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Tristan's High School Life - 39. Chapter 39

I decided not to leave you waiting....

Tristan's POV

I looked around, trying to figure what was going and breathed a sigh of relief when I laid eyes on Jackson. He was coming out of the house with Mack, pushing an injured Rory in a wheelchair.

"What a sad day," Xander said, sitting next to me.
"Yeah," I replied, still not knowing what was going on.
"I'm just glad that Rory survived that bomb," Xander said.
"Bomb?" I asked
"I forget sometimes you were there too," Xander sighed
"What?" I said, confused.
"You had a pretty bad concussion, but that was your only injury. Rory was closest to CC," Xander said, trailing off.
"So CC died!" I shouted, causing everyone to look at me.
"Yeah, she got blown up by the car bomb," Xander said
"She had to have made it," I said; tears were forming. "She got blown up before and survived."
"She had no chance; At least that's what Kaiden said," Xander said.

I heard what sounded like wind, and suddenly I was back with Xander. I looked to my left, and CC was sitting there with Mack laughing at his antics. I now had to figure out why I saw the supposed future and what it means. Kaiden had left a few years ago when he and Cam got married. I hadn't seen him in a while as he got a Government job and traveled a lot. I needed to figure out who to discuss this premonition with to figure it out.

"Something on your mind," Hunter asked. "You look troubled."
"I don't know," I sighed. "It's about your premonition, isn't it."
"How did you know," I asked.
"I was there too," Hunter said quietly.
"Are we supposed to stop it," I asked?
"We are not supposed to change what we see, but sometimes we can try to prevent certain things. The problem here is we don't know when this is supposed to happen," Hunter said.
"True, but it's scary to know," I replied.

Hunter stepped away, and I enjoyed the rest of the evening with Xander. He was laughing at Jimmy and how he was stuffing his face with barbecue. He had sauce all over his face, and he reminded me of a bit of a kid. Xander spent the night, and I'm convinced that is the only reason I didn't have a nightmare. I needed to figure out why someone would plant a bomb.

Over the next several weeks, Xander and I attended classes together. Yeah, that's right, my boyfriend joined my private class sessions. I was on edge and jumped every time I heard a noise.

"You seem jumpy," Xander said after class. "When Gavin dropped that book, you jumped a mile."
"I know, and I want to tell you why but I can't because I'm not sure," I said.
"Sounds like this is bothering you. Have you talked to anyone about it," Xander asked?
"Hunter knows," I said.
"Well, I am sure you guys can figure it out," Xander said.
"Yeah. Help me take my mind off of it," I asked with a smirk.
"That sounds like a plan," Xander said with a huge smile.

The following day I sought Hunter so I could talk with him.

"Have you figured anything out yet," I asked
"No, I haven't. I think we may need to talk with Jillian," Hunter replied
"What's up?" Grandma Jillian said, appearing.
"We need your help," I said.
"I know what this is about," Jillian said. "You can't stop it from happening, and you can't save anyone."
"Then why did I see it," I pleaded with her.
"You need to be ready," she replied
"So why was I there," Hunter asked
"You guys will need to be there for TJ," Jillian said. "He will take CC's death hard, but her death will make him Mayor, and he won't be ready."

A few days later, Kaiden showed up unexpectedly and had a lengthy conversation with TJ. I tried to listen and read TJ's mind, but he was blocking me. When he left, I went to talk to TJ.

"What did he want," I asked?
"Just wanted to talk to me," TJ said dismissively.
"I know about the bomb," I said, taking a chance, and TJ's eyes narrowed.
"Please continue," TJ said snarkily.
"Look, I had a premonition, and so did Hunter," I said, trying to convince him.
"Not everything you see happens," TJ replied sharply. "Don't drag your brother into your games."
"My games?" I replied, my temper rising.
"Yes, your games. Hunter needs a stable environment and doesn't need you worrying about something that may or may not happen," TJ thundered.
"A stable environment? How about a stable father figure? Ever think about that? Maybe you are the reason all this crap keeps happening to us." I shouted.
"You think you know everything," TJ snarked.
"You think you do. You are an asshole," I said and stormed out. I slammed the door when I left TJ's and could hear the picture in the hall shatter when it hit the floor. TJ was coming out the door when I hit the closed elevator door, but he teleported in.

