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So, lately I've kind of been at a crossroads with this whole 'love' thing. I want to experience love first hand for myself but it seems that I'm only lead down a path of sex with no strings. I want something real in my life, just a little bit of stability. I dont wanna phone call or a text from some dude letting me know he wants me to help him get his rocks off, this is why porn was made. Handle that yourself, with the hands god gave you! I believe I'm worth more than some hot sweaty nights in the sheets. What I really want is for some guy to come around and acquire the key to my heart, but that's just my silly fantasy world. But, sometimes I feel as though I'm not ready because I'm so in love with the idea of falling in love.


So my question to everyone is do you believe in love?

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Yes, I totally and completely believe in love. I've been in love with the same guy for over three years and I'm lucky enough to have him feel the same way about me. We're almost sickeningly perfect for each other and with finding that after having so many terrible, life ruining relationships there's no way I can't believe that there isn't someone out there for everyone. Personally I'm pretty fond of the "lost sock" theory about relationships, stop looking for it and one day you'll just find it. I met my boyfriend after almost 5 years of actively shutting myself off from any romantic possibilities on a pro wrestling message board in a topic I made bitching about how John Cena always has to face the same camera when he does his finishing move. So I have total faith that you'll eventually find someone. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow or even this year but you'll find it.:2thumbs: Just hopefully you won't find it behind your dresser all dark and crusty with soda that you spilled on it god knows when....I really liked that sock too.

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"We're in love with love". I like that.

I would like to think that the harder one looks for love, the less successful he or she will be. It's not something you can find with a treasure map, and it's certainly not something you can force yourself into. Wait for it to happen to you and that special person. You have all your life to find it. For now, all I can say is to be discriminant about the partners you choose. If he seems to want to get you in bed right away, dump him. You won't get anywhere... Trust me, I've been there. :/

I believe that love isn't something that happens right away. I think it's something that blossoms as the years go on, and you continuously want to spend your life with that person. While I definitely believe in it, I don't think that it's quite as simplified as everyone makes it out to be.

Keep chugging along; it'll happen eventually.

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it's kind of a silly question and of course I do.


Love happens all around us and it most likely will happen to you regardless of whether or not you're looking for it or more importantly, ready for it. I don't think anybody can really be 'ready' for their first love because it's one of those things that comes around when you're least ready for it and you experience it head on and ultimately learn from it. Circumstances create love and if you don't have love now, it just means circumstances aren't right at the moment. You are only 20 years old PD, you're barely a young adult and will have plenty of time to life, laught and love. I know it's easy to feel what you feel. I've been there too. People our age are obsessed with wanting certain things and wanting them urgently as if we will never have it if we don't have it now. That's not true. Don't sweat it. It'll most likely happen whether you'd like it to or not. In the meantime, I'd suggest you work on building the whole self rather than believing you are only a half of two. Your true value is only as high as how much you value yourself.

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Believe in love? ABSOLUTELY!


When I stopped looking for it, it found me. Now, 25 years later, we've got the whole family picture, with dog and all.


Love is one of those weird things that can't be seen if you're looking for it. It can only be accepted and given, not discovered.

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I give up on love all the time but thankfully it has never yet given up on me and keeps poking me and saying... of course there will be love at some point. I can't help but still believe in love after the incredible depths of love I have felt.


Love is real, love is out there. Love's a bitch but she's our bitch :)

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Never give up on love. It is one of those things that when you least expect it, it turns up and smacks you in the face to get your attention. I agree with the let them watch porn bit. They aren't worth your time if all they want is to get off. Good luck.

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hehe In theory I do!!

But in reality - I haven't found the man

hehe I'm not as lucky as u getting action


wait till you get into the working world and see if people are even worst than just wanting sex ... they just want something else!!

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Yes! I believe in love and fall in love all over again, every day. The stop looking and that is when you find it is so true. If something is forced it is NOT real. You are so young, there is so much time for you to find the right person.


You might have to evaluate where you're meeting these guys who only want you for sex. You find someone!


Love ya!



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Do I believe in love? Sure. But different people look for different types of love. Romantic, sweep-me-off-my-feet love is quite rare and usually doesn't last, in my experience. The most lasting relationships tend to be based on shared experiences and values. I was looking for someone to be a companion, someone I could admire and respect, and who valued me as a person. And a great butt. I found him.


