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Tristan's High School Life - 12. Chapter 12

So let's find out how Al is related and how about lunch with the twins.

I guarantee you'll hate me by the end.


“You look like a friend of ours” I said shocked at his resemblance

“My cousin’s son Cam” Al laughed “When we are together people seem think he’s my son”

“How come he didn’t come work with you?” Jackson curiously asked

“My cousin kept his family away from ours as his kids got older” Al sadly replied “He hated my father and by extension the rest of us”

“Why did he hate your father?” I asked

“Well my father was the youngest but also the most successful of the Worthington clan; they are a very competitive bunch. My father was offered a job at the most prestigious law firm in San Diego when he graduated. He had a mentor who brought him up through the ranks and helped him really grow into his career. My father was a partner after 5 years and a named partner 10 years later. My uncle, Cam’s father amounted to nothing and couldn’t make partner. He didn’t have what my father did with a mentor and he was envious. When I graduated and had multiple offers I stayed away from my father’s firm as I wanted to make my own name. I took an offer at another firm outside of San Diego and was there for about 5 years before they merged with my father’s firm. I made an offer to Cam but he didn’t want drama from his father.” Al said

“So that’s why he went to D.C. and then joined my firm in New York” Jack added

“Sorry to interrupt but Jackson are you really going to cook?” Jerry asked

“Um yeah I guess I can” Jackson replied “You want to help TJ?”

“I would but I should spend time with my friends” I replied

Jack, Al, Jackson, Jerry and Stan went over to start cooking and I decided to hang out with my friends.


Tristan’s POV – NYC

“Grandpa I’m going to meet Justin and Julian” I shouted grabbing my wallet, phone and keys

“Ok, be careful” he replied from the kitchen “Will be home for dinner?”

“I should be” I replied double checking my phone “I’ll let you know”

I got in the elevator and was super nervous

“Hey brother” Hunter said popping in “I wanted to see you really quick”

“What’s going on?” I asked

“I’ve been thinking” Hunter began “I’m worried about you and the twins”

“Worried?” I replied “Why?”

“Someone is going to come back into your life and mess things up” Hunter reluctantly replied

“Who?” I asked getting nervous

“I’m not going to say but be ready brother.” Hunter softly replied before hugging me and vanishing as the doors opened. For some reason I felt good despite what he said. He must have removed my anxiety and doubt as I felt a rush of relief. I walked the two blocks to the restaurant and stopped to check my hair in one of the windows of a nearby shop

“Hey Tristan” Justin said as I approached

“Hey Justin, Julian” I replied taking both of them in. They were dressed in some really tight clothes that showed off their physique. We went inside and were seated rather quickly and the boys seemed to be well known.

“We come here often with our brother and mother” Julian said “Dad has odd hours and Mom loves their food”

“Any recommendations” I was curious to see what they said since the menu was vast and there were no prices.

“Choose anything you’d like we’ve got this” Justin replied with a smile

I opted for a salad with some chicken as I knew Grandpa was making a huge dinner and I loved his cooking. I think Justin and Julian were sad I didn’t eat as much as they did. As we ate I noticed the boys glancing towards the entrance and watching the wait staff, something was off.

“So my brother and I had a talk about the pictures you sent” I said trying to engage them in conversation

“Yeah Justin mentioned the whole family saw” Julian replied blushing

“Yeah everyone did and some really loved it” I said “What’s going on with you two?”

“What do you mean?” Justin angrily replied

“You seem preoccupied and I am getting a bad feeling about this” I said

“Nothing to be worried about” Julian said “Back in a jiff”

“What are you planning?” I said getting nervous

“Nothing let me check on my brother” Justin said getting up and that’s when I realized they were dining and dashing.

“Your bill sir” the waiter said and I opened it

“Holy shit $400 dollars?” I gasped “I need a minute”

I texted grandpa and told him what happened and waited for a reply. I told the waiter my friends had abandoned me and stiffed me with a bill I couldn’t pay on my own but I reached out to my grandpa.

“Young man, thank you for telling me. I’ll alert the Manager” the waiter replied watching me suspiciously.

I sat there for what felt like ages when Grandpa came into the restaurant and I waived him over

“I’m so embarrassed Grandpa” I said tears welling up

“It’s ok Tristan” Grandpa Tracy said “I already called their mother”

“Oh” I replied looking in my lap as the door chimed and in walked Isabelle Romero with two sheepish looking boys

“Ah Mr. Craft thank you so much for the telephone call” Ms. Romero said “Tristan I am so sorry for my boy’s behavior”

“It’s ok” I whispered

“It most certainly is not, we frequent this establishment and the boys know how expensive it is.” She replied glaring at them “Do you have the bill?”

