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Tristan's High School Life - 34. Chapter 34

I hope you enjoy... especially since I foreshadowed what was to come.

Tristan's POV

Once we got word of the Judge's demise, it was safe to come home.

"Don't you look nicely tanned," Grandpa Tracy said to everyone
"The Bahamas were awesome. We spent so much time at the beach." Josh replied excitedly.
"The weather was perfect," TJ said, kissing Jackson. "So what did we miss."
"Hunter did a phenomenal job," Grandpa Jack beamed.
"What did he do?" TJ asked skeptically
"He made Morrison think he was going crazy," Grandma CC said with a laugh
"Have you picked a replacement yet?" Grandpa Jack asked
"Not yet," she replied. "I do have someone in mind, though."
"I do have something I need to discuss with the adults," Grandpa Jack said nervously.
"You forget we can read minds, so out with it," I said
"I have a daughter," Grandpa Jack said, and the room went quiet.
"Excuse me?" Grandpa Tracy said, eyes narrowed on Grandpa Jack
"You remember Sophia?" he asked, looking at Tracy.
"How could anyone forget Sophia, such a sweet girl." Grandpa Tracy replied.
"Do you remember that night we all got drunk and never saw Sophia again?" Grandpa Jack asked
"Oh," Grandpa Tracy said, realization sinking in. "That's before we were officially together and had that, you know."
"Threesome." Grandpa Jack said. "Well, apparently, she got pregnant and listed both of us on the birth certificate. She died a few days later from a hemorrhage, and her parents placed the baby up for adoption."
"Ok, how would Herold Morrison have known?" TJ asked
"Simple, he was clerking for the Judge in the Family Court," Grandpa replied
"The records you had me move contained her information?" Hunter asked
"Yes, it did," Grandpa replied. "He never followed procedure, and these records should have been sealed and sent downtown and archived."
"So, what's her name?" Jackson asked
"Well, Sophia was not clever naming her, Jacqueline Tracy," Grandpa said
"How do we find her?" I asked
"The question is does she want to be," Grandpa asked.
"I may have a lead on that," Grandma said. "There is a lady who works in the legal department Jackie Thomas. I always thought she looked familiar to me, but I couldn't place her."
"Let's not interrupt her life," Jackson said. "She may not even know she's adopted."
"That's true; we shouldn't turn her life over," TJ agreed.

It was pretty sad for the rest of the night, and everyone was quiet, and I knew they were all thinking of the surprise daughter.

"Hey babe," I said to Xander when he walked into my room
"You look super hot with that tan," he replied, licking his lips. "Your blond hair even got lighter."
"We spent some time at the beach," I replied and patted the bed next to me.
"I missed you," Xander said sincerely.
"I missed you more," I replied and pulled him closer.
"I missed our cuddles," Xander said softly.
"Me too," I said
"So, I have a funny story for you," Xander said with a smile. "Dom and Justin had some strange makeout session where DOm handcuffed Justin to the bed. Well, long story short, Rory and Mack walked in on them both shirtless, and Justin cuffed to the headboard. What made it funny was they couldn't find the key, and Mack had to use a saw to free Justin."
"Oh my," I said with a laugh.
"Now, you must have a shirt on at all the time and no closing of bedroom doors," Xander said with a frown.
"Only at your place," I said with a smirk.
"Very true," Xander replied with a yawn.
"My Xan tired?" I asked, and he started to snore. I used the remote to close the blinds, curtains and turn off the lights. I snuggled in with Xan and couldn't figure out how I got so lucky.

When Xander and I went to TJ's apartment the following day, the place was buzzing, and everyone was in hyper mode.

"What's going on?" I asked Jackson.
"Someone, most likely Harold Morisson, spilled the beans about the potential kid," Jackson said, handing me a tablet with the story up.

"Family Values don't matter to famed New York Attorney."

Dr. Jaxson Woolery, formerly of Woolery, Michaels, and Associates, who has prided himself on being a family man, has been misleading many of those who know him. While in law school, Mr. Woolery and the late Sophia Lander, Playwrite John and Julie (Morrison) Lander, had a relationship that resulted in a child Jacquline Tracy. According to the Lander's, Mr. Woolery refused to accepted responsibility claiming that Sophia slept around.

I threw the table down on the couch, unable to read anymore.

"That son of a boxcar," I said, seething.
"We are working on a solution," Jackson said. "You know he didn't refuse.
"I do," I said.
"Rory is handling the PR nightmare, and we are trying to show Morrison is mad that he got fired," Jackson said.
"He's lucky that's the only thing that happened," I fumed
"Calm down, babe," Xander said soothingly
"I can't believe this guy has a vendetta against Grandpa," I said
"Sometimes people are that way for no reason. In this instance, I think he doesn't know the truth about what happened," Jackson said
"I just don't like how he's trying to take down Grandpa," I huffed
"It will sort itself out," Jackson said

Across town at City Hall:

