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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Mental Health will be discussed. I will flag specific chapters where it is heavier than others

I Hate This Town - 8. Chapter 8: Truck beds and Lockdowns

*Mental health (it's like every chapter, yeah?)

*Some very mild adult content

*Death defying teenage stunts 😂

Time passed way too fast and suddenly it was the end of freshman year for Alec. The last half of the school year was always brutal. Finals, the anticipation of summer, and the seemingly endless stream of deadlines. Alec was stressed on normal days, so he was beyond frazzled in the months leading up to summer vacation. On top of his school stress and home stress, he and Finn hadn't progressed much. Not that Alec had expectations. He was new to it all and never knew what to think. Should they be doing certain things? Acting a certain way?

They did spend more time together. Some of it even alone, although that time was stolen and a secret. Other than gentle kisses, Finn didn't push, and Alec didn't know how to get over himself enough to initiate anything. Even if he could, he had no idea how much would be too much. He didn't want to ask for something only to panic and have to push Finn away. He was going to hit his limit with Alec's insecurity and jumpiness at some point. Finn had more experience, obviously, and Alec was sure that a teenage boy with experience wouldn't want to wait forever. Alec sighed, throwing his used-up notebooks in one of the trash cans the school provided for locker clean out. How would the summer change their relationship? Would they drift apart?

“Hey!” Alec's soul left his body as a hand dropped down on his shoulder.


“Language.” River scolded from behind Finn.

Finn held up his hands and smiled apologetically, “Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.”

“It's fine. Are you guys already done?” Alec clicked open a binder and dumped out its contents.

“Yep. I have to leave, so your wonderful boyfriend agreed to take you home.” River grinned and rolled his eyes as Alec’s cheeks reddened. Finn beamed and River chuckled, “Make sure our precious cargo gets home safely. I’m trusting you, Finny boy.”

Finn stood straighter and saluted, “Yes sir!”

"As it should be." River smiled slowly and then turned to leave.

Alec smiled as he rushed to finish his locker. He was a little sad that his best friend would be away for the first two weeks of the summer, but River had managed to get into a fancy art camp. When his mother had finally agreed, Alec couldn't find it in himself to be upset. River had been slowly showing Alec more of his artwork. He was hesitant because the only other person he’d shared it with was his mother. She’d told River it was a waste of time and to focus on his studies. She was set on him going to an ivy league school. In her eyes, River didn’t have time for drawing silly pictures. No matter how good he was at it.

Alec frowned softly at his friend’s back and looked down at the empty binder in his hands. They both deserved better. They should be whatever they wanted. River was brilliant, but if his interests lay elsewhere, his mother should respect that. It wouldn't be wasting potential. It was the same with Alec. No matter what his parents said, or what they took away from him, this was who he was. They weren’t going to change that and he wasn’t sure they realized what would happen when he graduated. An end to all contact. The death of a family. Finn apparently noticed his expression and his smile had dimmed when Alec looked up at him.

“How have your parents been?” Finn asked quietly as he shouldered Alec’s near empty backpack.

“Stupid, nosey.” Alec sighed as he followed Finn to his truck. His parents had quickly become an issue. Word had reached them of him and Finn's relationship. His father had been slow to come around, but his mother had almost disowned him. He wasn't allowed to go to Finn’s house unless his parents were there and it was for studying only. He wasn't even allowed to spend the night at River’s anymore. They were convinced that his being gay meant that he was secretly lusting after every other boy on the planet. If that wasn't happening, they thought that River would be in on it and undermine their authority by setting up meetings between Finn and their son. Heaven forbid a teenager be allowed to see their partner. Which, in the end, was fair. River had helped them go on secret dates plenty of times and the adults were none the wiser.

Alec doubted he’d have to deal with such an aggressive rule change if he’d been seeing a girl. They even threatened to take his phone. He had to show them all his text messages. He’d sat in his room with his mother standing over him as she forced him to listen to Finn’s words come out of her mouth. Strange how hearing it in her voice took away all the butterflies and giddiness that Alec had felt when he first received them. They were all PG. It was mostly Finn saying he was cute, sending him funny pictures, and wishing him a good night or good morning. His mother had almost seemed disappointed when they didn’t find anything that wasn’t innocent. He hadn’t spoken to either of his parents for a full week after that. Alec was on lockdown in his own house. He felt like a prisoner.

