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Tristan's High School Life - 14. Chapter 14

I present the twist that no one saw coming.


I vanished from Tristan’s room over to Jackson’s and was just outside and could see the doctor’s working on him

“He was stable what happened” I heard a doctor ask

“Everything seems fine, we need to check” the doctor was cut off by a nurse

“His stats are coming back” a nurse replied

“We need to figure out what happened” the doctor said coming out of the room

“Is he ok?” I asked shakily

“He’s not out of the woods yet” he replied walking away

“Hey babe” I said walking over to his bed while a nurse was still checking him over

“Hey honey” Jackson replied telepathically “We really need to talk”

“OK, I’m listening” I replied sitting in the chair holding his hand

“First I’m going to be here for a bit until we uncover what is going on? He began “I think someone is setting things up.”

“What do you mean?” I asked concerned “Do I have to be worried?”

“You do the person here is not Damian and we need to figure out who it is before more trouble happens” Jackson replied

“What how do you know?”

“TJ, think when have you ever heard a horn before a drunk driving accident”

“Never; wait we all heard the horn” I said realizing where he was going

“Exactly someone wanted us to know and the driver may have been a plant” Jackson replied

“Do you think it could have influenced the twins to bail” I asked

“It could or they could be behind it since Tristan told their mother” Jackson said in all seriousness

“Holy Shit you could be right” I replied “Their mother told CC and I that her father was involved in the research”

“We may need Hunter to stick around” he said “He seems stronger than whoever is behind this”

“I agree I’ve seen Hunter do things I never thought of including someone casting a curse at CC” I said

“Go talk to CC” he replied

“Babe get your rest and let me figure this out” I said

I knew what I needed to and that was go back in time like Emma taught me. It made me wonder if Emma was really behind framing me or if there was something or someone else working this. I had to find CC to alert her and make sure she watches Hunter because whoever this is could try to take him out. I found CC down in the cafeteria stirring a cup of coffee but I had to make sure it was really her.

“How’s Richard” I asked nonchalantly sitting in a chair

“In hell still” she scoffed “What’s this about TJ”

“Something is going on” I replied

“No shit” she said annoyed “I can’t put my finger on what’s happening”

“Jackson made an observation about Tristan’s accident, we all heard someone say watch out before he was hit” I said throwing a curveball knowing she knew what happened

“I thought you guys heard a horn?” She skeptically asked

“I needed to make sure it was really you and yes we did but when has a drunk driver ever blown his horn?” I asked watching for her reaction and I saw all kinds of surprise across her face

“That’s right” She said

“I’m going to investigate this but I need you to watch Hunter. He may have angered whoever this is” I said worriedly

“We got him dad” I heard Katie, Jamie and Mattie say telepathically

“I’ll watch him” CC replied

I vanished and went to Tristan’s room and he was asleep and Hunter was with him and seemed to be in a protective mode

“Everything ok baby boy?” I asked ruffling his hair

“Dad something is wrong and I don’t know what” he replied in hushed tones

“What do you mean?” I asked looking around

“I know it wasn’t Damian” he replied “I don’t think it was Emma either”

“Daddy felt the same way” I said trying to let him know he was on the same track

“What I don’t get is I saw that Damian was going to be a problem but maybe he’s in danger dad” Hunter said

“Katie take Jamie and check on Damian” I said telepathically “Mattie come sit with your brothers” I continued

“Hey guys” Mattie said appearing

“I need you to help protect Tristan and Hunter. Hunter may have angered whoever this is” I said

“No problem dad, everyone at home is on alert and I set a trap to protect them from unwanted visitors” Mattie said with a smirk

“What is this trap” I said dreading the response

“Well similar to the one at that we did to protect you but they won’t be able to enter the building even if they look like someone we trust.” Jamie said

“Hey could you do that here and in Daddy’s room?” I asked

“Yeah I think I could with Hunter’s help” Mattie said

“Ok boys do you stuff” I said and watched as they joined hands and began their process

I still wasn’t sure that CC was the one I was talking too so I didn’t tell anyone else my plans as I didn’t need interference.

First stop the Woolery house to watch the recording. I vanished and appeared in my room and Tristan’s tablet lay there on the bed untouched. I picked it up and it needed a passcode and I starred at it and it unlocked.

“Got you covered brudder” Tristan said telepathically

“Thanks” I said and hit play. Watching the video I was beside myself and grew angrier by the minute. I am so glad Tristan checked the extra camera’s these assholes must have forgot; time for some time travel back to the accident.

