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Life Goes On - 66. Where Have All the Boys Gone? – Part II - PT & David

Peter Thomas (PT) Smith & David Winkler

In 1964 Louise Smith and her four month old baby, Peter Thomas (PT), visited Uncle Will in Seville, Ohio. Her friend, Rachel Winkler, stopped by with her baby, David. Both baby boys were fussy and crying. The mothers decided to but PT and David in the same crib so they could cry together. As soon as the babies were together both stopped crying and both smiled. Fifty-six years later the babies / boys / men are still together, both smiling.

(Review of Chapter 39) In the 1980’s following high school graduation PT entered Ohio State and David worked on his father’s farm. They met the Gunthries, Darren, Ji, his wife and their two sons: Tommy and Josh. Darren had met his wife, Ji, when we served in the US Army in Korea.

Following Darren’s service in the army the family moved to Kentucky near Darren’s parents. When his drunken and abusive father attempted to rape Ji Darren moved his family to Ohio where he accepted the position of managing a farm for an elderly couple. Following his tragic death in a highway accident Ji, a Korean woman, was left with two children. With the help of Uncle Will, PT and David purchased the farm and invited Ji and sons to continue to live there. Soon after Becky was born. Ji did not realize she was pregnant at the time of Daren’s death. David and PT were now substitute fathers to Tommy, Josh and Becky. Two years later Ji was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. While she wanted PT and David to raise her children they all realized it would be impossible for two young men to adopt two boys and a two year old girl. Then Rachel, David’s mother, suggested one of the men marry Ji. When she passed on her husband would be the legal father.

At Ji’s death in 1988 David and PT became the fathers of nine year old Tommy, seven year old Josh and two year old Becky. They were very involved in their children’s lives. When the boys joined Cub Scouts and later Boy Scouts both were active in the organizations. Athletic David volunteered to be assistant Basketball and Baseball coaches in both middle and high school. PT arranged field trips to the Ohio State Agriculture center in Wooster for a class of each of his children. The family attended church every Sunday. David was a Sunday school teacher and both helped chaperone school and church events. However, although they were respected in the community they assumed there were some who questioned the propriety of these two men who lived together being involved with children and young adults, especially boys. They were careful to never be the only adult with boys and young men. Whenever they coached or chaperoned there was always another adult present.

When Tommy turned eleven they decided to have ‘the talk’. Having done some research they determined this was not necessarily too soon. They wanted their children to think of sex as something natural, not something they should hide. With the suggestion of the school librarian, a member of their church, they ordered two books about sex directed to boys the age of Tommy. They discussed masturbation as something all boys and men did for pleasure. They discussed the various words used for it such as jack off or jerk off, beat the meat, wank or whatever the current slang term might be. They told Tommy that when he started to turn into a man white stuff would come out. It could happen soon or not for a couple of years. When it did happen they told him they would have another talk with him. This time about the responsibilities of a man. They also discussed touching warning him that no one should ever touch him anyplace especially the area covered by a bathing suit. While up to this point the conversation had been relaxed and friendly they told Tommy that if an older person ever tried to touch him he should ‘just say no’ and immediately tell one of his dads about it. They gave him the books and told them to ask them any questions he might have. He could ask now, tomorrow, next week or next year. During their discussion the three ate and drank Tommy’s favorites, cherry vanilla ice cream and Dr. Pepper pop (soft drink). While Tommy seemed interested and not embarrassed he never returned with questions, which was not a surprise. The two fathers had never initiated conversations with their own fathers about sex.

Two years later when they asked Tommy for the books so they could discuss growing up with Josh he replied, “Already showed the books to Josh. He knows all about jerking off.” Their discussion with Josh was a little different since his brother had told him all about stuff.

A few years later they had a similar discussion with Becky. Without going into much detail they discussed menstruation telling Becky that when it happened she was no longer their little girl but was turning into a young lady. When it did happen she should immediately tell Grandmother Winkler who as a woman knew what she should do. They also gave her the warning about being touched as well as two books directed to girls about sex and maturity.

Not only were all of their children good students, the boys were handsome and Becky beautiful. Their father, Darren, was a tall handsome Kentucky farmer and mother, Ji, a beautiful Korean woman. The Asian features inherited from their mother blended perfectly with the Kentucky farmer. The dads were somewhat confused as how to react to Becky’s popularity in high school as neither had pursued girls but were well aware their friends in high school were obsessed with the opposite sex and yearning to get laid.