“Are they going to be angry that I'm bringing you home?” Finn asked as they climbed into his old truck.

“Probably, but they're always mad these days.”

“I didn't mean to out you. I was just happy and couldn't help myself when you were around. You're so cute.”

Alec rolled his eyes without any real annoyance. He hesitantly reached across the seat between them as Finn began to pull out of the parking lot. Finn grinned at him, quickly linking their fingers.

“I'm not cute.” Alec said narrowing his eyes on the other.

“I would have to disagree. You're cuter than a box full of kittens. Or puppies. Hell, both!”

“You’re ridiculous.” Alec laughed softly and shook his head.

“Nah, just honest.” Finn brought Alec’s hand up to his mouth, pressing gentle kisses to his knuckles. Alec made a big fuss as he pulled away, even as his cheeks heated and a strange warm feeling spread through his stomach. Finn let his hand go and Alec tried to ignore the blond’s knowing smile.

“I can't wait to graduate. One full year and then only half of one. I should see what the farthest college from here is!” Alec laughed but it died as Finn's face fell. He wanted to make Finn feel better, but there was no helping it. He hated whenever Alec brought up leaving. Even though it had never been a secret.

The truck fell quiet, other than the soft country music playing from Finn’s speakers. It was horrible, but so was River's. Alec had learned to deal with almost any kind of music. Alec sighed. He should say something. It was really the least he could do after all Finn did for him. Finn’s family had also been there for him in a way he wasn’t used to. Milo had even offered to set up a peaceful protest in his front yard. He’d claimed it’d be harmless, but Milo was well over six foot and solid muscle. There was no way it wouldn’t be threatening. Had Alec still considered it for a full thirty seconds before laughing the older man off? Yep.

Alec missed his moment. Finn slowed the truck in front of his house and Alec groaned when the door opened, his mother’s arms crossed over her chest. She glared furiously and Alec glared right back. Finn cleared his throat, “She’s kinda scary, huh?”

“No.” Alec leaned across the seat. He worked through his anxiety and insecurity to plant a hard kiss on Finn’s lips, lifting his middle finger over his shoulder in a way that his mother had to see it.

Finn looked a little dazed when Alec pulled away. Alec smiled and kissed his cheek softly, “Bye Finn.”

The blond shook his head and smiled, expression dreamy, “Bye hun.”

Alec bit his lip and scrambled for the door while still looking at Finn. He was so hot and when he looked at Alec like that, he wanted to melt into a puddle. Finn leaned forward to tuck a freshly dyed purple strand behind Alec’s ear, “I’ll text you?”

“Call me? Later? Like at night?” Alec asked, face fire engine red for sure by now.

“Yeah, I’ll do both. The texting now. The call later.”

“Okay, bye.”


Alec didn’t move, hand curled around the door handle as he returned Finn’s smile with a slightly shyer one. A tap on the window behind him made Alec frown and turn. His mother pointed a thumb over her shoulder toward the house and glared expectantly. Alec resisted hitting her with the door when she turned unfriendly eyes on Finn.

“I think she might blow a gasket if you don’t go. I don’t want you to get in more trouble.” Finn said.

“Who cares?” Alec answered, glaring right back at his mother.

“I do. I don’t want them to make things even harder.” Alec glanced back at Finn and sighed. He opened the door and stepped out to immediate nagging. He closed the truck door and tuned her out when Finn gave him one last smile and a wave before pulling away. He let his warm fuzzy feeling carry him inside, completely ignoring his mother and slamming his bedroom door in her face, locking it quickly. He’d pay for all of it later, but he didn’t care. He didn’t want her to take this feeling from him. Especially when his phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out to see Finn’s smiling contact picture. He’d changed it from the dog icon, but the energy was the same.