I handed it over and her eyes bulged and I watched the boys recoil. The manager walked over and greeted her with a warm smile

“Henri, I am so sorry that my boys decided to dine and dash leaving this poor young man with the bill” Ms. Romero said “I’d like to pay it in full and see if you had any jobs washing dishes for these two bozo’s”

“Ah, I thought they looked familiar.” Henri said “I think we may have something here they can do”

“As for you Tristan I am ashamed of what my boys have done. I’ve decided to double the check amount and want to donate it to a charity of your choice” Ms. Romero said

“That’s not necessary” I replied

“Oh but is, their allowance for the next two months needs to go somewhere.” She replied with the boys turning pale

“Can he have some time to think about this?” Grandpa interjected saving me

“Absolutely, just let me know” She responded as the check came back

“I’m sorry Tristan” Justin said

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it. I am so furious with you both” I angrily replied “Did you know they send nudes?”

“They what!?” Ms. Romero said looking at her sons who were shooting daggers

“Ok, I think we need to move on” Grandpa said pushing me towards the exit

We parted ways and I slowed my pace walking with Grandpa.

“That was a mean thing to do Tristan” Grandpa scolded me

“I know, I just was so angry” I replied “I could have done worse”

“Yes you could have but that was not the time to bring it up” he replied

“Why did they do it grandpa” I asked stopping outside our building door

“It’s hard to say especially since their family was well know at the restaurant” Grandpa replied “Maybe take a break from talking to them”

“I agree” I said following him into the lobby

“I think you should talk to TJ and tell him what happened” Grandpa said “Do it over the phone and wait a bit as apparently they are having a barbecue.”

We went upstairs and I went to my room and laid on the bed and tears started to flow.

“You ok?” Hunter inquired appearing at the foot of my bed

“No” I replied sobbing and he got into the bed and hugged me and I felt everything melt away.

“Sleep well brother” Hunter said and kissed my forehead and I fell asleep

I woke-up feeling fresh and saw a message from Justin that he was royally pissed that I told his mother. I didn’t care and went downstairs as I could smell dinner cooking.

“Feel rested?” Grandma CC inquired as I came into the kitchen

“A bit” I replied looking around the room “Where is everyone?”

“Tracy took them to the park but wanted someone here in case you woke up” she replied “He told me what happened”

“I see” I said taking an apple and biting into it “It is what it is”

“What an interesting observation” She suspiciously responded

“Nothing I can change and I’ll be damned if I go anywhere with them again” I said angrily biting into my apple

“Be careful don’t choke” she said giving me a pointed look

“Have you talked to TJ?” I asked

“No but I did talk to Jack” she replied “He wants to talk with”

“Ok” I said and vanished before she could say anything else

I appeared in Ohio at my Great-Grandparents house but no one was home and thought they must be across the street. I teleported outside since I didn’t have a key and didn’t want to leave the house open.

As I was walking over the last thing I remember was a horn and screeching tires before it all went black.

This is not the end.... just a bump in the road :rofl::gikkle:

Who is coming back into his life... will he make up with Justin and Julian?

Comment, Reaction or both encourages me to write.

Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Damnit! What the hell is wrong with those boys???

And a bump in tje road?tristan can neuter you for that!

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1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

Damnit! What the hell is wrong with those boys???

And a bump in tje road?tristan can neuter you for that!

They are spoiled rich boys.... just wait Mama Romero is not going to let it happen again.

Tristan would never do that to me... he loves that I'm bringing his story to life. 

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If I read any back chapters will the name of the person who's coming back in Tristan's life appear?  Because I'm drawing a blank. 

You said we would hate you by the end of the chapter. Hell we already hated you LOL

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Just now, weinerdog said:

If I read any back chapters will the name of the person who's coming back in Tristan's life appear?  Because I'm drawing a blank. 

You said we would hate you by the end of the chapter. Hell we already hated you LOL

Yes he will and he was in this story :read:

I know how much ya'll hate me... I get daily reminders. :devil:

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40 minutes ago, James B. said:

Another great chapter with a cliffhanger.🤗🤗🤗🤗

Thanks... I am almost done 13... trying to decide which cliff to drive off. 


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Well with friends like that do you really need enemies, that was cruel of the twins , wrong place about the nudes but I suppose any place would be wrong , dashing without paying is a really low blow , and what the hell happened , just blackness?

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16 minutes ago, mikedup said:

Well with friends like that do you really need enemies, that was cruel of the twins , wrong place about the nudes but I suppose any place would be wrong , dashing without paying is a really low blow , and what the hell happened , just blackness?

The twins were lashing out but more to come on that.

he was hit by a car… more on that tomorrow say  around 11 am est 😉

Edited by AquariusGuy
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