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Life Goes On - 8. Chapter 8 Peter’s New York City Adventures


Tom and Peter marveled at the sites of the city as the rode in the cab with Keith from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to mid-town Manhattan. This was the boys’ first visit to the Big Apple. Keith, a frequent visitor, pointed out places of interest as they approached the New York Biltmore Hotel which opened in 1913 as one of three palatial hotels built as part of the Grand Central Terminal development. For three days Tom and Keith would be attending meetings at the Insurance Underwriters Conference based in the hotel. Peter would be free to explore the city during the day and all three would have fun evenings away from the eyes of fellow insurance executives. Olentangy Insurance was paying for the expenses of the travel and conference of Tom and Keith. Peter paid his own airfare and stayed in Tom’s room. Keith’s room was across the hall.

They arrived on a Wednesday afternoon. Since Tom and Keith were obligated to attend a reception that evening Peter was free to ‘see the sights.’ Keith proposed he visit a male theater on Eighth Avenue across town. He described the place to Peter and suggested he walk west on 42nd Street the five blocks to Eighth and then turn right going two blocks to the theater. While Keith knew Peter was fully aware of the joys of man sex in numerous forms he still felt it would be helpful to give Peter a reminder of safe and fun behavior. Following a brief lecture on safe sex about keeping his dick to himself Keith suggested Peter not take his wallet, just cash in his pocket including some one dollar bills. When Peter asked why he would need one dollar bills Keith laughed and said, “You sill soon find out.”

Peter walked across town on 42nd Street from the Biltmore Hotel through Times Square and up Eighth Avenue and found the entrance to the theater. While walking along 42nd Street between Times Square and Eighth Avenue he saw sights on the street that he could never have imagined.

42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenue was described by The New York Times as "the 'worst' [block] in town.” Times Square was depicted in Midnight Cowboy (released in 1969 just a month prior to Peter’s visit – a movie Tom, Peter and Keith had seen in Columbus) as gritty, dark and desperate, and it got worse in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s New York City initiated a ‘clean up’ of the area. Today this block has lost all its sleazy charm and is a safe, clean tourist destination hosting family entertainment.

While not shocked Peter was entertained by the activity along the sidewalk. He received offers from scantily dressed prostitutes for various services. One muscular young man of about twenty wearing the shortest shorts possible that barely covered the dick bulge suggested that Peter accompany him into a theater advertising the movie, Hot and Willing Chicks of the Bayous. He told Peter they could get to know each other better while sitting in the balcony. The most beautiful ‘woman’ he encountered was blond wearing a blue sequined tight short dress and high heeled spiked silver shoes. Her (his) Adam’s apple, large hands and feet were an obvious give away that what was in her crotch would interest Peter more than any of the other ‘women of the night’ (or morning, or afternoon, or anytime). Peter just smiled at the beauty as he continued across 42nd Street with a firmer dick than when he had begun his adventure.

At the corner of Eighth Avenue he turned right and walked uptown two blocks. Using Keith’s description he found the entrance to the Exquisite Theater which was just a doorway between a deli and a souvenir store with a sign advertising the ‘hottest boys in New York’.

Going up a flight of dirty stairs he encountered a man at a counter. Peter paid the $5.00 admission and entered a dark room with couches. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he noticed a few men were sitting and either smoking or starring at each other. He saw a doorway covered by a heavy drape. One man came out through the doorway and another entered. Peter walked through the doorway and found himself in a small movie theater. He noted about ten rows of seats with an aisle on both sides against the wall. He took a seat in the middle of the last row and observed both the action on the screen and activities of the dozen patrons. At least two were sleeping. Half of the remainder were intently watching the movie while the others seemed to be more interested in scanning the room than seeing the movie.

While the action on the screen was interesting Peter had hoped to see more than two handsome men in their twenties talking at a poolside wearing extremely brief bathing suits. One stood and walked to the side of the pool. He removed the suit exposing a well formed bubble ass. After swimming a few laps he then exited the pool displaying his well formed body: hard nipples, six pack stomach, and well endowed cut soft dick almost hidden by a forest of fur. While standing he talked to another man who was in a lounge chair. This other man stood and stepped out of his brief swim suit. His well endowed cut soft dick also almost hidden by a forest of fur was both longer and thicker than the swimmers. He stood and the two walked to an outdoor shower. Both soaped their bodies lingering on their nipples. Peter thought it was amazing that they were both able to maintain their softness. The action continued as an older man wearing a brief swimming suit walked into the pool area. He appeared angry that his boy was with another. As the two argued their tempers cooled as the older man took off his briefs and joined the other two in the shower.

