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Happy Birthday Canada

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:music: :music: Happy Birthday Canada :music: :music:

A big Happy Birthday to Canada on this 145th Birthday.

This year seems to signify a few special events in our history and makes us look forward to the future.
  • 200 years ago on June 18, 2012 The United States of America declared war on Great Britain and her North America colonies. This war proved significant to both the future Canada and the US. Debate remains on who won the war but a common idea is that both sides won. The US declared war due to the restrictions put on them by the British and it gave them true independence from the British still having some influence on the US. To Canadians, it gave the way for Upper and Lower Canada to become a country, not just a colony. Aboriginal, French, and English joined forces to participate in the war and was the unity that was needed to long last become a country.
  • Canada was able to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee. Although support ebbs and wanes to the monarchy, it is still a historic year for her Majesty as well as her largest Commonwealth nation.
  • Two years ago, Canada surprised the world and the frankly, ourselves, with our performance at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. National unity and pride has never been higher and that feeling has not warn off as we prepare to compete with the rest of the world in London in less than a month. Even if we don't have the same success on the much larger scale, Summer opposed to Winter Olympics, Canada is more revved up than I remember in the past to watch what our athletes can achieve.

There is many other things that makes Canada what it is and reasons to celebrate it's birthday. These are just my reflections on what I feel this year signifies.


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Happy Birthday Canada, I love your forests, maple syrup, and hot guys :D


Long live the Maple leaf!

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Yeah, happy birthday Canada Posted Image

And to celebrate here's a pic of a nice wholesome Mountie *thinks nasty unwholesome thoughts ...* Posted Image


Posted Image


Very cute....


Happy birthday Canada.

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Joe Canada. If that is what the average Joe Schmoe Canadian guy looks like, I'm so moving there.

Let's celebrate with my favorite Canadian 90's teen pop princess, Alanis Morissette.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ggju-v10c&feature=related Edited by methodwriter85
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