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CoTT 2 House of Cards


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  • Shadowgod - Almost Home

I will be making it in my Sous Vide

sous vide
[ˌso͞o ˈvēd]
  1. a method of treating food by partial cooking followed by vacuum-sealing and chilling.
  1. (of food or cooking) involving sous vide preparation.
    "a convection oven can be used in sous vide operations" · 
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16 minutes ago, Headstall said:

Yes it is. Hey, Marty. :hug: 

Greetings, bro. :hug:

All good in Garyland?

Another drizzly day here. I'm thinking of maybe heading off doing a bit of shopping soon. Mainly fresh fruit, and a few other groceries.


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Tidying up
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