"TJ, I love your choice for the Family Court, but do you think he'd do it?" I asked
"I do, he's always been a fighter for Family rights, and Trace can run the firm," TJ said
"That he can, and Jack can step in with the firm when needed. I need to have Ali set up a meeting, and I can gauge his interest." I said
"I heard Jackie reached out to you this morning," TJ said
"That she did, she wanted to talk with us," I replied
"Rory was able to shift the focus of this story and turn the tables pretty quickly," TJ skeptically
"Ye of little faith, I spoke with Roger, and he gave Rory the ammo he needed to flip the narrative to a man with a grudge," I said
"I saw the press conference an hour ago that Roger had detailing what happened at the Naval Academy and how those two boys saved Tristan and Xander," TJ replied
"Roger knew this was most likely going to happen, and he was ready, which is why it seems to have happened so fast. Parker and Gunther have been hailed as heroes and have numerous TV appearances today and tomorrow. I will let the boys know there will be a joint interview tomorrow for the Today Show. They are flying Parker and Gunther to the city, and I would like you to accompany Tristan and Xander to the studios." I said
"The positive spin should help bury this story. Maybe we should fly Parker's brother out to see Xander at some point," TJ said
"I have Ali coordinating that. Mack and Rory both agreed that it would be a wonderful idea for Xander to see an old friend. I worry about Tristan." I said
"Let me take care of that part. I can talk with Tristan." TJ said
"You've both grown a lot and seem to be in a perfect place. We need to get ready for the meeting." I said, checking my watch.

There was a buzz on the intercom.
"Jackie Thomas for you," Ali said
"Please bring her in," I replied, and TJ and I both stood up
When she walked in, there was no doubt in my mind that she was Jack's child. She looked so much like him it was uncanny.
"Good morning, Madam Mayor, Deputy Mayor," Jackie said politely
"Good morning, Ms. Thomas, and please call me CC, and this is TJ," I replied and shook her hand.
"I am sorry about how the story broke on the news," TJ said sincerely.
"Thank you, I did know I was adopted, but I never really knew about who my parents were until a few weeks ago when Judge Morrison approached me. I didn't believe him and had a DNA test completed, and it showed my relationship to the Judge and Mr. Woolery's family," Jackie said
"I have no doubt you are Jack's daughter; you favor him a bit," I said
"You also look like my husband a bit. He's excited to have a sister," TJ said
"I grew an only child, and I always dreamed of having siblings. I started looking for my birth family a few months ago and learned of my mother's untimely death. I found a friend of her's named Gina who told me all about my mother and how she planned on talking with Jack and Tracy about me after I was born," Jackie said
"You've done your homework. So may I ask why you wanted to meet with us?" I asked
"I want to help destroy the Judge and his narrative. I spoke with the adoption agency, and after some hemming and hauling, they admitted that the Landers didn't know Jack or Tracy's last name," Jackie said
"I appreciate your candid response; we are glad you are so willing to help," I said
"So may I ask, are you married? Do you have kids?" TJ said
"Right to the point," Jackie said, laughing. "I am married; my husband is Troy Thomas, and he runs an auto-repair shop in Queens. We have three children, two twin boys, and a daughter," Jackie said
"Jack is going to be so happy with more grandchildren," I said

We continued to talk, and I ordered lunch for the three of us. Jackie had a great life growing up, and her parents were still in the picture and excited that she would meet her father. We parted ways and set a time for everyone to get together to meet.

"CC, your four o'clock is here," Ali buzzed over the intercom.
"Send him in," I said and stood up.
"Grayson, how are you doing?" I asked, hugging him
"I have been super busy and quite miffed about why you wanted to see me," Grayson replied
"It was your brother's idea, but how would you like to be the new Family Court Judge," I asked.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

We will have some more fun with the Morrison family soon.

Please leave a comment, reaction or both.

Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Oh morrison you screwed up big time.

Sorry it took so long im in a facebook feud with a meme page

  • Haha 3
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2 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Oh morrison you screwed up big time.

Sorry it took so long im in a facebook feud with a meme page

Yes he did and like I said we are going to have a bit more fun.

Feuding with a page? How is that possible?

  • Haha 2
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10 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

Yes he did and like I said we are going to have a bit more fun.

Feuding with a page? How is that possible?

When its ran by a single person who cant handle being criticized.

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I think Jacqueline Tracy an awesome name. I loved the counter move they did with the judge

"That son of a boxcar,".......uh what??:huh:🤔

  • Love 2
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13 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

I think Jacqueline Tracy an awesome name. I loved the counter move they did with the judge

"That son of a boxcar,".......uh what??:huh:🤔

The word boxcar replaced a word that rhymes with ditch.


Edited by AquariusGuy
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24 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

The word boxcar replaced a word that rhymes with ditch.


I figured that but I never heard boxcar before back in middle school waaaay back when we would say "son of a biscuit eater"

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13 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

I figured that but I never heard boxcar before back in middle school waaaay back when we would say "son of a biscuit eater"

It was the first word that popped into my head.

Shut the front door. 

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9 hours ago, chris191070 said:

That Judge has messed with the wrong family. They will take him down in a big way.

Not going to lie... I'm not sure how they will be ended. I have an idea but it's in the peculator. 

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