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Tristan's High School Life - 21. Chapter 21

Time to wrap up the school story line.... as in what happened with Graves and the whole window.

You may need tissues at the end... we have a very touching thing happen.

Tristan’s POV

“You know them?” I was puzzled just like all the others in the room

“Yeah they are the spirits that teach at the school” Jill nonchalantly replied

“Wait you guys teach at their school?” TJ asked

“Well we sort of do” Tristan Sr began “It’s kind of complicated”

“Just kind of complicated? Seems a bit more than that” I stated

“We don’t have time to explain” Jillian said and vanished followed by Tristan Sr. All eyes turned to Jill and she shrugged

“They just teach classes on telepathy and teleporting” she said

“We need to get to the bottom of this” TJ said


Several weeks go by


Office of Hayley Mills – Superintendent of Schools

“Good morning Mr. Michaels, Mr. Campbell” Ms. Mills will be with you shortly April her secretary said smiling at us.

“Is grandma coming?” I said to TJ while we sat down

“She said she’d be here after her meeting with Jasper” he replied checking his phone

“How’s Jackson?”

“Ornery and ready to get out of the hospital; they said he could be released soon. Wait till our extended family is living in the building, he may want to move” TJ said laughing

“When I went to see him I had to fight through a crowd of people”

“Yeah he’s a popular patient that’s for sure. How’s Julian?”

“Smitten with Damian and Justin is so angry” I said thinking about Hunter’s bomb shell

“She will see you now” April said and as if on cue in walked Grandma

“Good morning sweetheart” she said coming over to me

“Good morning grandma” I replied smiling at her

We were escorted into the office where Ms. Mills and Mr. Cartwright were seat at the table

“Good morning” Hayley said standing up to shake hands

“Good Morning Ma’am” I said shaking her hand and Grandma and TJ did the same

“So I understand a decision was reached regarding the window” Grandma said starring at them

“Yes” Ms. Mills replied getting down to business “Upon review of the tape and a thorough investigation Tristan has been cleared”

“Who was the culprit?” Grandma asked eyes narrowing at Ms. Mills

“I’m sorry we can’t disclose that” she replied

“So let me take a wild guess, Graves did it” and they didn’t need to answer as them moving around in the chair uncomfortably spoke volumes

“Just so you know we have begun the process to withdraw Tristan” TJ said meeting shocked faces

“He was cleared there is no reason” Cartwright began but was cut off by Grandma “Here’s the issue this school is filled with lying and conniving people”

“Look we need to calm down” TJ said trying to defuse the situation

“You serve at my pleasure Hayley pack-up your things” Grandma fumed

“What?!” Ms. Mills and Cartwright said

“You heard me” Grandma said that’s when the door opened and in walked Ali

“Dad I can’t believe you didn’t tell the truth” Ali said looking at her dad

“You told her?” Ms. Mills said horrified and Cartwright slunk in his chair

“Yes Hayley he told me how you paid that girl to take the pictures and post them. You knew Agatha was having mental issues and found the perfect way to get rid of her” Ali said

“We ran a parallel investigation and we know everything” Grandma smugly replied

“Everything?” Hayley croaked

“Everything” TJ replied

“We have the police waiting outside to take you both for a ride” Grandma said

“Dad, I am so disappointed in you and mom would be too” Ali said “Why did you do it?”

