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A brief hiatus

Mark Arbour

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I was wondering why we were getting no updates of your stories... Wish you the best to get over this hiatus. Take care and come back whenever it becomes possible. Wish you and your team all the best, J.A.

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Mark,  I truly hope that all resolves itself quickly and that your hiatus is indeed brief.  I will keep you in my thoughts and will be on the lookout for when you are able to post new chapters to continue both of your sagas.


Keep well and know that we all appreciate everything you do for us.  


Best to you and yours.



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Take care of Mark first. We can wait, not patiently, but we can wait.


Life happens and you deal with it.


Just know how much we appreciate all that you have given us.


We will be here when you post again. We do understand that these stories are not the priority of your life.

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I'm a little late in the day finding out that personal issues have prevented you from writing.  I am sorry to learn about your troubles and I hope that your situation improves quickly.  Given that normally we can set our clocks by the arrival of each excellent new chapter, I look forwarding to reading about my favorite characters again.  To paraphrase an old orange juice commercial: A day without Will or George is like a day without sunshine!


Best wishes,


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If I have to step in and take over writing......  you KNOW who is dying in the next chapter in a horrible, drowning, meteor strike, flaming car accident, plane crash.


If Private Tim took over writing....


1. Tony would die a painful death.


2. Will would be shipped off to military school where he would bang some cute military guys. (I'm actually surprised we haven't seen Will hook up with some military hottie.)


3. Then Will and Zach would break up, leaving Will to wind up with a returned Alisdair, who's now grown to 5'10" and is quite hot. Zach would be allowed to find another closeted football player to fall in love with.


 4. JJ would be written out of the series with him deciding to move to Tokyo, after realizing that he has a huge fanbase in Japan. Alex and MaryEllen would be shipped off to England.


5. Ryan and Hot Jeff would return as main characters, and there'd be a refocus on Los Angeles as a setting, with occasional glances to Boston for Matt, Wade, and Tiffany's growing brood of kids.



Not sure what else would happen in a CAP universe decided by PrivateTim.

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If Private Tim took over writing....


That is pretty accurate except for number #4.


I actually really like JJ, especially the pre-skating JJ. If Will ended up with some hot Navy pilot, I think Alistair would be good for JJ as well. I think Alistair is the kind of common sense, no nonsense, good guy you want your son to bring home. I think Alistair would ground JJ and let him move on from diva time because I am not sure JJ even enjoys being a diva.

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The tulips are lovely!


The idea of either Pvt. Tim with or without Jeremy's suggestions  taking over writing is enough to scare Mark's more reserved fans into a panic.  


Hopefully the hiatus does not turn into a sabbatical.....

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