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Tristan's High School Life - 13. Chapter 13

Well you didn't hate me before you will once this chapter ends.

There is one thing Tristan heard during the accident that a drunk driver wouldn't do. That is not discussed but plays a major part in the plot.



We were having a good time when we all heard a horn and screeching tires.

“Dad” I heard Tristan call out as I dropped my cup and ran to the front yard with Jackson trailing behind. Out in the street we saw a car with Tristan laying on the hood.

“Call 911!” I shouted running over to the car with tears in my eyes “Tristan”

“You know him” the driver of the car said looking at Jackson and I

“Yes, he’s our son” Jackson said while I was trying to check Tristan. Everyone came from the back yard and when Jack noticed it was Tristan he came running over

“An ambulance is on the way” Jerry said while giving the dispatcher information

“Excuse me sir but why do you smell like alcohol” Jack said standing next to the driver

“I um” the driver stammered and made a run for it; little did he know that Miles and Brooks were both avid runners and only made it about a house away before he was tackled to the ground.

Jerry updated the dispatcher and we were told additional police were on the way. I stood there with tears flowing waiting for the ambulance which surly was taking it’s time.

“What happened” CC said rushing over from the Woolery home.

“He was hit by a drunk driver” Jackson replied

The ambulance finally arrived and they said that Tristan’s pulse was weak and he needed to be transported now. They carefully removed him from the car and placed him in the ambulance. The police were questioning the driver while Jack and Al stood guard making sure to make note of the details. CC rode in the ambulance with Tristan as she was still his legal guardian. When the ambulance pulled off sirens blaring I collapsed in the street. I felt a strong pair of arms embrace me but it wasn’t Jackson but his father.

“It’s ok son, he’ll be alright” Jack soothingly said as I bawled my eyes out

“Everything ok here?” the officer asked out of concern

“The boy is his brother” Jack replied “We need to get them to the hospital so he can be with him”

“Jackson are you alright?” Helen said out of concern. He seemed a little shell shocked.

“What grandma?” he replied as he fell over into her yard

“We need another ambulance” the officer said into his radio “I think he’s having a heart attack”

“He’s what?” I said not able to move

The second ambulance arrived faster than the first and they had him hooked up and took off before I knew what was happening.

“TJ, honey let’s go” Helen said grabbing my arm and leading me to the car.

“I’ll take care of the driver” Al said as I got into the car still shocked by what was going on.

“Hi daddy” Hunter said “I love you”

“Hey baby” I replied not registering his presence

“It will be ok daddy” Hunter said as he took my hand and I felt a warm sensation wash over me “Have faith, it will work out”

“Almost to the hospital” Jerry said weaving around cars like a mad man. We pulled in and Jack was out front pacing

“TJ, they need you to sign some papers but it appears Jackson had something happen either a stroke or heart attack” Jack said

“No worries I will take care of dad” Hunter said and vanished as I just registered his presence.

I didn’t see CC in the waiting room but the nurse brought me a stack of paperwork. I heard Jack on the phone with Tracy promising updates when he knew more.

Hunter’s POV

That man hurt my brother and my dad, I need to fix them before I deal with him. I made my way to surgery room and saw my brother on the table

“Don’t worry brother, I’m here” I said telepathically

I watched the surgeon’s rushing to fix his bleeding and something about a code. Tristan doesn’t have a code and he sure didn’t look good. Since I was invisible I stayed that way and walked over to the table and decided I needed to hover to do this better. I held my hands over Tristan absorbing his negative energy and fixing his wounds.

“Doctor! Something weird is happening” the nurse shouted “His wounds are fixing themselves”

No they aren’t I’m doing your job I said to myself. Once I knew he was out of the woods and would recover I decided to head over to Dad who they said was coding. Dad doesn’t do computers, these stupid doctors’. I floated over dad looking for the problem and noticed his heart wasn’t beating right

“Hunter! You know nothing about hearts” Damian said appearing

“What’s it to you” I said with as much attitude as possible

“You fixed your brother and they are now suspicious you need to be discrete” Damian said angrily

“I will do it my way” I replied starring him down

“You are going to fuck this up royally” Damian seethed making his way towards me

“Leave my brother alone” Jamie shouted flinging Damian across the room

“What’s going on in here?” Shouted the doctor as medical equipment was moving on it own and scatter all over the floor

In the blink of an eye the room restored itself leaving the doctors puzzled

“Boys” TJ seethed “Get out!”

“But Daddy” I cried

“LEAVE NOW” he replied angrier than I’d ever seen him

“Daddy, he needs to be here for dad” Jamie said “Trust me, please”

“Fine but Damian, let’s GO” TJ said with emphasis on the last word.

“Sorry dad but I’m going to fix you right up” I said to him while the doctors were trying to regain control of things

I hovered over him and began the healing process and it took longer since Damian interfered. Once I knew he was stable I left the room and went to the waiting room. I could see Damian with Daddy and everyone else and decided against going over there.

“He’s ok Daddy” I said telepathically and saw the doctors coming out to talk with them. I didn’t stick around as I had another fish to fry. Off to the police station I went. I found Al talking with the Chief of Police who was giving him the run around as it seemed the guy was the son of the mayor. I was seething and knew I had to do something.