“I needed the money and when your mother got sick and the bills” Andrew said

“Dad you know Jasper and I would have helped you, right?” Ali asked

“I’m a proud man” he replied

“Ripping of the school system was a better plan?” Ali said

“The press is waiting” I said smugly and watched the color drain from their face

“Time to face the music” TJ said smirking

“They already have April and Glayds in custody” Ali said looking at Grandma

“Thank you Ali, make sure the press release goes out and have a good night” Grandma replied and we left

“The fact that they embezzled millions of dollars is unreal” I said as we walked out the back

“Things didn’t seem right and Cartwright was too willing to help you. We started looking into it when Graves family reached out and Ali confirmed it with her father’s story” Grandma said

“Graves family reached out?” I was puzzled

“Yes, she had been committed and was found to have illegal drugs in her system. She had been exhibiting signs of dementia before and they got worse after rehab.” Grandma said

“I didn’t know that” I said morosely

“No one did Tristan and it wasn’t your job to spot it” TJ said putting his hand on my shoulder

“What’s going to happen?” I asked

“Jail for a really long time” Grandma replied “I also need a new Superintendent”

“I think you should go back to having the Chancellor of Education title sounds a bit more official” TJ said

“That it does” Grandma said “TJ your first duty back as my deputy mayor is to find me several suitable candidates for the position. I need to find a new temporary principal”

“Oh this should be fun” TJ laughed

“Tristan I need you to stop by tonight to chat” Grandma said mysteriously

“Ok” I said confused

We got home and I went to my room and was chilling on the bed. I didn’t tell anyone that Mrs. Romero was doing exactly what Hunter had said. I am trying to make things work despite knowing it won’t. I was glad to see Damian and Julian getting along well. I took the elevator to Grandma’s floor and rang the bell.

“We are going down” Grandma said

“Going down?” I asked confused

“Get into the elevator” Grandma said when the doors opened we went down one floor and I noticed the floor had been finished off

“Someone move in?” I asked confused

“Not yet” She replied opening the door “Welcome home”

“What?!” I shrieked as TJ came around the corner pushing Jackson

“We decided you needed your own place” TJ said

“I’m surprised” I said coming to tears

“We figured you would be” Jackson said

“We had a super long talk, the 3 of us” Grandma said “It was a semi-easy decision too”


“Yes, easy.” Jackson said

“I know you think I don’t always listen but I promise you I do. We are giving you this space but your space in our home is always there for you” TJ said tearing up

“Now Jasper is going to help you lay this place out but NO sex den” Jackson said laughing at the last part

“I’m blown away” I said hugging everyone

“Now let’s go downstairs and celebrate, you have a meeting with Jasper tomorrow evening” TJ said

We went down and celebrated Jackson coming home. Everyone was ecstatic and kept hugging him. I retired to my room and was browsing the web when I stumbled on a news story that caught my attention

Julliard Announces Departures

Written by: S. Hawking

Today Julliard announced the departure of two of the school’s beloved staff members Jackson Woolery and Dr.Tracy Craft. Commonly known on campus as JC, Mr. Woolery began his career with wining America’s Got Talent and then joined teaching at the school after completing his Masters of Dance teaching basic introduction to dance courses as well as the community outreach programs. JC significantly expanded the schools outreach to the intercity programs to encourage people to dance and move. His work paid off as the program expanded it allowed more and more people to join the Universities different outreach programs. When he was promoted to Assistant Professor/Instructor then Associate Professor/Instructor many people in the program feared JC would depart but he continued to run the program. JC became the Director of Community Outreach Programs just last year when a position that the board created for him was opened. He refused to leave teaching and balanced his work as he loved to dance and sing. Citing recent medical necessity he must leave the programs but according to the Dean of Dance he will be instrumental in selecting his successor.

The second departure hit the school the hardest, with the departure of Dr. Tracy Craft the current University President. Dr. Craft has been a pillar of Julliard community for many years helping shape the music and dance programs. Dr. Craft graduated from Julliard with his Bachelors and Masters degrees and obtained a Doctorate of Education from New York University. Prior to joining Julliard Dr. Craft was a member of Martha Graham Dance Company. He joined Julliard teaching ballet and modern dance moving into different areas as the years progressed. He was appointed Dean of the Dance Program where he expanded many of the programs and worked to get the best talent in teaching. Dr. Craft assumed the University Presidency in a temporary capacity when Dr. Faulkner passed away unexpectedly. After much convincing from the faculty and board he accepted the position where he fought to grow the school and programs. Many of the faculty and staff enjoyed the leadership skills Dr. Craft embodied. When I asked one of the faculty members their reaction to his departure they said “I will miss the school cocktail parties with Dr. Craft and his husband Dr. Woolery, both men made sure to talk to everyone and their memories were exceptional. They always remembered names and stories they were told about families and such, how they did it, I don’t know”

