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Tristan's High School Life - 11. Chapter 11

We meet our special guest and learn a bit more about Hunter.


I teleported outside and watched as the children had Emma trapped

“You won’t get away with this” Emma screamed as the kids keep the circle and were in an intense chant

“Why did you do this” I shouted at Emma and she cackled “Why do you think? He destroyed my life”

I had forgotten how Tristan destroyed her house and she must have been bottling up this anger for a while. As I stood there Hunter appeared and it seemed to surprise the others but they kept going

“Hi Daddy” Hunter said

“Hey baby boy, why are you here?” I inquired

“I’m here to help” he replied and smiled. He raised his hand and Emma turned into what looked like stone causing the others to stop and lower their hands glancing in our direction. With a flick of his wrist the stone version of Emma blew into tiny pieces

“What did you do?” astonished by what just happened

“I love Harry Potter” he beamed looking at me

“You did what MRs. Weasly did to Bellatrix” Tristan said taken aback by what happened

“Yeah I did, she framed Daddy and no one hurts my Daddy” a defiant Hunter replied

“I didn’t know you had it in you buddy?” I croaked out

“There is a lot you don’t know” Hunter said looking at the others

“What do we do about these guys?” Katie asked gesturing to the cops who were still in a frozen time state.

“We will wipe their memory of being here but we will shift the focus to Emma framing TJ” CC replied looking in awe of what happened

“Children head home and let CC and I take care of this” I said still taking in what happened

“Daddy I love you” Hunter said before teleporting out. One by one the kids left except for Tristan

“TJ, I didn’t know until today that she was still angry” Tristan morosely said

“It’s ok buddy we got her taken care of” I replied but then it dawned on me “It’s not your fault that your dad’s died”

“It is; had I not angered her they would still be alive” Tristan said as tears started to fall and I went to him pulling him into a hug

“You listen to me; you can’t control other people and what they do. Do you think any of us had any idea that Emma of all people would do this?”

I held Tristan for what seemed like a long time but was just a few minutes

“We need to get things back to the way they were” CC said softly and in an instant both she and Tristan were gone and I went back into the bedroom and tried to sleep; I count sheep and various other things but I couldn’t sleep. I went downstairs when I heard someone stirring in the kitchen

“Good morning Helen” I said taking a seat at the table

“Good morning TJ” Helen said with her back to me while she made coffee.

“Could you make a double pot?” I asked

“You like coffee that much” Helen replied turning around “Holy shit TJ you don’t look so well”

“I didn’t sleep” I replied putting my head on the table

“Everything all right?” Helen asked coming over sitting next to me

“Just some drama last night” I replied vaguely

“Are you and Jackson ok? Do I need to call him” Helen said worriedly

“Jackson and I are fine and no you don’t need to call him.” I sighed

“Ok sweetheart, what would you like for breakfast” Helen said worriedly

“I guess some toast is fine” I said yawning

“Just toast? I thought you’d want more than that” she replied

“I’m not that hungry” I said as Jerry entered the kitchen

“I was wondering who else was up at this ungodly hour” Jerry said laughing “Jack and the boys were never early risers”

“He didn’t sleep well dear” Helen replied while making toast

I sat there starring at the wall when I felt arms around me

“Hey baby” Jackson said in my ear

“What are you doing here?” I asked surprised

“A little birdy told me you didn’t sleep well and might benefit from some extra love” Jackson said smiling at Helen who quickly turned around and starting humming like she had no clue what he was talking about. It was so funny I started to laugh and Jerry and Jackson joined in.

“Who did you get to stay with the kiddos?” I asked when things died down

“Dad and Pop, he’s been so busy figuring things out and I know CC stopped by in the middle of the night” Jackson said sipping from the cup of coffee Helen set in front of him

“So did he tell you what happened?” I asked

“CC regaled us with the story and how it was Hunter that ended her. Pop doesn’t want to let this go since there will still be an active investigation.” Jackson replied

“You think the others are awake yet?” Jerry asked as there was a knock at the door. “Let me get that”

“Good morning Mr. Woolery” Connor said “Is TJ up yet?”