Note: Had Peter visited the theater two years later the action on the screen would have been much more interesting. Boys in the Sand, a landmark American gay pornographic film, was released at the very beginnings of the Golden Age of Porn. This 1971 film was directed by Wakefield Poole and stared Casey Donovan. Boys in the Sand was the first gay porn film to include credits, to achieve crossover success, to be reviewed by Variety, and one of the earliest porn films, after 1969's Blue Movie by Andy Warhol, to gain mainstream credibility, preceding 1972's Deep Throat by nearly a year. - From Wikipedia.

Out of the corner of his eye Peter noticed someone had sat in his row in the second seat from the aisle leaving an empty seat between them. Peter kept his face pointed toward the movie screen while his eyes checked out the visitor. The man began rubbing his crotch. He stroked himself over his pants. He then unzipped his fly and pulled out a large, long hard dick. While stroking himself with one hand he reached up under his shirt and played with his nipples with the other. Peter turned his head and looked into the stranger’s eyes who had turned his face toward Peter. The man smiled. Peter was obviously intrigued and soon realized his dick was rock hard. While the action of the screen had not excited his dick, this real person had. The man slid into the seat next to Peter as they ‘eye fucked’. Being closer Peter noted the man was about forty, average height and had a square, handsome face. The man reached over and touched Peter’s hand. When Peter did not resist his new friend moved the hand to his dick. To Peter’s pleasure the dick was not only large and long it was uncut. He played with the skin in the same way he delighted in playing with his Tom’s skin. As Peter stroked the stranger placed his hand on Peter’s crotch and began massaging Peter’s clothes covered dick. Peter then realized his fly was being unzipped and the hand reached in and rubbed his now dripping dick head. Peter’s dick was painfully maneuvered out as it was necessary to bend the hard dick to release it from the constraints of underware and pants. The man began stroking the now free dick. After a few strokes Peter realized he would soon shoot his load. He gently pushed the man’s hand away and whispered in his ear, “I am close, not yet, please.” The man leaned over and his mouth was just inches from Peter’s dripping dick when Peter pushed him away. As much as he would have loved to pump his juices down the stranger’s throat he suddenly came to his senses remembering Keith’s lecture and he gently pushed the lips away from his anxious dick. After a brief cooling off period the man began stroking Peter again as Peter had continued to stroke the other.

Suddenly the screen went blank and disco music began to blare. Lights flashed on the small stage and out walked a young man in his early twenties wearing a cowboy outfit complete with ten gallon hat. With a bored smile on his face he danced to the blaring music. Turning around he leaned over as he removed his cowboy boots while slowly wiggling his ass. In stocking feet he faced the audience and continued dancing. Then he slowly unbuttoned his flannel shirt revealing a white a-shirt (tank top). Gyrating more he then unbuttoned his 502 Levi’s jeans. He attempted to tantalize the small audience exposing the crotch of his underware. Then removing his Levi’s and shirt he tossed them off stage and continued to dance in his a-shirt and boxer shorts. After playing with his crotch area he slowly removed the boxers revealing red silk like briefs. Still wearing the cowboy hat he danced in the briefs and a-shirt. He then removed the shirt but kept the hat on. Turning around he slowly removed the briefs exposing his bubble ass. There was a string around his waist and another going down through his ass crack. Turning and facing the audience he continued dancing wearing a sparkling gold colored G string, socks and hat. After a prolonged period of attempting to dance erotically he again turned his back and ass to the audience. Stepping out of the g string he continued dancing wiggling his bubble ass to the spectators while it appeared his right hand was playing with his dick. Removing his hat he turned and faced the audience holding his hat in front of his dick while moving his other hand under the hat apparently fluffing up himself. Finally he removed the hat exposing his soft but fluffed up long thin dick swinging over a pair of low hanging balls. He now moved very slowly while exposing himself. His short blond hair was obviously died as it did not match the thick dark brown forest surrounding his impressive long dick.

