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Happy Birthday Vic

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Woo HOOO!!


Happy Birthday Vic!!!


It's been my great pleasure to get to know you and interact with you over the last 3 years here at GA and I've thoroughly enjoyed your humourous, kind, insightful, and thoughtful posts! As the original and official Domaholic you've kept our spirits and hopes up for more chapters while also helping us get adjusted to general GA life. Thanks! :worship:


May you enjoy your special day and find much peace, happiness, love, joy, and fulfillment in the coming year!


Have an awesome day and be well! (Just 'cause it's your birthday thread I won't say 'take care' ;):boy: )



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Happy Birthday Old Vic (Hehe!)

Remember what you told me as a comment in one of my blogs :lol::P:D

40 is the beginning of a new youth.

And this is no a joke !

The years between 40 and 50 were my happiest years. I wish you from heart the same. Still young to enjoy life, and old enough to appreciate the pleasures life can give.

Take it easy, don't let you press by the type passing and be happy in every circumstances :)

Old bob (young for ever)

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Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes! Now that I'm here, I can officially say that I hate the 40s :( I must now throw out the two A&F sleeveless shirts I have :( . Am I even allowed to wear cargo shorts? :blink:



Happy 40th, Vic! May you have many more and may we have an ending for a certain story we both love by your next birthday. ;)


Ending? I'm hoping for 20 more chapters...released on a twice a week basis...with Ch 21 starting today :lol:



Hi Vic, you're officially my mother's age.


Boo!!!!! :P Please ask your mother to smack the back of your head for sassing me.


Have an awesome day and be well! (Just 'cause it's your birthday thread I won't say 'take care' ;):boy: )


You can get anything you want from me Kevin ;)




Here's hoping your day is filled with Rainbow Hugs and Hershey Kisses 0:)


No skittles? :P


Old Vic
I hope my member name doesn't change to that :(
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