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    Wombat Bill
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  • 3,996 Words

Contains graphic sexual scenes.

Catering with Benefits - Second Course - 11. The Interviews


Thomas took a room at a major hotel in the city to conduct the interviews for Mrs Price’s new lover. He left the interview list with the concierge who would direct the applicants to the appropriate room when they arrived.

The first applicant was Peter who was referred by Angela. He arrived on time and gave Thomas a firm handshake at the door of the room. He was about 6 foot tall, handsome and well built. He was dressed casually in fitted jeans and a tight T shirt. After the welcome and initial pleasantries, Thomas offered him coffee or a cold drink, but no alcohol. Then Thomas sought Peter’s permission to record the interview and started the formal interview with this question.

“Are you in any form of relationship at present?”

“No, I’m not. I do have casual relationships but not in any form of commitment. May I ask does it make any difference?”

“Not necessarily, if you were in a relationship we would talk about it and get a better understanding of how this job might affect that relationship or vise versa.”

“Thank you for that.”

“You were referred to me by Angela from Malebox, so I know you work as an escort. Do you offer sex as well as escort services?”

“Yes I do, but not always, it depends on the client’s requests.”

“How adventurous are you in regard to sexual activities?”

“I get many different requests from clients and usually satisfy their needs.”

“Can you elaborate or give me some idea of your limits?”

“I do all positions of penile penetration and oral. Use of toys is OK with me, but I will not engage in any activity that is dangerous or causes pain such as BDSM. I will not entertain the idea of piss or scat”.

“Thank you, well answered.”

The questions continued, then after the last question Thomas asked. “Are you willing to strip for me now?”

“Of course, I assumed you would want to inspect the vital goods.” While still seated, Peter removed his shoes and sox, then stood up, peeled off his shirt and rolled down his jeans to reveal his black compression boxers. He put his thumbs into the waistband and quickly removed them in one well-practiced movement.

“I need to know if you can get it up, on-demand and if so, I need you to demonstrate. You can stand or sit as you please, or even lie on the bed if that works better for you.”

“Ah, I usually don’t have any problem, but then I usually have a woman in front of me for motivation. But I’ll try. May I lie on the bed?”

“Of course.”

Peter lie down on his back and stared at the ceiling so as to avoid looking at Thomas. Peter stroked his balls and penis a few times, but did not masturbate. He knew Thomas would not want that so removed his hand once his penis started to stiffen. After a few minutes, Thomas noticed it was rising, then after a few flexes it was up.

“Thank you Peter, that will be enough, you can dress now.”

The interview concluded and Thomas promised to let Peter know the outcome in about a week.


“Equus arrived on time, about fifteen minutes after the previous interview ended. He was a tall, dark skinned man of about thirty years. Dressed in a light grey suit, pale pink shirt and hot pink tie, he presented as very refined and professional. He accepted Thomas’s offer of coffee, agreed to the recording of the interview and chose to sit in the swivel chair from the desk. Thomas asked him exactly the same questions as before. He answered that he was not in a relationship as he considered it inappropriate in his line of work. In regard to sex acts he said he would comply with most requests from his clients, within reason.

Thomas also asked “If you are successful, what will you tell your friends about your work?”

“My close friends already know what I do, so I would tell them I now have a regular client. Other people, I tell them I work in public relations, so as to protect the privacy of my clients.”

“Now Equus, I would like you to strip for me.”

“Just remove my clothes, as if I was going to shower or do you want a striptease?”

“As much as I might like the latter, let’s keep it professional and just remove your clothes.”

As Equus removed each item of clothing he folded it and placed it neatly on the bed. When he was completely naked he stood there hands on hips and said, “The ladies usually like what they see and there is more.”

“Well that is what I want to see, can you get it up on demand?”

“I can do more than that.” replied Equus. Then he removed the belt from his trousers and handed it to a confused Thomas. He sat in the swivel chair, put his hands behind the chair and asked Thomas, “Would you please tie my hands with the belt?”