Upon graduation from high school (Tommy 1997, Josh 1999, Becky 2004) all went on to college. Both Tommy and Josh planned to be farmers like their dads and biological dad, Darren, while Becky wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. The boys both entered the School of Agriculture at Ohio State as had Dad PT and Becky chose to attend The College of Wooster. While Wooster was only a thirty minute drive to the south they rarely saw their daughter as she became involved in campus life.

Upon graduation from Ohio State Tommy returned home and eventually took over his Grandfather Winkler’s farm. A year after graduation he married a local girl and they had two sons, Darren and David.

While Josh enjoyed the concept of agriculture he was more interested in research than actual farm work. He continued at Ohio State eventually earning a PhD and then a researcher’s position at OARDC – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster. He married and had a son and a daughter.

Rebecca, Becky, married immediately after college graduation. She and her husband, Cal, moved to Cleveland where he attended the Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University while Becky taught third grade. After law school he accepted a position with a Cleveland law firm. The family that soon included a son and a daughter bought a home in North Royalton, a Cleveland suburb thirty minutes from David and PT.

The timeline of the story now moves back a few years - One cold Saturday evening in December 2008 David was surprised when he returned from an afternoon of visiting Josh at the research center in Wooster and found the house dark. He saw a flickering of light coming from the dining room. The table of the candle lite dining room was set with the rarely used Wedgewood fine china they had inherited from the previous owner of their farm house. There was a bouquet of flowers on the table. PT came out of the kitchen dressed in his tight sexy clean Levis and a form fitting flannel shirt that emphasized his macho chest. David tingled at the sight of his forty-four year old hunky partner.

“I thought I would give my man a special dinner. Why don’t you wash off the agriculture muck from the research center while I put the meal on the table?” David went upstairs, took a quick shower and dressed in his special Levis and shirt. As he entered to the candle lite dining room he saw his favorite, roast beef and trimmings on the table. PT was pouring wine into the inherited Waterford glasses, possibly the first the time they had ever been used.

As they discussed David’s visit with Josh at the research center David had the feeling that something was not right. The fancy dinner and the abstract way his love talked to him seemed strange. PT insisted that David remain seated while he cleared the table and brought out dessert. When PT brought out the hot elderberry pie David’s mother had made and frozen last summer David almost cried. Life was perfect with roast beef, elderberry pie and his PT.

PT placed the pie, a contained of vanilla ice cream and the pie plates on the table. He then walked over to David’s chair and kneeled. The looking up into the eyes of the man he had loved all these years he said, “David, Will you marry me?”

“What do you mean marry you? I love you, but two guys cannot marry!”

PT softly replied, “Yes they can. Effective last month (November 12, 2008) same-sex marriage is legally recognized in the State of Connecticut. We can go to Connecticut and become man and man / husband and husband. Although gay marriages have been legal only four weeks already hundreds of couples from all over the country have been legally married in Connecticut. We can go there early next year during slow season here on the farm.”

David looked down at his love and replied, “I will marry you on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“That we start the Honeymoon tonight.”

Although elderberry pie was his favorite it was not eaten that evening. David had other favorite things to do other than pie. They enjoyed it with breakfast in bed the following morning. When Josh and his wife stopped by after church to find out why the Dads had not attended the service David put on a robe over his naked body and went downstairs and told them, “PT and I must have gotten food poisoning. We were up most the night (that was true) but are feeling better now. We’re just going to take it easy today.”

Wedding plans were the main discussion during Christmas season. The three children, their spouses and children, Becky’s boyfriend, Cal, planned to attend as did David’s and PT parents as well as Uncle Tom and Aunt Ann (what they called Tom and Ann). They chose the second weekend of March so Becky who was in her senior year at College of Wooster would be on spring break from classes. PT went on line and planned the event. They found an inn in Litchfield County Connecticut that would provide an entire wedding package: rooms, dinner, cake, wedding service in the great room and most important a justice of the peace to perform the service.