The naked dancer, except for his ten gallon hat, then walked to the front of the stage and stood in front of one of the spectators swinging his equipment. After a brief swing he moved to the next man in the front row. This time a dollar bill was stuffed in his stocking. The dancer moved in closer and squatted in front of the man with the dollar while playing with his dick. Another dollar was placed in the sock and the close encounter continued. After the third dollar was placed the spectator reached to caress the dick. The dancer smiled and gently deflected the hand. The dancer moved around the room stopping for a look but don’t touch session with those who placed money in his sock. He stood on the two armrests of the seat in front of Peter. When Peter placed a dollar bill in the sock he gyrated. Then Peter inserted a second dollar. The dancer leaned forward placing his hands on Peter’s seat back. He was now leaning over with his dick just inches from Peter’s face. Peter put more money in his sock as the dancer swung his dick within smelling distance of Peter’s nose. All the time Peter continued to stroke his seatmate’s dick who was fondling Peter’s.

There were three other dancers wearing various outfits. Each had an impressive but not overwhelming dick. Peter had an opportunity to see each up close as they did their eyes only dances between the seats. The final dancer was black, tall and extremely thin. His dancing was the most graceful of all. He was the only one that actually appeared to enjoy what he was doing. After removing various layers of clothing he revealed the most spectacular uncut dick Peter had ever seen. Long, thick with skin covering the entire head it hung over a pair of large low hanging balls. The small patch of kinky hair crowing the dick appeared to be trimmed. Turning around he danced with his well defined, muscular ass enchanting Peter. Again facing the audience his skin had been pulled back exposing a light pink mushroom head. During his dance among the seats Peter was mesmerized as this Black Adonis stood over him with feet on the armrests of the row in front of him and hands on the back of Peter’s seat. To Peter’s delight not only was the dick hanging inches from his face his armpits were fully exposed. The kinky pit hair also appeared to be trimmed. While stuffing dollar bills in the dancer’s sock his seatmate continued to pump Peter’s aching dick. With the beautiful black dick near his eyes Peter gave out a cry of pleasure as he discharged multiple streams of cum onto the seatback in front of him. The dancer watched the white steams shoot out. He then leaned down and whispered in Peter’s ear, “You are one hot man”. A very satisfied and exhausted Peter cleaned his dick with his ever ready glad rag and kissed his seatmate on the cheek after the dancer returned to the stage for his final bows. Peter walked back to the hotel at a quick pace eager to share his adventure with Tom and Keith. As he walked along 42nd street between Eighth Avenue and Times Square he encountered more activity and offers of brief friendships from ladies, boys and indistinguishable of various sizes and ages; a true smorgasbord of dick happiness (and probably disease).

Tom had not returned from his reception. Peter felt the need to take a long cleansing shower to remove the sleaze of the theater although the mutual jerking off with his handsome seatmate had been the only touching activity. The hot water from the shower head hitting his nipples, running on down his chest, across his hard stomach (hardened from the daily exercise in the workout room with Tom back home) tickled his dick that soon rose to full mast. While he vowed he would save himself for his lover his soaped up hands had other thoughts. His fist easily slid up and down the hard shaft lubed with the hotel supplied scented, soft Lux brand soap. Bringing himself close to the edge he abruptly stopped and moved to the second most sensitive area of his body, the arm pits. Holding first his left and then right arms up he gently soaped each pit as the hot water massaged it. Since the sensation from the pits was sending a message to his dick he had to stop as he once again found himself on the edge. Close to the point of no return he twisted the shower faucet turning the hot stream of water to ice cold water. His body reacted to the shock of the change with an immediate deflation of the dick.

As the cold water sprayed on his crotch his generous sized dick shriveled while his balls shrunk resembling two little acorns. While the cold water cleansed his body from the thoughts of the dancers he could not resist tantalizing himself again and turned the faucet back to hot. The little dick soon returned to full hardness and balls once again swung low. Taking the bar of Lux soap he again began stroking his dick. Suddenly the shower curtain was pulled back and Tom impeccably dressed in his business suit with a glitter in his eyes and smile on his face said, “Caught you, you dirty boy. Don’t move.” Within seconds Tom’s clothes were on the bathroom floor and he was embracing his man. Tom pushed Peter’s hands away from to dick and forced them over his head. Knowing Peter’s pleasures Tom licked and then bit each arm pit. Peter told him to stop as did not want to lose it yet. Tom spun Peter around shoving him against the shower wall. Using the Lux soap to lube his now hard dick and Peter’s willing hole he then thrusted in with no mercy. Peter cried with pain and pleasure and almost immediately spewed love juice against the wall. Tom continued to pump and within a few strokes was filling his lover.

