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i've got today off from work! :P


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I feel good already! :P 


Apparently, Thanksgiving Dinner is happening here this year, so I need to clean up and figure out how thats going to work. Giggles! I'm so used to not having family around that this might turn out to be a disaster. But...I'm planning for it anyway! Heehe! Any ideas?

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In my family, we usually delegate things. The host makes the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, of course. Everyone else brings the rolls, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc. If you have something that you can make ahead and put in your freezer until the big day comes, do it. A good rule of thumb for buying a turkey: 1lb per adult guest (if you don't want leftovers). If you DO want leftovers, it should be 1 1/2 lbs per adult. And you should get the bird in the oven early. Two years ago, Morgan and I made Cornish Game Hens when we had Morgan's parents and Mickey over at our old house. Last year, we had twice-baked sweet potatoes with candied pecans, cranberry relish, balsamic-roasted veggies, and rosemary bread rolls with our bird. Hope this helps.  :D

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Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where I just kind of duck behind the nearest cover and wait for it to happen around me. 


If I'm lucky, my family will forget to actually invite me until the day of and I'll have viable "other plans."


"Oh, sorry Mom, I've got other plans. I didn't know what you were up to. What? Oh you can totally bring me some pie! Love you."


Now I love my family. I can and have and will probably again twist myself into knots trying to be there for them. But...


I can barely endure a group dinner at <c- pizza buffet franchise>, a restaurant!


You add in all the extra activity and stress and pretending looking at the same TV is a great way to have a conversation, etc., for HOURS and it's just... no. Nuh uh. Mark me as "unavailable."


Or: How about I hang with my sister and her family on Saturday and... Hey, Dad, what are you doing next Tuesday?


Nice and manageable.


Mmm... pie. 

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