I remembered how Emma taught me how to travel and watch. I found myself on the lawn and watched Tristan exit the house walking towards the Crafts. As he neared the street a figure appeared behind him and pushed him into the street in front a car that sounded its horn and skidded but changed into the other car seconds before impact. This is why it all made no damn sense but I knew instantly who these assholes were. To see what else they were behind I went back to Tristan’s lunch date. I saw Justin and Julian both leave the house walking towards the restaurant when they were jumped from behind and taken to an alley. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened. I traveled back and the boys were still out cold in the building their parents must be worried sick. I was able to get the fire alarm to go off to draw attention to the building hoping they would be found safe. Armed with my Intel I needed a sounding board and knew just the person.

“Hey Dad” I said appearing in the kitchen while Tracy was making dinner

“Everything ok” he asked putting down the wooden spoon

“Yes and no” I replied “Jackson and Tristan are recovering but we got a bigger problem”

“I see; what can I do to help” he said leaning against the counter. I laid all the information out for him and what I saw and watched his face as I told him and I saw him getting angrier by the minute.

“So those fuck-ups tried to ruin our lives” he angrily replied “putting all of us at risk for fun and games”

“It seems that way” I replied “Not sure what to do”

“You said that Tristan brought you the video” he asked “How did he not see it”

“He didn’t because he saw what they wanted him to. I saw it as it really happened not as they were disguised” I said

“TJ this is getting very complicated; how do we know who we can trust” Tracy asked

“Mattie put a protection on this place and if anyone is attempting to harm us they can’t enter even if disguised” I stated

“Well that’s good to know” he replied

“Let me go back to the hospital and see what answered I can find” I said and vanished before he could reply

Tristan’s POV

I watched Hunter and Mattie sit in the chair elbowing each other and giggling. While they were brothers they had some of the same features but were very different. Mattie like Jamie was blond and blue eyed; Hunter had jet black hair and the bluest eyes you could get lost in and when he smiled he’d melt you. He always paid attention when I read to them. I looked up and saw CC trying to enter the room but she bounced out and she tried again

“Something must be wrong with the protection charm” she said attempting again

“No there is nothing wrong” Hunter said while he and Mattie got out of the chair

“Let me in then” CC said

All of a sudden Jamie and Katie appeared with Damian and I could see fire in his eyes.

“Boy’s it ok” Katie said to Hunter and Mattie who looked like they were about to fight him

“This is the real Damian” Jamie said nodding at him

“Let me in” CC shouted from the hall way causing the hospital staff to look at her

“Ma’am the door is clearly open” the nurse said as she walked into the room shaking her head. CC tried again and bounced again and the nurse was amused

“Providing you some comic relief in a serious situation” She said laughing at the antics but didn’t notice the anger on CC’s face

Hunter stood at the end of the bed and started to glow.

“TJ!” I shouted telepathically “Come quick” I really hoped he heard me and he did as he appeared instantly

“What’s wrong” he asked looking at me

“He’s glowing” I said pointing at Hunter

“What the?” TJ said as a beam of light shot from Hunter’s hand toward CC who tried to out run the light but couldn’t. She was frozen in place as Hunter stripped back whatever spell was on her. Everyone watched in amazement as he slowly made the reveal

“Holy shit it’s my dad” I said

Reactions, comments or both keep me writing.... it got you two (2) chapters in one (1) day

Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Posted (edited)

What the fudge is going on? Are you secretly m night shamalayan? You've got to be.

P.s. told you so....

Edited by Wesley8890
  • Haha 3
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3 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

What the fudge is going on? Are you secretly m night shamalayan? Yoyve got to ve

Nope... just plain old me. A person with the crazy mind.

I did say a huge twist was coming and thing's weren't what they seemed

Now who did Hunter kill? Was it Emma or someone else? Who pushed Tristan? 

Inquiring minds want to know :yes:

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In the spirit of the theme of this chapter...2 chapters in one day??How do we know it's really you writing this chapter?

Wait you did say a person with a crazy mind. OK it's probably you.

  • Haha 2
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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

In the spirit of the theme of this chapter...2 chapters in one day??How do we know it's really you writing this chapter?

Wait you did say a person with a crazy mind. OK it's probably you.

You just have to assume its me but you know what they say... makes an ass out of U and Me.


Yeah been a bit inspired not sure how it will go. 

  • Haha 3
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1 minute ago, VBlew said:

More excellent work. Crazy plot twists and all.


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