“So you decided to drink and drive” I said to guy without revealing myself

“What?” He said still in a drunken stooper

“You hurt my brother” I said getting louder and he just sat there

“Who’s in here” I heard a cop say and I didn’t respond so he went back to the desk

“Son of Mayor, well my brother is the Grandson of a Mayor” I said loudly and the cop came back and looked around shook his head and left. I had to decide his punishment and I knew just the thing. With a wave of my hand I made him sober so he’d feel everything. I took all the pain that Tristan and Dad had and transferred it to him.

“You will live with residual side effects from their pain and never touch alcohol again.” I said “You will tell the world what a vile evil pig you are”

“You also will have no sexual urges for the rest of your life” Jamie said from behind me and smiled when I turned around to look at him “For Tristan”

I nodded and we joined hands and left the jail cell as the man screamed out in pain

Jamie and I went back to our house in New York and acted like we knew nothing

“Hunter” Daddy said telepathically

“Yes Daddy” I replied chipperly

“Do you go to the jail?” He asked but I could tell he already knew my answer

“Yes Daddy” I replied waiting for his response

“What did you do?” He questioned

“Made him sober and feel all the pain Dad and Tristan felt for the rest of his miserable life.” I nonchalantly responded

“Well they are trying to give him pain medications and nothings working” he replied

“Daddy it shouldn’t that was my doing” Katie said out of no where

“Katie?” Daddy replied

“Yes, Jamie and Hunter didn’t do enough and he needs to not be able to get any help. Didn’t Al tell you he was being given a free pass as the Mayor’s son?” Katie asked

“He most certainly did not. For that the bastard can rot in hell” Daddy said making us giggle

“I can arrange that” I said

“Hunter I was joking” Daddy said “Now brush your teeth and get into bed”

“Night Daddy” Katie and I said in unison


Tristan’s POV

I woke with my head hurting and the room was dark but I could see people in there which was strange I’ve never been able to see in the dark. I noticed TJ wasn’t there but Grandpa Jack was

“Grandpa” I croaked out

“Tristan” he said grasping my hand “Mom, Dad get a nurse” and I saw Great-grandpa stand up and leave the room

“Where’s Tristan?” I asked hoarsely

“He’s with Jackson, I’ll explain later my sweet sweet boy” Grandpa said brushing the hair out of my eyes

The nurse and a doctor came in and turned on the lights

“How are you feeling young man?” the doctor asked while the nurse started taking vitals

“I feel like I was hit by a bus” I said softly as my mouth was dry

“Close a car hit you” the doctor said looking me over and just then TJ burst into the room

“Oh Tristan” He shouted coming to my side “I’m glad you are ok”

“Hey Teej” I squeaked out

“Here suck on these ice chips” the nurse said putting a spoonful into my mouth

“Don’t talk buddy” he said running his hands through my hair “I was upstairs with Jackson and he’s in the cardiac unit”

“What” I said panicking

“He’s ok, had a mild scare when he saw you hit by the car but he’s doing better but not out of the woods” TJ replied

“Yeah had that dippy brother of yours listened” Damian said

“What did you say?” I hissed

“Yeah I came to heal you and Jackson but he beat me to it and may have messed things up” Damian said standing up from the chair

He must be Hunter warned me about.

“My brothers can take care of their own” I said getting irritated and noticed everyone else seemed frozen

“You boys better put the whose penis is bigger to bed” CC said commanding the room “Damian, you really should go”

“I’m a healer” he replied defiantly

“Yes, Yes I get that but you are causing trouble” CC said Damian raised his hand as if he was casting something but in a flash it seemed to have back fired

“Attack my family again” Hunter said in a voice I’d never heard “See what happens”

“I’ll be back” Damian said and vanished

“Hunter” Tristan said look at him

“Hi Daddy” he replied blinking

“What was that” CC asked shocked

“He was casting curse to you but I made it rebound” Hunter said like it was nothing

“You what?” CC and TJ said in unison and Hunter just stood there and shrugged his shoulders

“We need to figure out what is going on” TJ said taking a seat

“Let me bring the world back” CC said and snapped her fingers and everyone was moving again

“CODE BLUE 420, CODE BLUE 420” came squawking across the PA

“That’s Jackson’s room” TJ shrieked


Please feel free to leave a comment, reaction or both.

Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

2 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Good god man why??? Why do you torture me? 

It’s my job 🙃

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1 hour ago, chris191070 said:

When did Damien get such an evil streak. Jackson better not die.

Something else is afoot with him….. 

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50 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

 Bet Jack is having flashbacks from when it happened to him.

BTW We still hate you.

Well I haven’t killed anyone off yet that you all love… so don’t poke the bear 😂

No flashback maybe a flash from a hot doctor? A flash mob? A camera flash? A flash bang? 

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12 minutes ago, James B. said:


TJ’s been through hell now it’s Jackson’s turn. Things will be turned further on their head soon. You can count on that 😂

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1 minute ago, mikedup said:

Ok so let all hell break loose , they are all being very vindictive,

Just wait for the twist coming... I am writing the new chapter which I may or may not post it tonight 

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1 hour ago, AquariusGuy said:

Just wait for the twist coming... I am writing the new chapter which I may or may not post it tonight 

Such a tease.

  • Haha 3
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1 minute ago, James B. said:

Such a tease.

Well I am just about at a nice cliff so keep them eyes peeled 


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8 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

Well I am just about at a nice cliff so keep them eyes peeled 


be prepared to beat @Wesley8890 for first read and comment.


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