Many people might not realize that Dr. Craft is one of JC’s fathers. The two men built a legacy here at Julliard that many didn’t see coming to an end for a while. As we close the chapter on these two wonderful people, we here at the Times wish them both the best of luck and god speed.

I didn’t realize how much of an impact either of them made and I had tears in my eyes from reading the story and how did I have no clue that both my Grandpa’s both had Doctorates. Armed with my iPad I headed down and found everyone relaxing in the living doting on Jackson

“Hey Dr. Grandpa” I said looking at them both

“Dr. Grandpa?” Grandpa Jack said confused

“Here, in this story, I read about you both” I said holding my tablet

“Let me see that” Jackson said holding out his hand

I watched the emotions on his face as he read the story and tears were falling as he handed it to TJ.

“Dad and Pop you have Doctorates?” Jackson asked confused

“Sure do” Grandpa Jack said

“Since when?” TJ asked

“The boys were what 5 when we graduated?” Tracy said

“About that age” Great-grandma Helen said

“One of the many proudest days” Great-grandma Beth beamed

Everyone pulled up the article to read and there were comments flooding in of praise both Jackson and Grandpa Tracy. Many students recalled having him and the impact he made on their life and they'll never forget it.

Reading the comments definitely cemented the fact that I was ready to officially join this family.

WHAT?! my readers exclaimed when I didn't cliff the story.


So talk about a twist with Mills and Cartwright.

Please let me know what you thought with a REACTION, COMMENT or BOTH.

Copyright © 2021 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

2 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Who are you and what have you done with the real @AquariusGuy??????????


I figured a nice touching ending to a chapter would throw you guys off. 

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4 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

At least I didn’t say the end 😂

Yeah well thered be a riot if you did

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  • Haha 3
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Just now, Wesley8890 said:

Yeah well thered be a riot if you did

I knew I’d get this reaction from you guys. Needed a light ending 

  • Like 3
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Great chapter Tristan said Justin is angry  does Justin know what Hunter said?

So Jack has a Doctorate. I remember in Dancing On A Star he said celebrate when the word he was looking for was celibate.He has certainly come a long way from that point

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Interesting chapter,  Is this quiet chapter going to lead into another crazy chapter 

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11 hours ago, weinerdog said:

Great chapter Tristan said Justin is angry  does Justin know what Hunter said?

So Jack has a Doctorate. I remember in Dancing On A Star he said celebrate when the word he was looking for was celibate.He has certainly come a long way from that point

So Justin is upset that his brother lost his memory and doesn’t want to be a part of anything with him. 

Now that Jack went to college he’s a changed individual. Having the advanced degree has helped him along in his career. 

  • Like 3
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10 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Wow a nice sweet, no major drama chapter.

So Mills/Cartwright wasn’t drama enough? 

we needed a calm chapter. 

  • Like 3
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9 hours ago, mikedup said:

Interesting chapter,  Is this quiet chapter going to lead into another crazy chapter 

I don’t know until I write usually what will happen. We may see the adoption and a few things but I’m not sure yet. 

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'POC' ? Is this another problem of big fingers vs small keyboard? Predictive typing those Alexa after too many drinks? Or somebody used the rong spel czech? 

  • Haha 3
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1 minute ago, Anton_Cloche said:

'POC' ? Is this another problem of big fingers vs small keyboard? Predictive typing those Alexa after too many drinks? Or somebody used the rong spel czech? 

Point of contact…. Lol I’ll fix that.

  • Haha 2
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