The two naked men slipped under the covers and Peter related the sights along 42nd Street and his observations and encounter in the theater. After hearing Peter’s story Tom got out of bed and placed a chair next to it. He told Peter to sit in the chair. Tom then stood on the bed and leaned over placing his hands on the back of the chair. Tom was now in the same position as the black Adonis had been in the theater. There were two differences. The dancer had maintained a professionally correct soft dick, Tom’s was definitely not soft. In the theater Peter had observed the black, uncut dick that was just inches from his face. He did more than observe the Polish, uncut dick that was now inches from his face. Opening his mouth he accepted the pumping of his lover followed by Polish cream streaming down his throat.

The next morning Keith was fascinated by Peter’s telling of his adventures the previous evening. Since Keith had visited the same theater a few months earlier while on a business trip to New York City he relived his experiences as his young friend related the details of the activities with the seatmate and dancers. Keith suggested that Peter keep his dick in his pants while sightseeing that day on his own while he and Tom would be attending insurance seminars. He reminded Peter that he should ‘save himself’ for an evening at the famous St. Mark’s Bath the three would visit that evening. Keith suggested museums, historic places, the Empire State Building observation deck (then New York’s tallest building – the World Trade Center under construction would not accept its first tenants for a year) and interesting walks. One walk that intrigued Peter was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot and then visiting the Promenade in nearby Brooklyn Heights.

After breakfast Peter said goodbye to his friends and following Keith’s suggestion took the subway from the nearby Grand Central Station to Brooklyn Bridge Station. Standing in the crowded train as it traveled under Manhattan he felt a pressure against his crotch. He realized the hand of the man he was crushed against in the packed subway car was accidentally or purposely pressed against his dick. He studied the face of a handsome young man about his age. Peer considered what he should do. He had three options: move away, do nothing and let the hand rub him but not acknowledge that he was aware of what was happening or he could move in. Peter chose the third option and pressed back while slightly gyrating. The hand held steady. As Peter’s dick hardened the magic fingers of his new friend stroked him over the pants. As the local train car emptied at 14th Street as most passengers transferred to an express train across the platform he and his new friend were no longer pressed against each other. Peter was now able to observe him as they gazed into each other’s eyes. The professionally dressed man wearing a dark suit, white shirt, conservative tie, overcoat and fedora black hat with a twinkle in his eye said, “That was a nice way to start the day.”

Peter laughed as he responded, “It would also be a nice way to end a day.” By the time they reached The Brooklyn Bridge Station Peter learned his friend, Tim, was in a management training program at a Wall Street area bank . Peter told him he was visiting New York with his ‘friend’ who was attending an insurance conference. As they exited the train at its final stop, Brooklyn Bridge, Tim took out a business card and wrote something on the back.

Handing the card to Peter, “It would be nice to meet your friend. My business number is printed on this card and my home phone is on the back. Give me a call if you are interested.” He then directed Peter to the exit to the Brooklyn Bridge and crossed the platform to take an express train to Wall Street.

