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Rapture to occur May 22

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The Rapture is scheduled for Saturday, May 21. Of course it was scheduled for 2010, 2009, 1988 and 1977...


Don't miss out on the best Post-Rapture Looting. Have your loot bag and burglary tools ready tonight!




Correction: It's supposed to happen May 21.


Post-Rapture looting will begin immediately afterwards.

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The same guy who predicted it for tomorrow predicted it for 1994.

I don't buy into any of these doomsday/end of the world dates.

Anyway what time does god work on? Because it's already saturday in Australia, China, India, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, NZ, and about 20 other nations. =D

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I cant wait for the news cast with him on Sunday,:blink:


Ooooooppps! He was wrong!


And what time zone is this to start in because it will be Saturday the 21st in half of the world already before it reaches us...why do they get to die first???? So unfair!!!! LOL

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I'd rather be with my friends and I'm sure the music will be better in the fiery place. Posted Image

Should solve the traffic problem.


Besides, I can't go. I have a music lesson on Tuesday.

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I'd rather be with my friends and I'm sure the music will be better in the fiery place. Posted Image


You know, for some reason I have a feeling hell would be really tacky and play nothing but Highway to Hell and Shout at the Devil on a loop.

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I understand "it" is to begin with earthquakes.


Right now, I'm re-learning the lyrics to "Good Vibrations" That's The Beach Boys for all you youngins. :great:


Well at least it's a distraction. :wacko:

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He did say 6pm on the 21st, but didn't mention the time zone. No idea in which time zone God lives. LOL


As Bugs Bunny says, "What a maroon."


Now he's saying it's going to start in America-the-Damned, and specifically in Oakland, California where Family Radio has their headquarters. So stay tuned, maroons, your whack-job leader will probably come up with some other correction. "Oh my, I forgot about leap years!" or something like that.


Just think of all the maroons who believed Harold Camping and sold all of their worldly goods and sent the cash to Family Radio so they could plaster cities across the country with billboards about The Rapture and broadcast their doomsday warnings nationwide.




Colin B)

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I woke up this morning at 6am and our power was out! Like an idiot, I jumped up, grab my cell phone and called my brother. I was really freaked out for a second. What if they got the am-pm time thing wrong. Well....turns out that a car hit the electric pole a mile or two away and power was back on within the hour. :P


Had to laugh at myself.:lmao:

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Someone handed me a brochure for it. XD



Welcome to Tennessee, Bubba.


I went to church every Sunday when I was a kid, but cannot remember a single instance of hearing about the rapture, the end of days, judgment day, and precious little about any afterlife. They were more focused on living a good life now. They always sang a hymn including the line, "World without end." Then I'd visit another denomination's service, and get hell fire and brimstone, and that anyone who didn't believe what they did was gonna roast for an eternity in misery. The preacher would beat the people down in spirit until they were cowed. I was glad to go to "our" church after witnessing that alternative.

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Already debunked by myself and a highschooler last night :'D


We recalculated the "math", and actually...their math was over a half a day off.


1. There was no concept of daylight savings in biblical times, so go backward an hour

2. It would start at 6pm ISRAELI time in order to first rapture the 144,000 of God's specially Chosen, which all happen to be Jews that stayed in Israel over the last 2000 years

3. the days started at 7pm back then, not 12am, so back that clock up another 6 hours.


So to make the math as easy as possible, reverse the entire process 7 hours.


Then figure in Israeli time.


The rapture started at 11pm EST last night.



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As a non christian European, I didnt understand the meaning of this topic, which seems to be something special for people suffering from psychiatric disorders related to the Christian religion.

I searched a translation of the word "rapture" and found :

"Ecstasy, bliss, extreme joy; state of being carried away with emotion; belief that at the end of the age both living and dead Christians will be caught up to heaven to be with God (Christianity)"


Psychiatric clinics in the United States are apparently not numerous enough and not big enough to hold all these people ?:stupid:

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But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. - Matthew 24:36 (King James version)


I guess they forget about this Bible verse. If you're going to be religious, then read the so-called good book more often. :stupid:


@ old bob- This is what the rapture is supposed to be:


Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 (King James Version)


Okay, I just quoted two Bible verses. That is disturbing :ph34r:

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