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Happy Birthday, rknapp!


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:king: :king: Happy 21st Birthday, Robbie! :king: :king:





:2thumbs::2thumbs: Have an absolutely fantastic day! :2thumbs::2thumbs:

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:huh: You were born almost exactly 1 year after me?! LOL




And yeah, you'll probably have better luck at the boyfriends thing than me! ^_^


Hope you had a good one! Mine is only a few hours off and it's going to be spent at work and with my parents... probably the saddest 21st ever but I don't really care.


Don't worry Robbie. Mine was also spent at home. Just family, a cake, and goddamn rock-hard brownies. LOL. Though I did drink a bit with some friends who stopped by. ^^


Oh yeah, operative word - drink! :P Legally. LOL


22 is sadder than 21, trust me. :( *sniff*

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Thanks! You know this running theme of "legalized drinking" is more depressing since everyone is assuming I have consumed alcohol prior to today. I'm going to leave out all the guys who have handed me drinks in the last year :whistle: . I'll try whatever the Lonestar Steakhouse has on tap, but that's the extent of my birthday drinking... unless my friends find some way to trick me into going to a bar... or the GSA finds some way to trick me into going to that gay bar with them... what makes it worse is that everyone at work stressed that I shouldn't get "too drunk" tonight! <_< I'm not a lush!


Boyfriends? Please, those are so beneath me... take that into whatever context you wish. :devil:

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Lol I'm probably one of the VERY few people in the US to not touch any alcohol on their 21st birthday. I go back to school tomorrow, so maybe I'll make up some story about getting totally hammered so that no one takes it upon themselves to try and get me drunk. Some of my friends would buy it without batting an eyelash lol.

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