Peter easily found the stairs that led to the beginning of the walkway across the bridge. As the sidewalk approached the bride it turned from concrete to Wood planks. As Peter walked along the pedestrian – bike walkway he noted it was in the middle of the bridge between the Brooklyn bound and Manhattan bound vehicle lanes. The walkway was soon elevated above the roadway giving unobstructed views. It was then that Peter to his dismay and shock discovered there were small spaces between the wood planks of the walkway and he could see the water of the East River directly below him. Since he had always been uncomfortable in high areas he suddenly felt light headed and grabbed the side rail. Not wanting to make a spectacle of himself he pretended to be admiring the scenery while holding onto the rail. Realizing the bridge had been completed almost ninety years earlier he wondered if any of the boards of the walkway were from the original construction. Although he wanted to turn around and return to Manhattan he forced himself to continue toward Brooklyn. He was surprised at how many people were crossing the bridge. These walkers and bike riders were a combination of tourists with cameras who strolled as they took photographs and pointed out sights to partner travelers and others, some wearing Wall Street professional attire seriously walked as they commuted to work. Everyone seemed oblivious to the possibility of crashing through the walkway and falling into the East River. Peter scolded himself for being such a wimpy coward and continued on his walk. However he stayed next to the rail with the unconscious thought that he could grab it when one of the planks broke. Periodically he would pass individuals or couples standing against rail viewing the panorama of lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and activity in the river. This would force Peter to walk away from the rail. By the time Peter reached the first of the two towers holding the bridge spans his stomach was in knots. Standing on the concrete walkway of the tower he was relieved. For the first time while on the bridge he was able to enjoy the view. The buildings of Lower Manhattan were in full view. Looking back toward his starting point he could see the twin towers of the World Trade Center under construction. He was surprised at the activity on the river as various vessels passed under the bridge including barges and tug boats. The view toward Brooklyn was very different. At the edge of the river were what appeared to be derelict unused docks. Beyond the docks was a two level highway crowded with slow moving traffic of cars and trucks moving in one direction above the vehicles moving in the opposite direction. Above this two level highway he saw trees and low level buildings. He wondered if that was the area where Keith had told him he would have spectacular views of the New York harbor. Peter realized he was no longer shaking and continued his walk. As he looked east toward the second tower his stomach began to churn again as he realized he would have a long walk on these stupid boards (1,595 feet, 486 meters) between the two towers of the bridge. With sweaty hands and wobbly legs Peter continued his walk. The walkway rose up toward the center of the span. Reaching the center he stopped having become somewhat accustomed to his surroundings and almost enjoyed the view of the city, river and harbor. Suddenly he realized he was not doomed to immediate death and actually enjoyed the second half of his walk. Using a tourist map he easily found the Brooklyn Heights Promenade a half mile (.8 km), ten minute walk from the Brooklyn end of the bridge which as he had suspected was built over the two level highway.

The view from the Promenade was awesome. As he leaned against the railing marveling the view of lower Manhattan skyscrapers and the activity in the harbor he heard a voice. A man was standing next to him. Peter looked to his right and standing next to him was an older man, probably around seventy, impeccably dressed wearing a dark suit, pink shirt and paisley ascot. The man asked Peter if he was new to the area as he had not seen him before. Peter replied with a brief explanation stating this was his first visit to New York City and that he was from Columbus, Ohio visiting the city with his friend who was attending an insurance conference. The man introduced himself, Charles Pritchard. He then pointed out various sights including the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street and the steeple of Trinity Church at the head of Wall Street, various buildings, the orange Staten Island Ferry gliding into the dock at the tip of Manhattan and to Peter’s delight in the distance the Statue of Liberty.

Charles suggested they sit on one of the many park benches along the Promenade. He then told Peter, “When I saw you standing there I had a feeling of déjà vu, suddenly I saw my friend, Arnold, standing. It is uncanny how much you resemble him, or at least the Arnold who I first met fifty years ago.”

Peter replied, “He must have been a very special person to you.”

“We met briefly my first day at Yale when we stood in line during registration for classes. I thought about him every day after that. Then a week later when I walked into my first class he was there. I sat in the seat next to him. He told me later that he had purposely registered for the same class I registered for. After class we discussed the day’s lecture and shared coffee. We seemed to be drawn to each other and became constant companions. We were together until last year when Arnold passed. After this Promenade was built when the highway was constructed in the early 1950’s we purchased one of the houses overlooking it with the magnificent panorama. In fact, one of the buildings behind where we are sitting is my home.”

Peter turned around and noted the line of three and four story attached houses (‘Brownstones’ built using stone from quarries in Connecticut). They each had small gardens between the Promenade and house and windows overlooking the amazing view. Charles pointed out his home, the one with a telescope behind a large picture window. Charles told Peter the view from his home using the telescope was even more spectacular than from where they were. He asked Peter if he would like to see the view from his home and share a morning coffee. Peter gladly accepted being anxious to see the view, the elegant home, continue the conversation with this interesting man and most importantly the realization that suddenly he needed to piss, really needed to piss. Walking the short distance to the front of his home Peter was impressed with the beauty and tranquility of the tree lined street. If it were not for the parked cars lining both sides of the narrow street he could visualize horse drown carriages traveling along this street of the 1800’s and earlier.