“Yes he’s in the kitchen having breakfast” Jerry said stepping aside to let him in

“Good morning Mrs. Woolery, Jackson and TJ” Connor chipperly said “I got a phone call this morning from my firms managing partner and I wanted to come over and share the news”

“News” I asked sitting up in my chair

“Yes, I was surprised to get the call and didn’t even know my managing partner knew I was here in Cincinnati. He started off telling about a good friend of his from his college days that was in desperate need of help with a case in San Diego. He went on to tell me about the case and how the client was in Cincinnati and he wanted me to talk to him before the police tried to contact him” Connor said pausing before he continued “So imagine my surprise when he told me the client was Tristan James Michaels Jr”

“He got a call from Jack?” Helen said taking more interest

“Apparently so; they were good friends in college and they kept in touch over the years and he wanted our firm to handle it since we were more local and could take care of things easier” Connor said

“Jack always has friends in the right places” Helen said smiling

“That he does” Jerry said matching her smile

“So what does this all mean?” I asked feeling a little dumbfounded

“We are going to make sure that you don’t have any adverse effects from this. My boss was adamant that we will get some kind settle and make them pay for this” Connor said

“Well that is definitely good news” Helen said

“I think I need some rest, do you mind handing out with my friends?” I said looking at Jackson

“I can babe but you sure you don’t need me?” He asked out of concern

“I think I’ll take some melatonin and try to sleep” I replied yawning “I hope that’s ok?” I said looking at Connor

“You look terrible bud and I don’t mind; gives me time to work on the case” Connor said

I left the room and went upstairs and took the medication and waited for it to kick in. I heard a giggle and opened my eyes

“Hi Daddy” Hunter said with a big smile

“Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” I asked sternly

“Yes but you need me” he replied getting into bed “Let’s snuggle”

I pulled him close and felt a warm sensation and instantly fell asleep.

“Sleep well daddy” I heard Hunter say in my dream

I woke-up and the clock said it was 2 pm and I felt well rested. I looked for any singes of Hunter but it appeared he had left. I went down stairs and found Helen and Beth sitting on the couch.

“Hello sleepyhead” Beth said warmly

“Where is everyone” I asked looking around the room

“Jackson took the boys out and we stayed in to make sure you weren’t alone” Helen said patting the cushion next to her

“I am glad they got to hang out and get to know each other better” I said and my stomach decided to growl when I finished talking

“You must be starved only having toast and coffee this morning” Helen said getting up “I’ll make you a sandwich” and she disappeared into the kitchen

“Jackson was really worried about you” Beth said “He didn’t want to go out with the others but Jerry and Stan talked him into it”

“He’s worried that I’ll go into a tail spin” I replied “I’ve been doing better and I feel really great after that nap; kind of hard to explain”

“You must have felt love from someone and they took all your worry away” Beth replied as Helen came in with a sandwich and a drink for me

“I made you a small sandwich as the boys want to barbecue tonight” Helen said setting the plate on the coffee table

“That would be all Stan and his new grill” Beth said laughing “Men and their toys”

“That means Jerry will want one soon enough” Helen replied laughing

“You should let Jackson cook; he learned some tricks from Tony” I said as there was a knock at the door and Helen went to answer it.

“Jack” Helen gasped

“Hello mom” Jack greeted pulling his mom into a hug “Surprise”

“Hey Jack” Beth said getting up and hugging him

“TJ how are you?” Jack said concerned

“Better now that I’ve slept” I said standing up and hugging Jack. Didn’t want to be the odd one out

“Good to hear, Jackson was really worried about you” he replied “They still out and about?”

“Yes they are.” Helen replied “Let me get your things”

“Mom don’t worry I’ll take care of it” Jack said trying to stop her

“Why did you come all this way?” I asked knowing there was a lot going on at home

“Tracy and CC are tending to the kids but I wanted to be here for you” Jack said and motioned for us to sit “My friend who is apparently Connor’s boss is coming to town to meet with us in a day or two and we wanted to strategize”

As we started to talk about what happened everyone came back and they were surprised to see Jack sitting there.

