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Getting Friendly With Friends


Pile On The Bed  

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  1. 1. Would you be willing to have additional people join in on your sex play if you have a bf or gf, or participate in a threesome (or more)?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
    • It depends on the people/time/circumstances

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Would you ever have a threesome? Or a foursome? Or whatever?


What are you guys' opinions on this subject? I don't know if I would or wouldn't... but I can't say it wouldn't be insanely tempting with the right people.

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I might have a threesome with a good friend, but they be some rules and also make sure they wouldn't get the wrong impression. more of like a with a boyfriend and with a friend. but if I know if it would get awkward or we loose a friendship then no, so I voted in it depends on the people/time/circumstances


Add in: also though all involved with have to be participating the whole time.

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I had a threesome once, though it was an extremely awkward affair. One was a friend with benefits, and the other was a friend of his. It was not a particularly enjoyable experience. It was more just two different twosomes with one partner in common between the two.


I don't share my SO's, so if I was in a relationship I wouldn't, and unless the right combination of people arose, I'd probably say no. Having sex with one friend is hard enough let alone two, and having sex with two strangers seems a little sleazy. And I'd never be a third for a couple.


Menzo (who really isn't a slut)

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Want me to be truthful?


With a bf, I don't think so. It will be too awkward. I mean, it won't fit. The same case with a best friend.


But threesome can be exciting (especially when aroused). Perhaps one day. With not-so-close friends with benefits.


It depends on persons and circumstances.



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It can be fun! :lol: I remember a party (it was a "bare butt party"), we were really "Getting Friendly With Friends".....

So it really depends on the people/time/circumstances. But it is worthwhile B) . Now I'm too old for that :( .

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with the right people... why not?


though it also comes down to the question of trust, friendship, love, and ALWAYS safe sex. Still, it might spice up a relationship that otherwise would only have found an outlet in affairs. which is much much worse. so there!


I say it depends. :P

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me having a bf, I'm guessing that, maybe after some time, ya, but only with someone that we both know well, and care for enough. And we'd have some restrictions for sure.


as for me doing things with a couple, yes, but only if both of them are alright with it. Also, of course I'd have to know them well enough to care for them too.

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Doug and I are both 100% monogamist. :hug:

:) I understand. My wife and I also have a monogamous relationship. I answer "it depends on the people/circumstances/time" simply because I'm not adverse to the idea, even though I know it will never happen. It would have to be with two (or more) other people who were all very accepting of the situation, and my wife would not be accepting of the idea at all. In reality, the answer is no, but as a hypothetical, the answer is that it's possible.

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I haven't ever had a threesome, so I voted no. I wouldn't have a threesome with someone I'm dating and a friend at all though, if I were to have one I would want to be single and have it with two people that I knew, but didn't consider a close friend.




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I wouldn't have a threesome with someone I'm dating and a friend at all though, if I were to have one I would want to be single and have it with two people that I knew, but didn't consider a close friend.



I wouldn't do that if I were in a relationship, and I wouldn't do it with close friends either. If I'm single, and it's two people I'm comfortable with but not close with...then maybe.



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I put maybe.... if I'm emotionally shot and find myself with a guy... or several... anything can happen. Not something I'm proud of though... in fact I hate the part of myself that makes that plausible.


I tend to tie sex in with love... having sex outside of a loving relationship would probably just confuse the hell out of me emotionally and leave me much worse off.

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You know it's kinda funny... two friends of mine have suggested group sex on two separate occasions... the first one was drunk, so I figured he didn't know what he was saying... but the second one was only mildly inebriated and he had made the suggestion while we were watching some explicit video entertainment a few nights ago. I'm beginning to wonder if they are indeed kidding or if they've actually been serious...

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Hmm i said it depends on the people/time/circumstances just because, as Graeme said "I'm not adverse to the idea, even though I know it will never happen." This is mainly cos I wouldn't feel comfortable being in a relationship and having a third person (I don't like sharing!), being the third person, or having 'casual' sex with anyone I wasn't in a proper relationship with... :wacko:

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I said yes. I am rather cautious about the idea though. Threesomes, foursomes, etc can be complicated if feelings are involved. As far as a open relationships are concerned, I would have to really trust my SO to even think about going there. It would definitely have to be full-on. I've heard a threesomes between a bi man, a gay man, and a straight/bi woman. I would never be involved in that type of situation. I would feel selfish.

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