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CoTT 2 House of Cards


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16 hours ago, Marty said:


I think Albert will be preparing his meat for someone special tomorrow....

You do know whose birthday is tomorrow, bro?




Today is Steve's birthday ...


Happy Birthday GIF

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3 minutes ago, clochette said:

Dugh duh :P

*Mental Note to Self*

Think carefully before divulging any potentially embarrassing secrets to dugh. :yes:

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1 hour ago, clochette said:

Finally someone speaks the truth -_- 0:)

Yeah, as Marty said it all started with Albert waving his meat ...

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It's downright chilly this morning. It was 42/5° at dawn. It's now up to 44/6° but the wind makes it feel like 37/3°. Fortunately it's sunny but forecast is for unseasonably cool weather for the next 48 hours.

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