Hint: The people you meet in a bar tend to like to hang out in bars. The people you meet at the roller derby tend to like to hang out at roller derbies. Wherever you like to hang out, whatever you like to do, is where you are more likely to find a companion.


As for the booty calls, if you're not after that, don't waste your time. There are plenty of other guys they can call, and somewhere out there is a guy who would LOVE to share your life with you. So, do you know what you want, what you like, what you admire and respect? Can you recogmize it when you see it?


Don't wait for love to start living your life, though. After all, you'll want to bring something to the picnic.

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I haven't given up on love but i have given up on looking for it. Most days I'm happy with that. I'm happy with how my life has turned out.

But somedays I'll read paragraphs like this:-


How had I forgotten this? How had I been satisfied with anything else? Guy...Mel...it was like choosing celluloid kisses over the real thing.

The real thing was raw and powerful and dangerous...but it was the real thing. Had I really believed I could make do with safe substitutes?

-Josh Lanyon (The Dark Tide)


And it sparks a longing in me. But I definately won't settle for anything less than the real thing.

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YES! OMY.... YES! I believe in love.. in all it's forms... :)

The romantic kind.. the sexual kind attached to it... the platonic, yet romantic kind.. u name it! :) i believe in it! and I live with it! :) I cant live without love.. I love to love and i love to be loved! :)

Me thinks it often works both ways :) silly me, i know.. but hey, thats me! ^_^

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I can't bear not to believe in love. I have no real past so I live for the future; in which love is like the number 3 thing on my list. So yeah, I believe that someday, some guy is going to sweep me off my feet and we'll both live happyily ever after, in LOVE.

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I can't bear not to believe in love. I have no real past so I live for the future; in which love is like the number 3 thing on my list. So yeah, I believe that someday, some guy is going to sweep me off my feet and we'll both live happyily ever after, in LOVE.

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There’s a lot to be said for one night stands and f***buddies. You get what you need and move on… simple. No hassles and commitments suits some people, myself included. I live my life as I want to, without any complications from a significant other. Trust me, been there done that, have the tee-shirt and mug plus dealt with unwanted baggage once it ended. Am I bitter? No, I moved on. But will I make myself vulnerable again anytime soon? I don’t think so.


That’s not to say that I’m closed minded on the issue, but it would take someone extraordinary to change my current mind-set. In the meantime I’ll have fun, enjoy the freedom and the chase the weekend gives me. ;)



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Do I believe in love?


First, define love. Is it the desire to f**k? No. That is lust (which can be fun).


Is love the thing that makes us feel all fluttery inside? No... That's infatuation (also part of the fun).


What is love? A bunch of chemical reactions in the body? Well... biologically, yes, but...


Ultimately, we all define love for ourselves. In that vein, I see true love as a sort of "this is my best friend/life companion" thing. Yes, there is passion. Yes, there are butterflies in the tummy, but those are secondary to the sense of "he/she is my best friend. I can be completely open and vulnerable and know that we want each other to be happy, healthy, and whole. We have each others' backs".


Now that I've defined it for myself, do I believe that my definition exists in the real world?


... I don't know. I feel and have felt things that make me think that I've been close to "love", but I have yet to cross into that realm where dreams become real. I'm still slumbering on that front while the rest of me (we are a small committee, after all) focuses on things like writing, cartooning, working, studying. Ultimately, these things are real and they are a part of me. They make up part of my path, and hopefully that path will lead me to my best friend/life companion.


No, I have no guarantee that it will pass like that. There is no god, no deity looking out for me, just myself and those who care about me. Maybe at the end of the day that's all we have, the connections we forge with each other.


I can only be at peace with the tides of life and watch what the waves and currents carry to the shore.


PD, I hope that you, too, find peace and contentment in your life. I've been in that place before, and still sometimes visit. It hurts, stings, and bites, but in the end... It can make us stronger, better people.


Good luck. :)

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Of course I believe in love! Like you, I'm in love with the idea of falling in love. I'm just waiting for the right guy to come around. I am more of the romantic type than the sexual type; although, I can be a bit naughty...not too fast though! Posted Image

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I think loving a person is when you can talk to them or just be in their presence and immediately feel as if the world is a better place when they're there with you. (I am a hopeless romantic :P )

Love is when you can sit with someone for hours in comfortable silence wrapped up with each other, because no words are needed.

Love is when you can look into their eyes and say 'I trust you completely' .


Well there's more but that's a few of my examples of what I think it is lol :P

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