"Who the hell do you think you are," TJ barked.
"The only person who seems to have a level head," I snarkily replied.
"Says the boy, who drove his fathers away," once those words left TJ's mouth, I saw instant regret.
I teleported out and made sure to hide my location. I wandered around Central Park for a few hours and eventually decided to see Xander.

"Hello, Tristan," Grandma said, scaring me.
"Uh, where's Xander," I asked.
"Down the hall in the other room. I had a feeling you'd show up here, and I wanted to talk with you," Grandma said sincerely.
"I guess you heard," I said sadly.
"I did; TJ told me about your argument and what he said," Grandma said. "He instantly regretted it."
"I'm not going to forgive him that easy," I said, irritated. "He accused me of playing games with Hunter."
"Yes, Hunter told me all about the premonition," Grandma said.
"Are you ok with it," I asked?
"Tristan, I can't say one way or another, but I have to say there has to be a reason," Grandma said soothingly.
"I'm not ready," I said and started to cry.
"Tristan, sweetheart, you are such a sensitive boy, and I know that things don't always work out how you wanted, but know this, Xander loves you with all his heart, and he will be there for you. TJ loves you too if he could get over himself," Grandma said and chuckled.
"That is an understatement," I said
"Remember TJ has baggage too, and it's not an excuse, but he doesn't always think," Grandma said.
"I know, Grandma," I said.
"Look, come to work with me tomorrow, and we can talk more, all right," Grandma asked.
"Sure, Grandma," I replied. "I'm going to sleep with Xander."
"No hanky panky under my rood," Grandma said and ruffled my hair.

I went and found Xander snoring and looking so cute. I took my shoes off and my shirt and snuggled in.

"About time you showed up," Xander said, half awake.
"Hush, time to sleep," I said and kissed his forehead.

The next day was kind of hectic. I went to work with Grandma, and TJ kept his distance. Grandma had a whole bunch of meetings and was busy running around in City Hall. I spent time talking with Ali about different things and learned that she and Jasper were expecting their fourth child. Heck, I didn't even realize that Ali had three kids, but upon further looking at her desk, I noticed the pictures of her kids. She was hoping for a girl as they had three boys already.

"Tristan, let's go to lunch," Grandma said.
"CC, we need to go over this press release," Rory said, trailing behind us.
"Can't this wait? I want to take my grandson to lunch," Grandma said.
"If you want it out tomorrow, we need to get it done ASAP," Rory said as we stood outside the Lexus.
"Fine, Rory, come with us, but no work talk at the restaurant," Grandma said
"Tristan!" Kaiden shouted, coming from the main entrance.

I turned, and he motioned me over, and I started to walk towards him when I heard the blast behind me and felt the heat. My ears were ringing, and my vision went blurry, and I fell to the ground.

A bit of a misdirect... so who blew up CC?

Hope you enjoyed the story.

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Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

17 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

No not cc. Oh wait shes died before......

She’s gone for good. 

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Well you know Hunter and Tristan had that premonition CC hears about it then we have CC, Rory and Tristan outside  at the same time next to the car I don't know I think lightbulb should have popped on then.

TJ and Tristan are suppose to be copies of each other so it makes no sense that TJ doesn't take Tristan seriously.Does TJ have a brain tumor or something?If he does perfect for being Mayor of NYC

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13 hours ago, weinerdog said:

Well you know Hunter and Tristan had that premonition CC hears about it then we have CC, Rory and Tristan outside  at the same time next to the car I don't know I think lightbulb should have popped on then.

TJ and Tristan are suppose to be copies of each other so it makes no sense that TJ doesn't take Tristan seriously.Does TJ have a brain tumor or something?If he does perfect for being Mayor of NYC

CC was ok with it... she understood that she was going to die. I didn't realize everyone seemed to like CC and it's part of where the story is going. Tristan lost someone he really loved and it's going to effect who he becomes. As for the ah ha moment I never said it was a car bomb initially just she was killed in a blast. Someone could have leveled city hall.

TJ as Deputy Mayor will be stepping in and he will serve out CC remaining term and get his own. 

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11 hours ago, chris191070 said:

So CC dead, Rory injured, Tristan comatose. What was Kaiden's part in all of this.

very interesting question sir. I did say he had a Federal Government job and traveled a lot. His background was in security and he was a cop. HINT HINT on his job and why he talked to TJ and there was a conversation we didn't see happen between Kaiden and CC. 

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