Later, after the tongue lashing of the century, he barely managed to keep his phone. His mother had wanted to take it and every other device he possessed that may allow him to communicate with the outside world. It was funny since she’d been the driving force behind the “Make New Friends” campaign. He’d returned to his room, door locked again and he studied the white walls. There were a few gaming papers, but they were mostly bare. He didn’t feel at home in his own home. He never really had if he was being honest. His parents had an imagine in their heads of what their son should be. Much like River’s mother. They’d probably chosen homeschooling to have more control over his life. He’d only been thrown into the high school to be around kids his own age. That’s what they claimed anyway, but Alec had heard the late-night arguments. He wasn’t blind. He knew what it meant when his mother-who’d stayed home his entire life-had gone out to get a job.

He rolled over and muttered angrily to himself, looking through the messages between himself and Finn.

[F: You okay? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kissed you. She was already mad when we pulled up.]

[A: I kissed you. She needs to get over it.]

[F: But are you okay? She looked pissed when she was following you in.]

[A: I’ll be fine.]

[F: So, you’re not okay now?!]

Alec rolled his eyes and smiled as he held his pillow to his chest with his free hand. Finn was always so worried about him. Even if they managed to sneak away to spend a little bit of time alone. His first words were almost always asking about school or his home life. School had, at least, been a bit better. People didn’t openly gawk at them anymore. Finn had to get ready for his games in a separate place when other parents raised concerns about a gay student in the locker room. It’d bothered Alec. It had to have been embarrassing for Finn, but he was just happy to continue being on all his teams. His teammates for the most part functioned under, “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. If they didn’t have to acknowledge it, they could overlook it. Finn’s friend group had lost a few people, however, and it made Alec feel worse.

He couldn’t help but feel like he’d ruined a lot for the other boy and there was no way he wasn’t struggling. Whenever they were together, though, Finn was focused entirely on everything Alec was going through. Alec had trouble with that at first too, but it was just the way his boyfriend was. Everyone else first and then Finn. It was probably why he had kept the bulk of his friends. The real ones anyway. People left Alec alone after word of Finn’s fight with Cody and Brandon. Whatever they wanted to think about him, he was still a big guy that no one wanted to mess with.

His phone ringing yanked him out of his thoughts. He tried and failed to suppress his excitement when Finn smiled back at him from his phone screen. He answered quickly, raising the phone to his ear, “Hi.”

“Are you okay then? I feel like you’re not. You don’t have to put on a brave face, you can tell me. You know I’m always here.” Finn rambled and Alec rolled onto his back to look up at the ceiling, trying to keep the smile from his face.

“I know Finn. I’m okay. Promise. How was dinner?” Alec pulled his comforter up.

“Well…if you’re sure. It’s okay if you’re not you know?” Finn sighed, “Dinner was fine. Milo might be getting deployed in the fall, so my mom was pretty upset, but it is what it is I guess.”

Alec frowned, shifting back onto his side so he could look out the window his bed was pushed up against. He was on the second story and he focused on the streetlight outside. Its yellow light didn’t stretch very far in the dark and Alec figured it was probably after eight o’clock. The dinner with his parents had taken forever as they’d had to make sure he knew just how wrong he really was. His mother had even cried. He’d been blamed for that too of course.

“How do you feel about Milo going again?” He asked and heard shuffling on the other end of the line.

“It’s what he signed up for, I guess. There’s no point in getting upset really. Either way, he has to go. Not like it’s optional.” Alec frowned at Finn’s tone. He could say whatever he wanted, but he was obviously upset.

“You wanna talk about it?” Alec swallowed. He wasn’t good at that, but he had to try. Finn needed him to.

“Uh, maybe? I don’t know.” There was the sound of a door closing in the background.

“Well, why don’t you know?” Alec teased, hoping to brighten the other’s mood a little.

“Well, I don't know, why are you so cute?” Finn teased right back, and Alec felt his cheeks flush.

“Shut up. Fight me.”

Finn laughed and Alec momentarily forgot about his stupid parents and his ruined night, “You think you’d win?”

Alec raised his eyebrows when he heard a car door slam, “I know I would.”

Finn laughed again, “Ah, you think so, huh?”

“I know so. You couldn’t fight me. The other day you accidentally elbowed me in the face and I thought you were going to cry!” Alec giggled, holding his pillow.