Thomas did as requested and stood in front of Equus waiting to see what he intended to do. Equus then started to concentrate on an image in his mind. It wasn’t long before he had the biggest erection Thomas had ever seen. Equus continued to concentrate and swivelled the chair side to side a few times. The muscles in his lower body began to tighten and relax and tighten again. Thomas heard a few ahhs, then noticed Equus bight his bottom lip and breathe heavily. His cock was standing tall and dancing around a bit as Equus tightened the muscles at its base and forced it to stiffen even more. Then as he let out a big breath and his face broke into a smile his penis sprayed forth huge strings of cum. A surprised Thomas said “That is very impressive to go from soft, to hard, to cum, in four minutes and all done hands-free. I was not expecting that. Thank you, that concludes your interview.” Thomas then remembered he needed to breathe.


Roger arrived about ten minutes late, but Thomas did not mark him down for that, city traffic being what it is. He seemed to be in his mid twenties, average height and build. Not one you might necessarily turn around to look at as he passed. He was wearing torn jeans, with a tear just near the bottom of the fly and showing the small bulge of one of his balls. He was clearly not wearing underwear. His outfit was completed by a black T shirt with the word STUD in white letters. When offered a drink he asked for vodka, but Thomas refused and he settled for water. He then sat down. As Thomas turned to start the video camera, Roger unbuttoned the two top buttons of his jeans. Thomas then started his questions and when asked about a relationship he replied “I’m not in a permanent relationship as I don’t need to be.”

“Why is that?”

“I can get all the sex I want without strings attached.”

“Mmm. Tell me the age of the oldest woman with whom you have had intercourse.”

“I don’t ask a woman her age.”

“But you must have some idea.”

“I usually bed women my own age or younger if I can pull them.”

“OK, I will be more direct. Could you service a fifty year old woman?”

“Man, even my mum’s not that old, but I could give it a try.”

“What forms of sexual activity and positions would you be prepared to do?”

‘I’m into everything man, whatever the chick wants I can deliver, and probably teach her a few new tricks as well.”

“That’s interesting.”

“I thought you’d be impressed.” replied Roger, now feeling a little over confident.

“If you get this job, what would you tell your friends or anybody else who asks what you do for a living?”

“Well, if she’s as old as you say, then I guess I would be her toy boy.”

“Do you think it’s important to protect the privacy of your client?”

“You mean, not look at her with the lights on?” he said with a smile.

“NO! I mean not talk to other people about your client in any way. Not her name, address, what you do together and such, nothing.”

“If that’s what she wants, I suppose I could.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“When will I have to start and how much do I get paid?”

“If you are successful, then we would negotiate that.”

“You don’t give away much do you? I have one more question. How often would I get to bed this old woman?”

“That would be entirely up to her.” Thomas did not check him about the ‘old woman’ remark as he thought this kid clearly had no idea.

“Now there are just two more things I need you to do.”

“Anything man.”

“I need you to strip for me.”

“Sure man, I’ll drop ‘em for anybody, even you.” Thomas let that remark pass also.

When he was naked, Thomas asked him the leading question “Can you get it up on-demand, and if so, would you please demonstrate?”

“Hell man, you want a lot. But if it’s a requirement I’ll give it a go. I could get it up for a woman, but with only you here man, it’s a big ask.”

“Would you like a magazine, I have some here.”

“I’ll try first without.”

Roger stood with his hands on his hips trying to look as stud-like as possible, but it wasn’t really working for him. He flexed, grunted and groaned but failed to achieve the required result. Then he asked for the magazine. With magazine in both hands, and held in front of his genitals, he tried a few pelvic thrusts towards the publication, but it was more like an amateur performance of the ‘time warp’ than a sexy move. Thomas could not see his cock because of the magazine, but assumed there was nothing to see yet. Thomas walked to the window and said to Roger, “Just call me when you’re ready.”

“Won’t be long now man.” After about ten minutes he called to Thomas “Here it comes.” Thomas went to see what he had to offer, but was disappointed and said, “That will do, thanks Roger.”

