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Reviews and Five Star Ratings...

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3 hours ago, centexhairysub said:

I personally rarely give a five star review.

What do you mean by "five-star review?

Clearly stars are a simple rating apparatus and should not be viewed as a review per se. A review would be critiquing the story in words that express your critical appraisal of a story in clear wording along with a summary of reasoning. Anything less and you haven't reviewed anything. A star rating is merely a quick assessment and not a review and authors and readers should realize that distinction and act accordingly before the author reaches the conclusion that their effort is diminished and/or for a reader to decide whether to read a story or not. In the end, of course, someone else's star-rated opinion, whether given lightly or with considered thought, may not have any effect on another reader's actual enjoyment.

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10 minutes ago, Kitt said:

Sorry, but technical issues do have a bearing on how much I enjoy a story. The best plot ever can easily be scuttled by lousy grammar or spelling. At least turn on spell check! While I can ( and do ) read past these issues, I have also been known to advise an author via pm to get an editor. 

I agree that a story can be less than stellar due to technical issues like grammar and spelling. However, those are most often found in stories by new authors and are able to be corrected with proper editing, which should be done via pm.

I've had issues pointed out to me on every single one of my stories, both in the comments and via pm. I make sure the issue is addressed and always thank the reader for pointing it out. It helps me grow as an author.

In those cases it should certainly be mentioned in the review. It's up to the author to decide if he/she/they will heed the advice. 

This has proven to be a great topic and the variety of opinions just goes to show the awesome diversity of the GA audience.


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1 minute ago, Kitt said:

I find many people who read my prompt responses stopped reading because while there is the potential to continue some of them to multi chapter stories, I just can't seem to get a chapter two out of any of my ideas. As the titles suggest, writing my bright ideas down allows me to focus on other things. Unfortunately by the time I return to an idea the brightness has dimmed, and I have no idea where to take a concept.

I wasn't talking about you. LOL

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