The reaction of their friends was positive. Not everyone at their small country church gave them their blessing. About half the parishioners greeted the news with smiles and genuine congratulations. They were aware that some thought it was immoral and a sham on the sanctity of marriage. A few who they considered as real friends were obviously shunning them. The pastor asked if he could stop by one afternoon the week before Christmas. David and PT hoped he was coming to give his blessing. They feared he might ask them to stop attending the church. He had always been friendly and gratefully accepted their contribution of time both as Sunday school teacher and work on building and yard maintenance.

Pastor Mike smiled as he greeted the men in their home. “I just want you to know that I fully support your union. I am sure you have noted there are some in the church that do not approve and many that do. While the Church will not accept you as a married couple, I will accept you as two men who are committed to each other and should be treated with the dignity of a married couple. I wish I could give you a formal blessing but the hierarchy of the Church does not permit me as a pastor to do it. But as a man I will do it. Could we please stand and pray.” As David and PT stood Pastor Mike wrapped his arms around them and said a prayer, not as an official minister of the Church but as a friend. David and PT had tears of joy as they felt the love of this man of God.

Litchfield County was as beautiful as it had appeared on line. They were amazed that this area only an hour and half from New York City was tranquil and picturesque. As farmers they appreciated the beauty of the farms in the rolling hills. The inn where all stayed had been built in the 1700s and then expanded over the years. The parlor where their intimate wedding would take place was in the oldest part of the sprawling building. The large fireplace and antique furniture added to the charm. Someone wanting the luxuries of life would not stay there, someone who enjoyed culture and history would. All the rooms had four poster queen size beds, antique appearing furniture and private bathrooms. When daughter Becky had asked that one room with a double bed be reserved for her and Cal the fathers made the arrangements with no comment. They realized it would be hypocritical of them to lecture her on morals as they remembered what they were doing at her age and much younger.

The sixteen guests (including the grandchildren of David and PT) and the two grooms filled the parlor. Tommy and Josh, stood with their fathers while the justice of the peace conducted the service. Becky, accompanied by her boyfriend playing a somewhat out of tune piano sang Whitney Houston’s classic, ”I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me” at the beginning of the service and “Best of My Love” by the Emotions immediately after the officiant announced the two as husband and husband.

The parents of the newlyweds hosted the wedding dinner in a private dining room of the inn. That night all of the guests enjoyed the love of their partners. David’s parents, Rachel and Paul, were as in love as they had been in their teenage years when they began their physical relationship using the farmhouse then owned by Sean (Boys of the 1950s – Chapter 8). Of course Tom and Peter were in one room while their wives Louise and Ann had their room. The sons, Tommy and Josh with their wives had a less active night than the others as they shared rooms with their young children. While Becky was not the biological daughter of PT and David she had inherited their love of men. She skillfully rolled a Trojan Magnum BareSkin condom on her love’s cut, steel hard piece as all the other couples were enjoying their partners in the historic rooms.

The following morning no one suggested going to church. The newlyweds’ fathers planned to visit Foxwood Casino and walk on beaches of Long Island Sound. While Peter, Tom and Paul were not gamblers they wanted to see the splendor of the then largest casino in the world outside of China. The mothers, Ann, Louise and Rachel, planned a day of culture with visits to the Mark Twain House and Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford, the oldest continually operating public art museum in the United State. The sons of the newlyweds, Tommy and Josh, decided their families with small children needed to visit someplace where the little ones could have fun following the long drive from Ohio and then a day of wedding events. The two families visited the newly opened (but closed in 2018) Coco Key Waterpark in nearby Waterbury. Becky and her athletic boyfriend planned a day hike on the section of the Appalachian Trail that cuts through the northwest corner of Connecticut. Cal as always carried Trojan Magnum BareSkins. Knowing Becky as he did and had known since their freshman year he was not disappointed when she followed him into a clump of bushes off the trail for outdoor activity.

The newlyweds told a half truth when they said they planned to explore the rural countryside with its farms and quaint small towns. What they failed to mention was that after a search on the Squirt.org website they discovered a number of video stores with backrooms of booths for viewing and whatever. The many comments indicated an interesting array of men and activities were available. The four nearest places were within a ten to thirty minute drive from the inn. The place they chose based on the many comments was not a disappointment. Being two handsome, rugged farmers in their mid-forties the two were pursued by an array of men of all ages and bodily descriptions. They only wanted to observe not participate. They agreed there would be no lips below the hips by themselves or any of the men they met. They did have an enjoyable time with their hands and the hands of others exploring their bodies. Watching fucking and sucking by others was entertaining.