“Don’t you want to see my full erection?”

“That’s enough Roger. You can get dressed now.”

“But you did see that it was stiffening and will soon rise.”

“I’ve seen all I need to see, thanks.”

“OK as long as you know what I can do.”

“Oh, I know what you can do. I’ll be in touch.”

“You can touch now if you like.”

“That’s not what I meant Roger. Thank you for coming, and would you please put your clothes on.”


After the last interview, Thomas started reviewing the videos of the interviews and making notes when the concierge called to say a Jared Haynes at reception, and asked what he should say to him as his name was not on the visitors’ list. Thomas paused for a moment, a thousand thoughts going through his mind. He certainly did not want to send Jared away. Maybe he had come to make up. Thomas told the concierge to send him up and continued watching the video of Equus. When he heard a knock on the door he knew it would be Jared and opened the door. “What are you doing here?” said Thomas, “I wanted to watch these interviews. I was not expecting you.”

“Oh, nice to see you too.”

“Sorry, I was just a bit surprised by your arrival. How did you know I was here and why are you here?”

“Andy told me where you were, I’ve come for my interview.”

“You don’t need an interview, I’ll take you back any time.”

“I want to be interviewed for the job.”

“Oh very funny.”

“No, I’m really here for an interview, and I’m serious about it. Please don’t dismiss me as a joke.”

“Are you really serious about this?”

“I said I was and I want to be considered for the position.”

“But what about our relationship?”

“Isn’t that a bit rocky at the moment?”

“Because I slept with Craig and Justin.”

“Yes, it did disappoint me bitterly.”

“Tell you what, if you really want this, how about I do a formal interview with you, just as if you were a stranger and we will discuss other matters later.”

“What you mean is; I’ll interview him just so he doesn’t keep nagging me. He won’t get the job anyway but he’ll feel he was given the opportunity.”

“No, that’s not what I mean at all. If you’re so serious about this, I will give you a proper interview and you will compete equally with the other applicants. Does that sound fair?”

“That’s all I want, to be taken seriously and to be treated equally.”

“OK then, while I set up the video camera again you take a seat.”

Jared went to sit in the swivel chair, “No not in that chair, the other one. I’ll explain later.”

He asked him the same questions as the other men and finally got to the stripping down part of the interview.

“Now Mr Haynes, I need you to strip for me... slowly”.

“Is this really part of the interview?”

”Of course, same as the others.”

“No wonder you love your job so much.”

“Stop that and behave as if we were strangers.”

“Yes, Mr Steadman.”

Jared started his strip, by leaning over to remove his shoes and sox. He then stood, kept his gaze fixed on Thomas’s eyes, removed his shirt slowly, then his pants and stood there in his jocks.

“Is that it?” asked Thomas

“You mean the jocks go also?”

“Yes, same as the others, you’re not shy are you?”

“Of course not,” then dropped his jocks “there can you see enough now.”

“Very impressive Mr Haynes; now I have one further question for you.”

“The answer is no.”

“I haven’t asked the question yet.”

“Sorry, thought I knew what you would ask when I am in this state of undress. Go ahead.”

“I need to know if you can get it up, on-demand and if so, I need you to demonstrate.”

“Fuck me, this is a serious interview, I’ll give it a go.”

“You can stand or sit as you please, or even lie on the bed if that works better for you.”

“I’ll start standing and hope my equipment will soon be doing the same.”

Jared closed his eyes and concentrated on his task. After a few minutes there was some movement as his cock began to lengthen and then stiffen. Thomas knew exactly what Jared looked like at full erection but he was not there yet. Another two minute of concentration, hands on hips for a few pelvic thrusts and Jared was pointing towards the ceiling.

“Will that do Mr Steadman?”

“Excellent Mr Haynes. That concludes the interview.”

“Thank you, I think you will find me a very keen worker, willing to learn and very loyal.”

“That will do, don’t blow your chances now with the smarmy approach.”


“You might tell me later what you were fantasizing to get it up so quickly.”

“Oh, that’s a trade secret.”

