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Tristan's High School Life - 28. Chapter 28

Part 2 of the sleep over and a surprise.

I was afraid to read the message from TJ.

"I came by last night looking for Xander as Mack and Rory couldn't reach him and found you boys cuddling on the couch asleep and decided to leave you alone since it was cute. Mack and Rory were ok with it once they knew where he was. Gavin called last night, and you'd don't have class. I will be home today as Jackson has a doctor's appointment. Feel free to come up, and we can have breakfast or lunch. Love you, buddy, TJ."

I couldn't believe we had fallen asleep, and the last thing I remember was the Time Warp dance. Xander was still asleep and had a smile on his face. I didn't want to spook him, so I laid there taking in his beauty. His eyes suddenly fluttered open, and he smiled.

"What time is it?" Xander said, smiling and stretching
"8 am," I replied and smiled too
"Mack and Rory are going to flip out," Xander said, jumping up.
"No, they know you were here. I got a message from TJ, and he came down and found us and let us sleep." I replied, and he stopped
"I remember that couple entering that strange house, but that's it," Xander said
"Yeah, we fell asleep at the beginning," I replied
"That was the best sleep I've had in a while," Xander shyly said
"I'm glad you were able to sleep," I said
"You made me feel relaxed, and it's the most fun I've had in a while," Xander said
"I had a lot of fun, too," I said and blushed.
"I like you, Tristan, but I'm scared," Xander said
"I like you too, and I am willing to move at whatever pace you are comfortable with," I said softly
"I didn't think I'd find someone so fast and for him be so cute," Xander said, blushing.
"Ditto," I said, matching his blush.
"I need to go; I'm going to be late for school," Xander said, getting closer.
"I don't have class today, so I'll see you later?" I said
"Yes," Xander said, and then he kissed me and FIREWORKS! That was the best kiss I've ever had, but before we could continue, Xander rushed out.
I found myself touching my lips after he left. I changed my clothes and went up to TJ's.

"Somebodies happy this morning," Jackson said, smiling
"What makes you say that?" I asked
"That massive smile plastered on your face," TJ said
"He kissed me," I swooned
"Awe," they said in unison.
"I have an appointment, but I want details later," Jackson said and then kissed TJ and left.
"So, loverboy, breakfast?" TJ asked
"What?" I asked
"I said do you want breakfast. You'd probably hear me better if you stopped touching your lips," TJ chided
"Sorry, I just felt magic," I said, smiling.
"I'd say I've never seen you like this," TJ said, and we moved into the kitchen, and TJ made some pancakes, bacon, and eggs.
As we ate, I filled TJ in on our conversation and, most importantly, the kiss. He was happy to hear that Xander and I were getting along just fine.
"I'm worried about Hunter and his lack of boundaries," I said
"I know, I heard how he threatened Dom," TJ said, annoyed
"I love protective he is, but he needs to learn," I said
"He does, and I may have a way to get the point across," TJ said and laid out his plan, which was genius.

I decided to forgo the center today and stayed home and helped TJ with some chores, and we decided they needed a maid. When the kids came home, Hunter brought a friend named Kelsey home with him. They were paired together for a project. While they were in Hunter's room, I was busily using telepathy along with TJ for the exact moment to burst into the room. When TJ knew that Hunter was going in for a kiss, we both burst through the door carrying laundry.

"Don't mind us," TJ said
"Just doing laundry," I said
"Carry on with the makeout session; just don't get carried away," TJ said nonchalantly.
"DAD!" Hunter exclaimed
"What? It's solid advice." TJ said, sitting on the bed, and I joined him
"Do you need something?" Hunter said through gritted teeth
"Now that you mention it, Tristan, help me change his sheets," TJ said with a straight face.
"Would you both leave, please?" Hunter said, looking at us then the door. TJ was eating this up.
"So Kelsey, is Hunter, a good project partner?" TJ asked
"He's great," Kelsey said, smiling
"Dad, Tristan, a word in the hall," Hunter said, marching to the door, and we followed.
"What the hell?" he asked, face red.
"How does it feel to have your privacy and boundaries messed with?" TJ said sternly
"Wow, what?" Hunter asked
"You have a problem with boundaries, but when they are yours, it's not a problem," TJ said to a slack-jawed Hunter.
"A cat's got his tongue," I said, laughing.
"This is pure evil," Hunter spat.
"Paybacks are hell, little brother," I said, ruffling his hair
"Dad, how could you," Hunter said
"Easy, I heard about your threat to Dom, and when Kelsey leaves, we are having a chat," TJ replied
"Fine," Hunter said, going back into the room and slamming the door. TJ and I broke out laughing.
"He was so angry," I said
"Yes, he was, but I think we made our point," TJ said

When Kelsey left, Hunter and Jackson came into the lounge where TJ and I were chatting away.
"Hunter told me what you two did," Jackson said
"He did, did he. Did he tell you that he frequently does similar things to Tristan?" TJ asked, and Hunter looked at the floor.
"He conveniently left that part out," Jackson said, looking at Hunter.
"This was way worse," Hunter whined.
"That is no excuse to lie and spy on your brother," Jackson replied sternly
"I'm sorry," Hunter said
"Not going to cut it, young man, you overstep boundaries again or any other misbehavior, you will be grounded indefinitely with no one coming over," TJ said.
"Fine," Hunter moaned.

Later that night, Mack and his family came over for dinner. TJ and Jackson had Hunter make a formal apology to Dom in front of the whole family. He dragged it out, and I didn't think Dom would accept, but he did after Xander glared at him. We had a peaceful dinner, and Xander was rubbing my foot under the table, and we smiled at each other a lot.

That night I was woken up by a call from TJ telling me to go to CC's and see Mack and that it was urgent and I better hurry.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Awesome chapter. I'm glad they thought Hunter a lesson about boundaries. I wonder what's up with Xander, that they need Tristan urgently.

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51 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter. I'm glad they thought Hunter a lesson about boundaries. I wonder what's up with Xander, that they Need Tristan urgently.

Thank you. Hunter needed a lesson badly, and I think they got through to him. What could occur in the middle of the night? Hint hint

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35 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

Thank you. Hunter needed a lesson badly, and I think they got through to him. What could occur in the middle of the night? Hint hint


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45 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Thatll teach the tiny terror!

He finally got a taste of his own medicine that's for sure. 

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Will Hunter still sense when Tristan is in danger and might need him?Not that something like that would happen in this story:whistle:

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29 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

Will Hunter still sense when Tristan is in danger and might need him?Not that something like that would happen in this story:whistle:

I'm thinking of calming things down and letting Xander and Tristan build a relationship. I'm also thinking about adding something funny between Dom and Justin. 

Edited by AquariusGuy
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