That evening all shared their adventures (except for the romp in the bushes and visit to the video store) over dinner at the inn.

That spring following Becky’s graduation PT and David happily attended the wedding of their daughter. The couple moved to Cleveland where Cal entered Law school. Within a year PT and David were again grandparents.

Ten years later: Of all of their grandchildren PT and David felt closest to Darren, the oldest son of Tommy. At the age of fifteen in 2018 he was the obvious envy of the girls in his church group and high school. Both PT and David as well as Tommy were concerned that this handsome, blond blue eyed (features inherited from his mother) tall, muscular Adonis would succumb to the charms of the girls swooning over him. They were relieved that he never had a steady girlfriend. Tommy had discussed life with his son that included the use of condoms. Darren was outstanding in both classes and athletics at high school being a straight A student and on both the basketball and baseball teams. When not studying, playing sports or hanging out with his friends he worked on the family farm and almost weekly helped his grandfathers on their farm. Riding his bike between the farms further developed his muscular legs. One summer the three, Darren and his grandfathers, were eating dinner prepared by David. That evening the conversation centered on a new variety of soybeans recommended in a recent issue of the Farm Bureau newsletter. Both PT and David noticed that their grandson was unusually reserved during their discussion. Generally he was the guy that brought up and supported new products and concepts. There was a lull in the conversation. Darren then spoke, “Grandpas, I have something important to say. I think I am gay.” While PT and David did not flaunt their sexuality and did not fly a rainbow flag they had never made an attempt to hide it. Darren knew his grandpas slept in the same bed and occasionally had witnessed a display of affection between the two such as a quick kiss, ass pat or hand holding.

PT spoke, “You said ‘you think you are gay’. I am positive that by the age of fifteen you know. what you are. If when fantasizing about sex you think about boys more than girls you are probably gay and if you think only about boys you are gay. David and I knew we were gay when we were much younger than you are now. The life of a gay boy can be as fulfilling as that of a straight guy. David and I have a wonderful life that we would not want to change. Your great grandfather, Peter, found his man when he was in his senior year of high school. I assume you know that my father, your great grandfather, and Tom have been lovers for over fifty years as has my mother, your great grandmother, and Ann until she passed away recently had been lovers for as many years. My advice is ‘Don’t flaunt it and don’t hide it’. Just be yourself. Your friends will accept you. Anyone who does not is not a friend so who cares. Have you officially come out to your parents?”

Darren replied that he had not.

“Well then, I suggest you do so. They might have figured it out and are waiting for your announcement. Since your dad was raised by two gay guys and your mother married knowing she had gay fathers-in-law I know they will fully accept you for who you are. Soon we need to have a serious talk about gay sex. I assume that at your age you frequently think about sex. If not we would be surprised. While we am not going to pry into your sex life we are also not going to share the details of ours. But I will say one thing, when I was your age my hand was very busy.”

“I suggest you get some books about teenage gay life. Let’s go to the computer and check out what is available.” The three sat at David’s lap top and entered ‘teen gay sex’ in the book category on Amazon. They were all amazed at the number of books available. After reading descriptions Darren selected two: LGBTQ: ‘The survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bixexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens’ and also ‘Queer, The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens.’ David ordered the books with delivery to his home so Darren could study them before coming out to anyone else. Two days later Darren was in his room with one of the books in one hand and his dick in the other doing what teenage boys do.

A week later he came out to his parents who had suspected his orientation. There was no drama, just love.

Two years later in January of 2020 PT texted his grandson asking if he could come by Saturday morning and help move some equipment in the barn. Darren arrived with a friend who he introduced as Nick. While the four moved the equipment PT and David learned Nick was a senior in Darren’s high school class. Also he was the starting quarterback on the football team. The boys discussed their future, going to Ohio State and both majoring in agriculture. From their body language it appeared the boys were more than just friends. When Nick and David went to the house to find some tools PT commented to Darren, “It appears you are following the path of your great-grandfather, Peter, by finding a quarterback in your senior year.”

Darren just blushed, smiled and made no comment.

Copyright © 2017 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.

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