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Tristan's High School Life - 4. Chapter 4

This chapter mentions the death of several characters. One of whom we've never met....

I sat down in the living room with Jake, Josh, TJ and Jackson.

“There is no easy way to say this” TJ began

“They’re dead aren’t they” I said with no emotion

“Who?” Jake inquired with a quivering lip

“The dads” I said disgusted

“Please say it isn’t true” Josh said tears falling

“I’m afraid so; Grandpa Bob was also killed” TJ said

My brother’s started to cry and I couldn’t empathize with them at all; they were so young when the dads and Bob took off.

“Why did you have to drive them away!” Jake shouted at me

“They had the chance to take you but chose not too” I retorted

“They loved us” Josh said through tears

“Sure they did, that’s why we’ve had no contact for years” I said

“I hate you Tristan” Josh said running away with Jake trailing behind

“That went well” Jackson said sarcastically looking at me

“You could have shown them a little empathy and weren’t you just telling me you missed them?” TJ asked

“I feel for my brothers but I’m glad they are dead and I lied to you” I replied

“Surely you don’t feel that way” Jackson said

“I do, they didn’t want me and they made that very clear. Dad was just trying to regain the loss of TJ running away.” I said turning red

“Breath, sweetheart” Grandma CC said coming into the room “I thought I told you to wait for me” she scolded TJ and Jackson

“Tristan seemed to know all about it” TJ replied sheepishly

“None the less boys, now you’ve got two really upset boys and one very angry one” Grandma CC replied

“TJ, let’s go talk to Jake and Josh and leave CC with Tristan” Jackson said grabbing him by the arm

“That sounds like a lovely plan” Grandma CC said and they left

“You know I am happy about it, right?” I said and she pulled me into an embrace

“Sweetheart, I know that you are happy in the moment but there will come a time when you wish they were here.” Grandma said rubbing my back

“They didn’t love me” I said tears forming

“Deep down they did love you and they were just having trouble seeing it” She said

“They’ve been gone 10 years, 5 months and 6 days, but who’s counting” I said

“Tristan you did miss them” Grandma replied

“They never reached out” I said

“I had been in touch with Bob and I did not like where things were going. Your two dad’s reverted to their life before having kids and graduating college and were all party hardy, even Bob. I hadn’t heard from Bob in quite some time and when I reached out everything went unanswered. I had out security firm do a wellness check and they found them along with some others and they had been dead for quite some time” Grandma said

“Did they even ask about me?” I questioned

“No and I was so mad at Bob for letting this go.” Grandma said

“So I made them Eunuch’s but they still had fun?” I asked

“From what I gather Bob was able to undo your punishment but it would last for only 24 hours and it seems he undid it every time.” She replied

“Now I am really happy they are gone, they didn’t give a rat’s ass about me or my brothers” I said

“So it seems. I will talk with your brothers and see if I can patch things up as I don’t trust TJ to do a great job; he tends to open mouth and insert foot” Grandma said causing me to laugh

“You want him to succeed you as Mayor?” I asked

“When it comes to business TJ is great but family conflict resolution on the other hand” She said and started to laugh

“Yeah he needs to work on that.” I said

“Now young man, off to bed. You’ve got school and I am meeting with the Romero’s tomorrow” Grandma said kissing my forehead

“I hope that meeting goes well” I said

“I will get to the bottom of it” She said

I went upstairs to my room and pulled my clothes off, shut the curtains and turned off the lights; I usually love looking out at the city but not tonight. When my alarm went off I jumped up, showered and got dressed and went downstairs. Everyone was around the kitchen area eating.

“Good morning” I said to no one in particular

“Good morning Tristan” Kat said with a huge smile

“Good morning honey, what would you like to eat?” Jackson said

“Just some cereal” I said

“Grab what you would like; TJ left to be at the office early” Jackson replied

“Ok” I said grabbing the Fruit Loops, a bowl and milk and taking a seat at the island

“Why are you sitting so far away bro?” Jamie asked and was met with a glare from Jake and Josh

“Jamie just finish your breakfast” Kat said

“Did you guys have a fight?” Jamie asked

“Yes and it’s none of your business” Jake said

“Ok no negativity this morning and Tristan you need to get a move on Kenny is here” Jackson said

I shoveled the couple of bites of cereal in my mouth and deposited my bowl in the sink.

“Goodbye Jackson” I said and grabbed my bag and headed to the elevator

“Have a good day and if you need me please call” Jackson said as I stepped into the elevator.


Across the City at City Hall – CC’s point of view

“Now TJ I need you to remain calm and let me talk with the Romero’s” I said

“His comment was so out of line.” TJ said

“I know and I will find out what is going on” I said

“Madame Mayor, your 8 o’clock is here” the phone buzzed

“It’s show time” TJ said

I picked up the phone and called Ali

“Good morning CC” Ali said chipper

“Good morning Ali, would you mind escorting the Romero’s to the conference room please” I said

“With pleasure, I just finished setting up the coffee and donuts” Ali replied

“Very good” I replied and hung up

When TJ and I entered the conference room the Romero’s were seated and Ali was giving them some coffee.

