anthony’s dad. It was a pleasant evening, “Mom, we need to get going. I’ll be back tomorrow to pick up my clothes and books I’ll need for school. Dinner was fantastic. You’re still the best cook.”

Kissing my parents good-bye, along with several large dishes of food, we drove back to the apartment. Doug dropped us off, “I have another job to do for your dad tonight. So I’ll leave you. If you need me just call.”

We thanked Doug and headed to our apartment. Brushing our teeth, stripping down to our boxers we climbed into bed. “Carlo, I love you and tonight I want to show you my love. I want you very much.”

Anthony snugged into my arms, his lips found mine and I knew he felt that same way as I did. I let my hands roam over his body, he had a tight body. His abs were like an old fashion wash board. As my hand traveled further south, I could feel him tremble. “Don’t be afraid, I’ll never hurt you.”

I let my fingers travel over his body as I deeply kissed him. I could feel a rising in his boxers as he laid against me. I kissed his neck slowly moving to his nipples. When I took one into my mouth I could feel him trembling. His hands were rubbing on my boxers and soon he found the opening. His fingers felt like fire, I was hard and dripping like crazy. When he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked on it, I almost reached an orgasm. Slowly, I could feel him trying to remove my boxers. I lifted my body and soon found I was totally bare and open to his hands. His mouth started to travel down my torso leaving a wet trail. I started to tremble and when he reached his goal, I almost lost it. I remember what I did to him at the resort and I hoped I'd experience the same. I had no worry as he took me into his mouth, I almost lost it. As his tongue went across the head of my cock, I began to literally pump my precum into his mouth. The feeling was beyond my imagination. “I’m close Puppy, be careful.” I wasn’t sure if he wanted it all or not, but as he continue to suck and wipe his tongue across the head of my cock, I lost it. I don’t think I ever came a much as I did then.

The little devil climb back into my arms kissing me and sharing myself with me. Looking into my eyes, “How was that?”

“It was unbelievable I think I died and went to heaven. I love you Puppy, you are mine now and forever.”

We cuddled for a while until my breathing return to normal. Now it was my turn to send Puppy to heaven. I started at his lips, but I was too anxious, I wasted no time moving down his body. I literally tore his boxers off, as I moved my lips across his nipples. I could feel his body trembling as I gently sucked and bit his nipples, first the right one than the left one. I continue to do this as my hand sought out that which makes him male, a hot 7 inch cock. He was hard, I could have pounded nails with it. He kept whispering in my ears, please , please. I knew what he wanted as he rose his hips into my hands. I wasn’t going to deny him, slowly I moved my lips over his abs toward the grand prize. When I took his head into my mouth, he began to shake. as I swiped my tongue across the head of his cock, precum poured out. I knew it would be like this since the first time I did this at the resort. I took him into my throat, how I did it I’m not sure but I wanted it and I went for it. At first I thought I would choke, but my desire overcame any hesitancy and it slid into my throat with ease. Of course, the copious amount of precum helped considerable. He grabbed my head and then the bed shook with him trembling so much as he reached his climax. His body continued to tremble until there was no more and slumped back onto the bed. I held him close to me as I felt his heart racing and slowly return to normal.

“I remember the first time you did that, this time was totally different. If I wasn’t convinced I was in love with you, I am certain about it now. I love you Carlo and I pledge my heart and my life to you.”

I couldn’t ask for anything more, I was totally in love with this beautiful man and he was totally in love with me. “Let’s sleep a little and then we can try and sink the sub.” He looked at me with a snicker, falling asleep on my chest. I slowly rubbed his back as I drifted off to dream land. It seemed like I just fell asleep when the phone rang. Hoping it wouldn’t disturb Anthony, I ran to the living room to answer it.

Picking up the receiver, “Hello”

“Hello sleepy head, don’t tell me you are still in bed. It’s almost noon.”

I glanced at the clock and she was right, it was almost noon. “I can’t believe I slept this long. Anthony is still asleep. Where are you?”

“We’re still at the resort, I’m interviewing Jim’s replacement . How’s the apartment?”

“It’s fantastic.” Playing dumb, “I think we’ll have to look for something cheaper, there is no way I can afford a place like this.”

“You are a stinker. Doug called us last night and said he told you about the apartment.”

“Laughing, yes he did when I asked him.”

“How did the meeting with your parents go?”

I knew if she talked to Doug she already knew that answer. I played along, “It went great. They fell in love with Anthony and now I have two sets of parents who will beat the hell out of me if I lose Anthony.”

She laughed, “Your luggage should arrive tomorrow. Doug knows and he'll pick them up and deliver them to the apartment.”

“That’s great, I planned on going back over to my parents tonight and pick up some of my stuff, particularly, my books for class. Probably eat over there again.”

“Doug said dinner last night was out of this world.”

“I wouldn’t say that, but it was good. I don’t think Doug gets many home good meals.

I felt Anthony behind me as he wrapped his arms around me. “This is your mom, want to say hello?”

“Hi Mom, what’s happening?”

Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Great chapter. Carlo and Anthony have two sets of loving parents and there relationship is progressing nicely.

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I bet you could write an interesting chapter about the parents meeting.Carlo better prepare them for Rita lol

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1 hour ago, weinerdog said:

I bet you could write an interesting chapter about the parents meeting.Carlo better prepare them for Rita lol

I had the same thought!

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1 hour ago, chris191070 said:

Great chapter. Carlo and Anthony have two sets of loving parents and there relationship is progressing nicely.

Yep. I think they are in for the long term

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10 minutes ago, Daddydavek said:

I had the same thought!

I think that Carlo's parents respect anyone until they prove otherwise. 

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Awesome chapter, great meeting and everything seems to be going well, interesting if the parents get together 

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13 hours ago, mikedup said:

Awesome chapter, great meeting and everything seems to be going well, interesting if the parents get together 

I think Anthony's parents are very genuine and will get along with Carlo's parents  If Carlos's parents are like the Italians I know, they have a loving heart.

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