“Hey Pop” Jackson said coming into the room “Didn’t expect you to be here”

“My son that doesn’t listen” Jack replied “ I told you when you call me this morning all worried about TJ”

“Yeah I guess I was preoccupied” Jackson replied

“Hello son” Jerry said pulling Jack into a bear hug

“Hey Dad” Jack replied and then hugged Stan

“So we got a lot of stuff for tonight” Jerry said

“Tonight?” Jack said perplexed

“Yes barbecue at the Craft’s” Stan said

“As long as my boy cooks” Jack said beaming with pride

“Dad” Jackson said all embarrassed

“Hey you are an excellent cook babe” I said

“Thanks, you look very relaxed” he replied “the sleep did you good”

“Can I steal you away a second?” I said looking towards the office

“Sure babe” Jackson said while the others sat on the couch and Connor starred at Jack

“Hey Connor, take a picture it lasts longer” I said laughing and walking away with Jackson

“What’s on your mind” Jackson said kissing me

“Well not hanky panky but I’d sure love that.” I said with a smile “Hunter was here”

“Hunter?” Jackson said surprised “He had school”

“I know, he showed up when I was getting into bed and hugged me and it felt like the world melted away” I said

“Love” Tristan said appearing “Sorry Dad’s”

“What do you mean Love?” Jackson asked

“I tried to figure out why Hunter showed up as he usually isn’t part of the whole main group usually Beau and Grayson’s boy’s join us but I went home and researched somethings and talked with grandma. I learned at Hunter is an empath and will stop at nothing to protect those that he loves and I suspect his powers are greater than we know, he’s just shy” Tristan said

“So he hugged me and took all the pain and anxiety?” I asked confused

“In a way yes but he needs to release it somehow and I think last night when he blew Emma to smithereens it was pent up anger or feelings, I’m not quite sure” Tristan said

“Hunter took down Emma?” Jackson gasped “No frickin way”

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would be right beside you” I replied

“Dad’s I want to work with him more, do I have permission?” Tristan asked with his puppy dog eyes

“Yes but school first” Jackson replied

“Yes Dad, I’ve been going with my tutor at Grandpa’s” Tristan said

“Good job” I said hugging him and kissing him on the head

“I’m going home Grandpa is making dinner and it smells really good” Tristan said and vanished

“He really is maturing” I said

“I agree” Jackson said

“So you want to cook for everyone tonight?” I asked

“I was thinking maybe we go home and eat my Dad’s food. You know his slow cooker recipes are out of this world.” Jackson said starry eyed

We went out to find Jack engaged in conversation with a man we’d never seen before.

“Ah here they are; this is my son Jackson and his husband TJ” Jack beamed “Boys this is Allister, Al Worthington”

Jackson and I did a double take he looked a lot like Cam.

Feel free to comment, leave a reaction or both. These keep me inspired.

Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

He Not my daughter you bitched her!

He sure did... except not my dad. 

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Wow from a story that was possibly going on hold to 3 chapters in 3 days.Hunter might end up being the baddest ass yet.

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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

Wow from a story that was possibly going on hold to 3 chapters in 3 days.Hunter might end up being the baddest ass yet.

yeah I've had a spark of inspiration... it started with a conversation with Ron (the real on not the dead one...)

Hunter I decided needed a story line and he will have an interesting path. 

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15 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

yeah I've had a spark of inspiration... it started with a conversation with Ron (the real on not the dead one.

The way we are not sure that somebody in your stories are really dead or not are you sure you know which one you talked to?


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2 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

The way we are not sure that somebody in your stories are really dead or not are you sure you know which one you talked to?


I wasn't using a weegie board so I'm pretty sure it was the real Ron... Maybe? Perhaps? 

Did I imagine it :blink:

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Great chapter, so don't mess with my family, there will be only one outcome  "death" and then you will banish into thin air

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1 minute ago, mikedup said:

Great chapter, so don't mess with my family, there will be only one outcome  "death" and then you will banish into thin air

That it lose body parts or functions 🤣

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Excellent chapter, keep it coming. Really miss my boys and Men.

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6 minutes ago, James B. said:

Excellent chapter, keep it coming. Really miss my boys and Men.

Chapter 11 is in the works... we are going finally see the lunch date with Tristan and the twins 

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