“So now this is your trade?”

“Could be.”

“OK, out of here, I have to review the videos and make some notes.”

“Can I help?”

“Hardly, when you are a candidate; unless this is just a big joke.”

“Not at all, I’m deadly serious about this job.”

“Fair enough”.

After Jared left, Thomas went through all four interviews again and made notes and comments about each candidate. He usually did not give Mrs Price a choice of which one she would prefer. He just recommended his choice and she had always accepted that. But he kept notes, just in case she ever asked about the alternative candidates. After consideration, he brought the short list down to just two. Two had obvious flaws but it was difficult to choose between the remaining two. He thought that maybe this time he would ask Mrs Price for her advice and let her choose between the two. He packed up all his gear to return to the office where he would go over his notes again, and if he was unable to make a decision he would consider talking to Mrs Price.


He called Andy to see if he was free for a drink and they met fifteen minutes later.

“Hi mate, how’s your day been?” asked Andy.

“Very busy and very surprising.”

“So you had some interesting interviews?”

“Yes, but I have a question for you. Did you tell Jared where I was conducting the interviews?”

“Yes, he just asked me casually what I thought you were doing today and I told him you were interviewing most of the day at the Hyatt. Did I do something wrong?”

“No, not really but did you know he was going to apply for the job?”

“What! Surely he was just teasing you. What happened?”

“He showed up at the hotel and insisted he be considered for the job. So, I gave him an interview and he did very well.”

“You mean you took him seriously.”

“He insisted he was serious about it, so I had to believe him.”

“But he won’t get the job will he?”

“That’s my problem. Now Andy, this must remain strictly confidential.”

“Sure mate, what?”

“I considered all the applicants objectively, although I might have even been a bit harder on Jared, for obvious reasons. But I could not fault him so he is on my short list of two.”

“But what about your relationship?”

“I don’t think we have one at the moment.”

“Be that as it may, you guys will probably get back together, but how can that happen if he’s working for Mrs. P.?”

“Well there are a couple of ways of looking at it. If he is sleeping with Mrs. P, then he can hardly look down on me for sleeping with someone else.”

“I don’t think the two equate. He’ll be sleeping with her professionally.”

“Don’t make excuses for him. Then if I know where he is all the time we will see each other often and I will still be in his mind. Plus he is unlikely to start a relationship with someone else while he is having sex for money. Not many guys will accept that, but I will.”

“Are you sure you are giving him the job for the right reasons. After all aren’t you supposed to be looking after Mrs. Ps interests first, not your own?”

“You’re right Andy, I may have to reconsider.”


“I’ll let Mrs. P. make the final decision.”

“That sounds like a better course of action. This way it won’t be entirely your decision, but I’m still not sure this won’t end in tears. And what about his army career, would he give up all that for what will probably be a short term engagement?”

“Didn’t he tell you about that? His job is being outsourced, so he has to take redundancy, go on contract or back to the regular army.”

“He did mention it briefly. No wonder he seems so unsettled lately. I thought it was your break-up. I just hope he makes the right decision.”

“I’m so excited about this Andy. This will be the first time I’ve let Mrs. P make the final decision.”

“Tell me, what are you excited about? Letting Mrs. P make a decision is not exciting.”

“OK, I’m excited about the prospect of having Jared around all the time, even if we are not together.”

“Just be careful, mate.”

“I will. Let’s finish here I need to prepare for a talk with Mrs. P.”

“OK let me know what she decides.”


The next morning Thomas met with Mrs. Price and presented his notes about Jared Haynes and Peter Molloy. They discussed the pros and cons of each candidate over coffee for an hour before she gave him her final decision. But before doing so she questioned him as to why he was leaving the decision up to her. “Thomas my man, you have always made the choice for me in the past. Could this new inability to make a decision have anything to do with your recent break-up with your boyfriend?”

“Mrs. P, you can always read me like a book. I didn’t think of that, but you are probably right. My decision making processes are not at their peak presently.”

“Don’t worry; in that case you have made the right decision after all, to let me make the final choice.”

