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I just watched the newest episode of Kids Baking Championship. For this season, the producers decided to cast the youngest kids they've ever had on the show. After seeing the results, I'm left questioning, "Why?". That's not to say that kids can't bake, or shouldn't bake; that would defeat the purpose of the TV show. But at such a young age (one boy is even younger than Max), many of the kids haven't had the experience to polish their skills. In seasons past, the kids have produced cakes that look like they were made by adults; in Season 11, the baked treats look what one would expect from an average baker.  :rolleyes:

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15 hours ago, clochette said:

I've just heard on the news that temps went over 50°C on the west coast of Australia! :o it hadn't been this hot since 1957.

they've calculated a difference of 100°C between Australia and Canada! Crazy 🤯


Told you is was hot here :) 

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12 hours ago, Albert1434 said:

Aloha Drew:kiss::hug:

Morning Gorgeous! :hug: 

12 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

Hey, Drew!  :hug:

Morning, Pagey! :hug: 

12 hours ago, Headstall said:

Howdee, Drew Pi. :hug: 

Morning, Handsome! :hug: 

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2 hours ago, Bucket1 said:

OMG I didn’t even have to play the video and the damned song is in my head

You are an evil man Albert :P

Evil evil man

:yes:  Albert is the devil! :devil:

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