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Home Away From Home - 13. Chapter 13

Leaving early allowed us to drive at a more leisure pace. We stopped for food and one night we spent at a motel. The three of us in one bed. That was hard for Anthony and I. Chet was ok, he turned his back to us while we slept together. As we got closer to home, Anthony began to fidget more. It was obvious his excitement was on high. Chet had the address of the apartment building, as we pulled up to the entrance, there was a man waiting for us. Anthony recognized him and ran to give him a hug.

“Hey Ants, good to see you. Who are your friends?”

“Doug, this is our good friend Chet and this is Carlo.”

Doug shook hands with Chet but Carlo got a hug. “Do you guys want to see your apartment?”

The answer was grabbing bags and heading inside of the building. Doug took them to the elevator and punched the button for the apartment floor. Anthony and Carlo didn’t pay attention, Chet did. When the elevator stopped, Doug led then to one of the three apartments on the floor. Opening the door to apartment B, he led the boys inside. One step inside and Carlo knew this was not a cheap apartment. As he looked around, he confirmed his feeling. Pulling Doug aside, “Doug, you sure this is the right apartment. I expected a simple two bedroom apartment.”

“Yes, Carlo this is the right apartment. Tony owns the building, so he wanted the best for you and Anthony. But don’t tell Anthony that his dad owns the building. His dad will tell him when he deems it’s the right time.”

Carlo nodded his head and started to check out the apartment. Anthony came and grabbed his hand, pulling him toward one of the rooms. “Carlo, this is our room.”

The room was large, there was a king size bed, shelves, dressers and a large walking closet. The bathroom was en suite and it was huge. I thought I may never want to leave this room. I looked into Puppy’s eyes, they sparkled. I grabbed him, gave him a toe curling kiss, “I love you.”

The resultant kiss was curling my toes. I knew that this relationship would last the sands of time.

We checked out the rest of the apartment, the kitchen was fully equipped, there was a tv room and what appeared as a possible study. The living room over looked the city and had sliding doors to a balcony. This apartment was way above my dreams.

All too soon, Chet had to leave. I gave him a hug and thanked him for the ride home. I whispered in his ear, “Thanks for the job, it has changed my life.”

“Carlo, we have to do something nice for Chet. Because of him, I met you.”

“Don’t worry Puppy, we’ll do something.” I wondered if our phone is working. “Doug, is the phone working?”

“Yes, your phone number is on a pad by the phone.”

“Puppy, I need to call my folks and then we may have to go over there. They’ll want to see me and I want to introduce you to them.”

“Do they know you are gay?”

“No, but I’m ready to tell them. I want you to meet them, I think they are great parents.”

I went to call my folks while Anthony went to check out the refrigerator.

“Mom, it’s me and I’m back. I’m at school right now but I’ll see you about 6 this evening. I have someone I want you and dad to meet. Yes, we will be glad to stay for dinner. Sure Italian is perfect. OK, I’ll see you in a little while.”

Anthony came in with a cold bottle of water for me. “So what’s up, love.”

“We are invited for dinner tonight at 6. I hope you like Italian.”

“Yes, I love an Italian, laughing. Are you going to tell them tonight about us?”

“Absolutely, but I think they’ll adore my little Puppy.”

“Cool it, Doug is still here.”

“Doug, we’ll be going to my parents tonight for dinner. Care to come along?”

“Sure, I could use a home cooked meal.”

“Carlo, how are we going to get to your home?”

“I normally take a bus but if Doug has his car, we could ride with him.”

“Hold that thought. Doug, did you drive here?”

“Yes, my car is parked in the garage. Just look for the slot marked Apt B.”

“Will you drive us to Carlo’s family for dinner?”

“Sure, no problem.”

“Puppy, I want to take a shower and freshen up. After that drive and a few days without a shower, I think i’m beginning to smell.”

Going into the bedroom, I opened my travel bag, removing a clean set of clothes, I headed to our bathroom for a shower. I no sooner had the water adjusted to the right temperature when I felt a hand on my shoulder, also felt a submarine on my back. It was a good thing I was taller than Anthony, I could have sunk his sub in a novel way. As it was, he was just below my cheeks and the devil was moving in and out. I turned around, he had a smirked on his face.

“You are a bad little puppy.”

“Who said I was little?”

I just grabbed him and gave him a kiss that almost sunk his sub. “I can’t wait till tonight.”

I knew that tonight we would confirm our love in a very special way. Before leaving the resort, I took some of the massage lotion. Tonight, I would confirm to him my love will be forever. Hopefully he will confirm the same way to me.

After we showered and sunk the subs, we got dressed for the our trip to my home. We met Doug at the door, “Ready?”

“Yep, let’s go.”

“Love, I’m nervous. What will you do if they don’t accept me?”

“Don’t worry Puppy. I’ll always be with you but I’m not afraid. You’ll see, they will accept me and fall in love with you.”

I gave the directions to Doug and sat back to enjoy the ride. I noticed Puppy’s eyes on me the whole time we rode to my home. I squeezed his hand and smiled at him. “Doug, you can pull into the drive way. I see Dad’s car so he’s already home.”

Doug no sooner stopped the car, when my mother came to open the door. I was half way out when she grabbed me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek.

Laughing, I got out of the car and gave her a hug, in doing so I picked her up and spun her around. “Put me down, you’re embarrassing me. Introduce me to your friends.”

“Mom this is Doug and Anthony. Let’s go in the house I have some news I want you and Dad to hear.”

As we entered the house dad was just coming into the living room and the house smelled delicious. My taste buds started to leak as my stomach began to rumble. I saw the smile on Doug and Anthony’s face. The smell was getting to their taste buds as well. “Mom and Dad, I want to introduce you to someone very special to me. This is Anthony, who’s my boyfriend.” I waited for that to sink in. My mom was the first to react, she gave Anthony an Italian mother’s hug. My dad took a little longer to come to the realization that my mother had already reacted.

“I’m not surprised. You never showed any interest in girls like most teenagers. Initially, I thought your studies left no room for girls in your life. You never really needed to spend much time on your books. Now you have confirmed what I felt. I have only one question, are you happy?”

“Yes, I’m very happy and also hungry.”

Laughing, “That’s my boy, let’s eat the food is ready.”

Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.

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Brilliant absolutely brilliant, one major hurdle has been crossed, now to the first day of school

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2 hours ago, mikedup said:

Brilliant absolutely brilliant, one major hurdle has been crossed, now to the first day of school

I wouldn't say brilliant, brilliant I am not. But I'll enjoy your comment and anyone who says I'm, not, I'll use your comment for support. Thanks

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Great chapter. Major hurdle crossed. Carlo's parents are accepting of him and Anthony. Now on to School.

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That's a heck of a way to come out.I wonder why Tony hasn't too Anthony he owns the building

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2 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Great chapter. Major hurdle crossed. Carlo's parents are accepting of him and Anthony. Now on to School.

Carlos is very close to his family. Based on my experience, Italian families have close bonds with their children, especially sons,.


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2 hours ago, weinerdog said:

That's a heck of a way to come out.I wonder why Tony hasn't too Anthony he owns the building

I think there is a lot about Tony's investments that he hasn't shared with Ants. Thinking about my own case, I never shared my financial situation with anyone. Maybe, he wanted Ants too concentrate on his studies.

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One major step forward, the parents approve! Great chapter!

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That went very well!  Accepting and loving parents are always helpful in a same-sex relationship and our boys have both parents in their corner!!  An excellent and uplifting chapter!  Thanks!!

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