“Do you need more time to think it over Mrs. P?”

“No, I’m going to go with this one. I like the look of him as well as his other qualities. There is something in his eyes that says honest and loyal, I like that. Thank you Thomas, now pour me another coffee before you leave and I will sit here a while and look at this man’s photographs. He certainly looks good in those... what do you call them... budgie smugglers”.

“Mrs. P!” Thomas said in mock surprise.


Thomas was pleased with the outcome of his morning with Mrs. Price. The decision had been made, she was happy, he was happy and he assumed the successful applicant would be happy also. Now his task was to work out how the candidate would fit into the household. He needed to find a job for him around the property. He went for a walk outside, around the gardens and various out buildings. As he walked past the six car garage he stopped to chat to Desmond, who managed the vehicles, sometimes drove for Mrs. Price and did other maintenance work. When he heard Thomas call out, Desmond came down the stairs from his flat above the garage. “Good morning Mr. Steadman.”

“Good morning Desmond and please call me Thomas.”

“Very good sir”. Thomas gave him a look.


“You live above the garage, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mr. Thomas, I’m quite comfortable up there.”

“It seems quite a large space for just one.”

“Oh the whole space upstairs is not just my flat. In fact the flat occupies only half the space.”

“So what is the rest Desmond?”

“There’s not much there these days, just some old gym exercise equipment, but nobody uses it any more. It was a passing fad of Mr. Price’s when he lived here full time.”

“Can I see it?”

“Sure, come up and while you look around I’ll put the kettle on.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.”

Over tea, Desmond suggested “You know a young man like you should put that equipment to good use. I hear your people like having good looking bodies. I’m not being offensive am I Mr. Thomas?”

“No, not at all Desmond, I understand what you mean, and yes you are right, I should pump some iron on a regular basis. My ex boyfriend tried to get me started but alas...”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, maybe someone else will come along one day.”

“Thank you Desmond, for the thought and thank you for the tea.”

“My pleasure Mr. Thomas.”

Thomas left the garage and went back to his office to finalise his plan for employment of the new man for Mrs. Price.

He spoke to the company accountant and head office human resources manager, who agreed to put the new man on head office payroll as a driver. He then sent a message to Mrs. Price asking for her approval to clean up the old gym and buy some additional equipment. Now all he had to do was to advise the successful candidate.

Next chapter - And the winner is...

Copyright © 2021 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

Peter sounds impressive and eminently suitable for the position, but I have to say Equus sounds remarkable, certainly someone who could satisfy Mrs Price's alleged voracious sexual appetite (and then some). 

Roger was a real disappointment, certainly not the professional I expected him to be after his discussion with Alma and Brenda; perhaps he really was just after a romp with two lesbians to satisfy his carnal lust.

That just leaves Jared. I am very suspicious of his motive, has he applied for the position in retaliation to Thomas' threesome with Justin and Craig. If so, I think his "performance" may have backfired on him. If his application is genuine however, he is not the person of character that I thought he was. 

@Wombat Bill you are a truly "wicked and naughty boy", teasing your readers with such a cliffhanger. It is like "Who shot JR?" or "Who planted the bomb at No. 96?" all over again. It is even more intriguing than Justin's forthcoming "baring all for Liberace" or wondering if Margaret Court will really have the audacity to accept her AC (I think this is a foregone conclusion however). 

I shall have to arise early tomorrow (unheard of on a Saturday morning) to find out who the winner is.

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Ok Roger, who I think is the guy who introduced himself in the bar, was a terrible applicant so yeah he’s not going to do well if that’s his career plan. Jared...I’m not sure if he’s trying to upset Thomas or is truly serious because of his job situation yet either way I don’t think this is a good idea. Thomas was clearly happy at the end because Jared was picked and he wants Jared to be picked so he can have an excuse to have sex with other people. More and more I see increasing negatives rather than positives when it comes to their relationship...or former relationship. Maybe it‘ll work out as they’re both unpredictable so it’s hard to guess where things will lead.

  • Love 2
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