“Good morning Ms. Mayor” Mrs. Romero said politely

“Good morning and please call me CC and this is Tristan’s brother TJ.” I said

“The resemblance is uncanny” Mrs. Romero said looking at TJ

“Strong genes” TJ said

“I am Alberto Romero and this is my wife Isabella Romero” Mr. Romero said

“Nice to meet you sir” TJ said shaking his hand

“Please call me Alberto, Sir is too formal” he said with a light laugh

“Now that we got introductions down, why don’t we get down to business” I said

“Ma’am do you need anything else?” Ali inquired

“No, we are fine for now” I replied

“I will be in my office if you need me” she replied and left

“Alberto, we wanted to talk with you about your comment to Tristan” I began

“Well I was protecting my son.” Alberto said loudly

“There is no reason to shout; my hearing is just fine” I said getting a snicker from TJ

“Alberto you need to explain to CC why you reacted like that” Isabella said glaring at him

“We had four boys” Alberto said tearing up “Alberto Jr or Berto as we called him. He was a fine young man and made us very proud. He was gay and we loved him to pieces. He fell in love with this boy who like Tristan had gay relatives and we thought nothing of it. We thought they were so in love as they spent every hour together and were inseparable, until that fateful day. It was like any other day, Isabella made breakfast and I dropped the boys at school on my way to the office. Isabella had gone to her mother’s for the day to help take care of some errands. At some point the boy and Berto skipped school and went back to our house. We are not sure what happened but when Isabella returned home in the early afternoon she found Berto dead, there was blood everywhere. I will never forget the call and the aftermath. You see that boy was using our Berto, he admitted that much. We never got the full story as he hung himself in the jail cell prior to trial.”

“I am so sorry” I said and I saw tears in TJ’s eyes

“Alberto and Isabella accept my condolences, we had no idea” TJ said

“My husband doesn’t always think before he speaks. He took this post to get away from the memory of what happened.” Isabella said

“Understandable but rest assured Tristan is not like that at all” I said

“He had a heart break of his own at the end of summer and when he met Justin his life started to turn around” TJ said

“Tristan has had a rough home life which is why he lives with his brother and his partner. Recently he lost both of his dad’s and he is going to need to some good friends to lean on” I said

“Sorry for your loss TJ” Isabella said

“Thank you” TJ replied and I was happy he didn’t try to explain our unconventional family dynamics

“I think our boys need each other” I said

“Your boy’s are welcome at our home anytime” TJ said

“I am glad we could resolve this” Alberto said

“Would you guys be ok with us naming a room at the Matthew Shepard Tower after your son?” TJ asked

“You really do own that building” Alberto questioned

“Yes, my Uncle purchased it a few decades back and about 10 years ago we converted it into the Matthew Shepard Tower a home for LGBTQ+” TJ replied

“We would be honored” Isabella said smiling

“Let me figure out the logistics and we can dedicate the room.” TJ said

“That sounds wonderful” Alberto replied

“We would like to invite your family soon for dinner.” Isabella said

“Thank you for the offer but we would keep it to just myself, my partner, Tristan and CC” TJ said

“Nonsense, your whole family” Isabella said

“The reason he is hesitant is that without including Tristan and his two brothers; TJ has 9 children.” I said

“Holy smokes; you have 9 children?” Alberto said shocked

“Yes and 7 were born at once.” TJ replied

“Oh my word” Isabella said

“TJ and Jackson have a great home support system for their children.” I said

“Now, we just have one question before we leave. When we were meeting with the Principal, a teacher and Tristan, he just up and disappeared and sprouted a pony tail. What happened?” Alberto questioned

Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Screw bob and the other two whos names i forgot. See thats how unbothered by thier deaths i am.

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28 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Screw bob and the other two whos names i forgot. See thats how unbothered by thier deaths i am.

that would be Kevin and Jeff. 

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2 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

that would be Kevin and Jeff. 

Oh yeah. Im anxious for the next chapter

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4 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Oh yeah. Im anxious for the next chapter


::in my Ricky Ricardo voice:: They got some explaining to do. 

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1 hour ago, AquariusGuy said:


::in my Ricky Ricardo voice:: They got some explaining to do. 

Since it was a Ricky Ricardo voice it should have been:: They got some "splaining" to do.If you weren't the author you would get a couple of demerits

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Posted (edited)

There was no explanation on how the three died combine that with no contact from them over the years I'm thinking evil scheme witch involves faking their death:devil:

Edited by weinerdog
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6 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

There was no explanation on how the three died combine that with no contact from them over the years I'm thinking evil scheme with involves faking their death:devil:

That wouldn't surprise me with this story.

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23 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

Since it was a Ricky Ricardo voice it should have been:: They got some "splaining" to do.If you weren't the author you would get a couple of demerits

I was thinking that....

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14 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

There was no explanation on how the three died combine that with no contact from them over the years I'm thinking evil scheme witch involves faking their death:devil:

They were partying and there maybe an explanation... or I might not

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8 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

I can't wait to see how they explain Tristan disappearing from the meeting.

Yes... that is going to be fun.

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Drama galore, glad that it was sorted out, interesting no regrets but such is life , now he needs to explain his opt "out function" to others that could be interesting


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