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Celebrity crush

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Ok this makes me really old. My first celebrity crush was Paul Varjak (played by George Peppard) in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. I think I was 16 when I saw a rerun of that movie. The character in the movie was a writer so I was enamored right away :D

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The first real, I-want-to-have-sex-with-this-guy crush was on David Boreanaz from Buffy when I was 12. That lasted for at least three years. I'm pretty sure he's the reason why I love big, teddy-bear types who wear wifebeaters.


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That would have to be Tab Hunter followed by Ricky Nelson and then "little Joe" - I think was his name - on Dallas. He did a great job of packing his pants!!!

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Coincidentally, in the updated Parent Trap, they swapped out the Ricky Nelson reference for a Leonardo DiCaprio one. Ricky was to the late '50s what Leo was for the late '90's.

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