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Prompt #318 - First Line

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I think JoAnn was drinking when she wrote this!! :lmao:

I went back an edited out some of my mistakes, thank you. :P  Of course, you make me act that way at times. :P

I don't think you two read the whole thing.  I just finished it. :P:*)  I accidentally posted very prematurely. :*)  :P

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Geeeez, stealing bunny from an old guy isn't bad enough but his wife and son die too? :o  I'm glad it had a happy ending. I was worried that I would be flogged by the old geezer across the street! LOL

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The Goodbye Garden


"I've wanted to do that since . . . forever."


"What's that?" I called out. I tried making it sound as if I was interested but truthfully, I wanted to groan the words; Brian had a habit—or rather, a long history—of not pursuing projects once having begun them. I suspected this was going to be yet another of those pursuits. Although, if I was to be honest, a project, completed or otherwise would be preferable to his other, more recent and painful activity.


"Gardening, Tommy."


He stood in the kitchen doorway, too handsome for his own good, and probably too handsome for mine. I held up a finger and finished the bite of bagel before washing it down with my morning cup of mocha-java.


"Gardening? I moved to the city to avoid gardens, Brian. That's part of the reason I bought the condo." Getting close to gardens of any sizable area involved working through an unavoidable feeling of apprehension before I could step into them. I felt they were better dodged than attempted.


Brian offered me an uneven smile and an off-side turn of the head. "I know. Your mom told me why. She also told me not to bring it up, that you would be . . . difficult about it."


"Really! When did you two have this discussion about me?" I was not going to be difficult.




You can read the rest of the story here, The Goodbye Garden.

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