As they walked Peter told Charles his story. He related how he had met his ‘friend’ fourteen years earlier in his last year of high school, the acquaintance of the two girls, the four attending college together, marriage, two children each and homes next to each other. Charles appeared interested in his story. He made coffee while, Peter to his great relief, pissed in the stately bathroom with fixtures from the turn of the century. Charles wanted to show Peter a photo album. The photos spanned fifty years beginning in 1918, the year of his meeting Arnold. He noted that not only were the two men extremely handsome but the way they innocently posed indicated a deep love for each other.

After coffee and conversation Peter was again on the subway thinking about where he and Tom would be after fifty years. There were no erotic experiences during the ride to his next destination, The American Museum of Natural History.

He met Keith and Tom back at the hotel and shared his adventures of the day over beers in the hotel bar. Both were intrigued with his experience with the Wall Street stockbroker on the subway. Keith, always interested in exploring new male bodies, suggested that Peter call Tim and invite him to have dinner with them.

As Tim entered the restaurant Keith was impressed with Peter’s find in the subway. Over dinner Tim told his story. He explained that as he stood in the crowded subway he suddenly realized his hand was against someone. He started to pull his hand away when he looked at the body attached to the crotch and noted the handsome face. He was both mortified and intrigued. He had been in New York over a year and had never had such an experience. In fact he laughed as he explained that for the past year the only thrill his hand had was with himself. He was conflicted as what to do. The angel in him said ‘move away’ while the devil said ‘go for it’. He convinced himself that this was just the result of a crowded subway and that this handsome young man would pull back if he were annoyed. Instead he suddenly realized the crotch was pressing back against his hand. He didn’t know if that was caused by the swaying of the subway car or intentional. He just innocently stood still. As this crotch pressed into his hand he imagined a hardness. He pressed back against the crotch which began to gyrate. He then turned his hand so he could finger the hardness and the face of the body attached to the crotch smiled at him as they stared into each other eyes. At that point the crowd thinned at 14th street and they no longer had an excuse to press against each other.

As their conversation continued Keith told Tim that they were planning to visit the Saint Mark’s Bathhouse that evening. The naïve young man had no idea what a bathhouse was. He was intrigued and was easily convinced to join them.

I lived in NYC in the 1960s and this chapter relives some of my adventures. The male theater was as I can remember. The adventure on the subway was pure fantasy. (Although my friend in St. Petersburg, Russia did have similar adventures (plural) on the Metro (subway). I really have a problem with heights. While I witnessed many of the feelings while crossing the bridge one difference was on my first attempt I chickened out and turned back. Now, over fifty years later I walk across the bridge a few times every year.

Copyright © 2017 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.
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Another fantastic chapter. I think Peter had an interesting time in New York, his experience at the theater and again on the subway although his time on the subway was only a grope at least he was able to get the business card of the man who introduced himself as Tim, who also wrote his home phone number on the back of the card. Tim told Peter that he was in a management training program on Walstreet. When Peter left the subway to go to the Brooklyn Bridge he started walking over the bridge and when the bridge walkway increased the hight Peter started to get a little sick due to his fear of heights. Once Peter got across the bridge he was leaning against the railing marveling at the view of lower Manhattan and the activity in the harbor when he heard a voice speaking to him. When he turned to see who was talking to him he saw a man of about 70 standing there as they were standing there the man who introduced himself as Charles he asked Peter if he was new to the area as he had not seen him before, Peter told him he was a first time visitor to the city as he was there with his friend who was attending a insurance conference. Charles suggested that they sit down on one of the numerous benches, after they had sat down Charles said that seeing Peter he had a feeling of deja vu as he looked like his friend Arnold whom he had known for 50 years. Charles invited Peter to come to his home for some coffee and it was then that Peter realized that he had to pee and when they went to Charles’s brownstone he made coffee while Peter went to relieve himself. When he returned Charles had poured the coffee and as they talked and drank their coffee Charles brought out a photo album and it was filled with many photos of Charles and Arnold who you could tell that they were very much in love with each other. After returning to the hotel and entering the bar with Tom and Keith, Peter told them about his encounter with Tim on the subway and meeting Charles, Keith asked Peter to invite Tim to have dinner with them. When Keith saw Tim come in to the restaurant he was impressed with Peter’s find on the subway. 

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