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The Home - 10. Chapter 10

Two weeks before school was to start, the barn was finished. The boys wanted me to inspect it. I walked inside, they had cleaned the stalls and they had one stall for the chickens. Say what you want about farm boys, but these two knew what to do and how to do it.

I had the electricians up grade the electrical system in the garage including the apartment. The new appliances were installed by the boys as well as the furniture for the living room and bedroom. All of the chimneys were cleaned, apartment as well. I had new carpet for the bedroom and living room. The kitchen had linoleum that was in reasonable shape, so I left it. The apartment was ready except for the bathroom. That would require and addition to the apartment.

The boys said their lease would be up the first of the month when school started. They started to move in a week before. I told them they could use the washer and dryer in the basement.

I contacted a builder to add a bathroom on to the apartment. The drain would go to a septic tank. Until that addition was finalized, they would use one of the bathrooms on the second floor with the chamber pot for late nights and early morning.

Once they moved in they told me there were going home for a few days before school started. I wished them well. I checked my list and I was surprised that I, or the boys, had accomplished a lot. The barn was ready for the horses and chickens, the apartment changes were completed, the bathroom still had a week to go before it was finished. I did have a photographer come and take a picture of my grandfather. He delivered the finished portrait, which I hung in my office. The Dean’s secretary said I shouldn’t let the Dean in my office, it was better than his.

Just before the boys left, I introduced them to Mom and Dad. I think they started to call Dad, dad and Mom, mom. They had to show them then barn and the gardens. When Dad and the boys were walking around the barn and gardens, “Tony, your dad seems to like those boys. How did they end up here?”

So I told her the story. She asked where do they stay, “The apartment.” Then I had to tell her what I did with the apartment. My mother is a smart woman in many ways. When she stated there is only one bedroom, and asked if I bought twin beds, I told her no. It took a while, then it seemed she understood.

“What would Pa say?”

“He said it was okay, they are good boys.”

“How do you know that?”

“I told you when I go to sleep, sometimes he comes and we chat. Well, I chat and he moves his head. I think he approves of what I have done and the boys.” I knew the way her mind works, “And no, I still like women. Do you remember the son that was sent back to Italy?” She nodded her head yes. “Why do you think he was sent back?” You know when someone just realized something by how they react, Mom’s eyes got big.

“You’re joking.”

“No, it’s in the journals. I thought you read all of them?”

“Not all of them, I had to help Nonna, I was the youngest girl. Your Aunt Victoria was married, that left me to help Nonna. Remember the journals where not allowed out of the Library.”

That wasn’t entirely true, Pa allowed me to take them to my room to read. I didn’t’t say anything.

Copyright © 2021 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.
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1 hour ago, Kev said:

Hi there ... Sorry but this seems to be a repeat of the previous chapter... 

Check chapter again, corrected

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46 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

This is Chapter 9 repeated 

Check, corrected


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47 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

This is Chapter 9 repeated 

Check, corrected

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1 hour ago, weinerdog said:

Ditto Hey it happens

It has been corrected 

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Great chapter, the boys are going to be adopted into the family, all systems go for the next semester

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Tony has to disclose more about what he's found in those diaries, especially those going back to the original days of the American Villa and its prince. And now that he's let a shoe drop (as it were) to his mother about a boy that returned to Italy... which boy? If it was the original 'son' then the 'line' wouldn't continue in the U.S. (too much DaVinci Code? Is Marlene part of the cabal?).

More please.


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