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Happy Birthday, Sammy Blue!

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                  :D              :D   Happy Birthday, Sammy        :D                                :D


                                        I hope it's a great one and I wish you many, many more. 

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Thank you so much everyone!! :)


I had a good day, even though I was working for the most part of it. But oh well, I got Friday to Monday off, so I'm not complaining. :)

Got home and Nostic came down with one of those nasty German colds, but it was a nice evening anyway and a lot of tea and some chocolate is great at fixing her cold. (At least I hope so, lol, it's only two days to the wedding) :)



@Timothy: Tusind tak! :) (Did I ever mention I know some Danish or was that random? ^^)

As for the twins, they are doing well. The next chapter is sort of pending but since it's bound to the German version's posting schedule, it will take another 3 or so weeks until it is actually released (unless you happen to understand German? ;) )



Thanks again everyone!!



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Late to the party, but still full of best wishes to you. I have not read your stories yet. From what I am hearing from your readers, I will correct that mistake shortly. I would like to add to what all those before me have said and...


Wish You


:wizard: :wizard: :wizard:  :music:Sammy Blue :music: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:


A Very Happy Birthday!!!












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                 HAPPY    BIRTHDAY




                  SAMMY    BLUE!!!!!




             I hope you had a great day! :)

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Thank you everyone! I really appreciate it! :)

A very merry day of existence to you, and as for the other life change you're about to have, congratulations, buddy! :D

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