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1 hour ago, Dmrman said:

Hey Gary...:hug: :heart:Hallmark calls it..."When you care to Give the Very Best":lol: so I gave my best based on the siteation.. dawd  gonnit/ dag nabit ...!!!( if you need an interpreter...:unsure2: ) Ask Drewbear...!!!:lol:

Hey, Bobber. :hug: 

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45 minutes ago, clochette said:

*grumble, grumble* It's 5am and I woke up in alarm hearing noises in the kitchen thinking the cats are making a mess or jumped on the counter and knock a plate or something. Turns out it's dad. He's awake. Just like that. And decided to load the dishwasher. At 5 f@#$ing am! :rolleyes: :angry: I'm going to try to go back to sleep. Hopefully before my stomach wakes up too. Hmpf!

Poor, grumpy Tink... :hug: 

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Just now, Headstall said:

My daughter took this photo of Cookie. :)  Isn't she beautiful? 



That she is! And the way she's looking lovingly at you/your daughter shows she's really adapted well to her new house and family :hug:

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6 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:


Norway is on the far left, with the sailor's ascot.  :gikkle:


Next to Iceland with the bird or is it Faroe Islands ? https://satwcomic.com/one-bird-in-the-hand :lmao:

Sweden is the strict one in front with a blue tie, and I guess Denmark is on the right, so the shy one must be Finland.

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1 minute ago, dughlas said:

G'day y'all. It's currently overcast and in the mid-50's/12°. I know, heatwave right ... the forecast is for 70/21° and partial sunshine. Yesterday was chill and rainy, my head ached terribly. Spent most of the day resting quiet and still had to resort to Haldol at bedtime. Blessed be.

Hope your head's better today! Headaches suck. :hug: 

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