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Tristan's High School Life - 36. Chapter 36

Time to see what happens to our bomber friends.

Tristan's POV

The station quickly cut away from the shot as you could see the Morrison's and Hoffman standing there with sneers on their face. They moved us away from the windows to a safe location and wanted to interview us at a later hour of the show. The station staff told us that our families had been secured and not harmed on the plaza.

I noticed on the TV all the stations in the city were covering the situation, but no one was giving them the time of day for an interview. I noticed time stopped, which meant someone was up to no good, and I knew just who it was. It was funny to see Xander frozen mid-sentence, but I teleported to the plaza.

"What are you doing, Hunter?" I asked, watching him walking around.
"Looking for an out," he replied when TJ appeared.
"Let's see if we can end this," TJ trying to help Hunter.
"The vests are rigged to blow if removed. I wonder if we froze the circuits?" Hunter hypothesized
"No, but we could contain the blasts," Jillian said, appearing in ghost form.
"I think I could do this," Hunter said. "We need to restore time but just for them."
"You sure you can do this?" TJ said
"Yeah, dad, I can blow them up," Hunter replied, rolling his eyes.
"You must be invisible," Jillian said
"Geeze, Grandma, I got this," Hunter retorted. "Stand back; I'm going to resume time."

With a flick of his wrist, time resumed, and he disappeared.

"You must give us equal airtime, and let us tell you our size. Those fags are trying to control the narrative," Judge Morrison bellowed.
"Control the narrative?" Hunter said, reappearing. "How about a pompous old fat excuse for a human who destroyed people's lives."
"Who do you think you are?" the younger Morrison said, spitting at Hunter.
"Your worst nightmare," Hunter seethed.
"A little guy like you is going to stop us?" Hoffman said, laughing.
"He might bite our ankles," Morisson chided

All of a sudden, the three men stopped talking but were trying to.

"Cat got your tongue?" Hunter smirked. "I'll show just how much of an ankle bitter I am."

The wind began to swirl, and the men were looking around, panicked. Hunter was full-on, concentrating and making sure not to hurt anyone. An ear-piercing explosion rocked the ground for a few seconds, and where the men once stood was scorched earth. You could see the smoke rising, and suddenly a gust of wind carried the smoke away.

"Nothing like taking out the trash," Hunter said and disappeared.
"That boy has a hell of a talent," I said, looking at TJ.
"That he does," TJ agreed.

We both returned to where we were before, and TJ resumed time. The police were baffled about the men's disappearance and the scorched earth. They request warrants for all three men's arrests, but they were warrants that would never be fullied.

The interview resumed, and we talked with Parker and Gunther on satellite and the events and how Parker knew Xander.

"We have a surprise for you, Xander," Wyatt said.

A younger-looking version of Parker stepped from behind a curtain, and I knew it had to be Nicky.

"Welcome, Nick Jamieson," Wyatt said, and tears were falling from Xander's eyes, and both boys ran and embraced each other. "We also have Parker and Gunther here, as well." They entered the studio from the same place and came over, and I shook their hands.

Wyatt about the abuse he endured, and throughout the interview, he held my hand and squeezed it tight a few times. When Wyatt concluded the interview, there wasn't a dry eye in the studio.

"These boys are also part of the Matthew Shepard Center here in New York, which honors various gay icons. Several of our on-air partners have agreed to donate in honor of both boys to Center $5 Million," Wyatt said. "I through my connections and friends we are pledging another $5 Million."

"You don't have to do that," I said, wiping my eyes.
"I know, but there are many youths out there that need help." Wyatt said, "If any of you would like to donate, we recommend checking out your local LGBT organizations. We'll have a link available on Today.com to find an organization near you. We'll be right back."

"Thank you so much, Wyatt," I said
"Tristan, it was an honor to meet you and Xander," he replied
"Thank you so much, Wyatt," TJ said, coming over
"You guys do so much, and what you've done for this city should never be forgotten," Wyatt replied.

Everyone took selfies with Wyatt and a few of the other anchors, and then we left. I decided to give Xander and Nicky my place to allow them to catch up with each other. I set up the guest rooms with TJ for Jamieson's and Gunther; there was no reason for them to stay at a hotel when we had rooms.

I found Hunter sitting on the couch at TJ flipping through a magazine.

"Hey, brother," I said, sitting next to him.
"Hey Tristan," he replied, leaning against me
"That was a crazy thing you did today," I said.
"Yeah," he replied, exhaling loud
"You ok?" I asked
"I'm tired of people picking on my size," he said
"Are you being bullied?" I asked, getting serious, and didn't get an answer. "Hunter? Have you told dad?"
"No, what's he going to do?" he sighed.
"You shouldn't have to deal with it. Is this why you lose your cool when someone picks on your size? Like Dom did?" I asked
"Yeah," he said and buried his face.
"Do your siblings know?" I asked, getting irritated someone was picking on him.
"I don't think so," he said, muffled by my shirt.
"Hunter, who is it?"I asked
"Kelsey and a few others," he finally said.
"The girl that was over?" I asked
"She only chose me because she lost a bet," Hunter said
"A bet?" I was steaming but needed to do something.

Hunter told me that many people flocked to Katie, Jamie, and Mattie because of their outgoing personalities. He also told me that Jayson, Karson, and others were generally left alone, but he picked on because of his size. I was fuming and left in search of TJ and Jackson. I found them and the grandparents in conversation and stood there.

"Did you need something, Tristan?" Jackson asked
"Yes, we need to talk. Hunter is being bullied," I said
"Yeah, but he took care of them," TJ said
"He's being bullied at school," I said, getting irritated.
"He hasn't said anything," TJ said
"Haven't you noticed he goes off when someone comments about his size?" I said, raising my voice. I was getting nowhere and needed to deal with this independently, but I needed a well-thought-out plan.

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What boggles my mind is Jack and Tracy was ostracized for being gay in Dancing and TJ and Jackson being gay is well aware of what went on when they were kids and what still goes on they should be smarter then that.

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17 hours ago, weinerdog said:

What boggles my mind is Jack and Tracy was ostracized for being gay in Dancing and TJ and Jackson being gay is well aware of what went on when they were kids and what still goes on they should be smarter then that.

Sometimes parents are blind to what's in front of them. 

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13 hours ago, chris191070 said:

So Tristan is gonna help Hunter, that should be interesting.

I know I mentioned a while back they would join forces... here is that moment. 

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