“Hey, hey! That’s not fair! Your eyes watered and your little nose scrunched up like you were going to cry!” Finn exclaimed, outraged. Alec heard Finn’s deathtrap on wheels start up and closed his eyes, smiling.

“Sure, Finn. I’d win. End of story. You like me too much.” Finn didn't answer right away, and Alec was lulled by the sounds of his truck rolling over the road. He was almost asleep when Finn spoke.

“Yeah…like.” Finn cleared his throat and Alec frowned softly when his tone changed, “What are you doing?”

“Laying in bed. Why?”

“You wanna go on an adventure?”


“Hi.” Alec frowned more, confused now. Hi? What the heck was he talking about? He looked around and then caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Finn was on the street, leaning against his truck.

Alec’s eyed widened as he opened his window, “What are you doing? Are you crazy? My parents will lose their minds!”

“I told you. Adventure.” Alec laughed nervously as he pulled on a hoodie (Finn’s), and shoes. He completely forgot socks in his rush to open the window further. He bit his lip as he looked down the roof’s slope to the ground. Had his room always been so far up?

He climbed out slowly and almost lost his balance, “How do I get down?”

Finn moved forward, looking nervously at the windows on the front of the house before craning his neck, “Scoot to the edge and drop down. I got you.”

“Are you crazy?” Alec whisper yelled. He still found himself lowering down to his back side and sliding down as slowly as he could. When he hit the edge he let his feet dangle, staring at Finn with a horrified expression when the boy held his arms out, “You are crazy. I can’t do this Finn. It’s too far down.”

“You’re not going all the way down. Remember? Your super strong boyfriend’s going to catch you.”

Alec snorted, gripping the edge of the roof when he leaned forward too far. Finn wiggled his fingers and Alec tried to calm down. His heart was beating so loud, he couldn’t believe his parents couldn’t hear it. He looked down at Finn again, “C’mon. Trust me.”

He took a deep breath and inched forward, beating back his scream as he slid off the roof. He hit Finn’s arms hard and his knee forced the other’s breath out of his lungs. They ended up on the ground, Finn wheezing slightly as Alec hit his chest excitedly, “I did it! I did it Finn!”

“Yeah, you did.” Finn grinned and Alec came down from his high to hands rubbing his hips gently. He was straddling Finn and the blond didn’t look like he had any problems with it. At all. He scrambled to his feet, offering him a hand. Finn took it and yanked Alec back down on top of him. Alec shrieked and they both froze when the light on the front of the house lit up.

The door opened and Alec’s heart almost stopped as Finn swore, “Come on Cinderella. If we don’t book it, we’re gonna turn into a pumpkin.”

Alec was jerked to his feet, and they ran to the truck as he heard his father start to shout. Finn slid across his hood (very Dukes of Hazzard) and unlocked his door. Once inside he dove across the seat to unlock Alec’s door. He was near giddy with nerves and fear as he heard his father getting closer, footsteps approaching the car, yelling as well. He threw the door open, jumped in, and slammed it. He’d barely finished when Finn was whipping them away from the curb and out into the night.

Alec let out a gasp that turned into an incredulous laugh as he looked behind them to see his father shouting from the yard. His mother stood a little bit behind him, face shocked. Alec laughed harder, “Oh my god! You kidnapped me!”

“Don’t say that!” Finn laughed, looking a bit pale as he drove.


Alec was still calming down thirty minutes later when Finn finally stopped the car. They had pulled up to an outlook and Alec had marveled as the other boy backed up within a few feet of the edge. Finn began taking things from behind his seat and Alec got out of the truck when he did. He wrapped an arm around himself as Finn spread out a blanket in the truck bed and pulled pillows from a tote that Alec hadn’t even noticed in the back.

He pulled out another blanket and stood in the nest he’d created, holding his arms out, “Ta da! Give me points for being romantic!”

Alec blushed and bit his lip, “All the points.”

Finn grinned and held out his hand, helping Alec climb up, “I don’t know how much trouble you want to get in, but the sunsets up here are unreal.”

“I’ll probably die whenever I get home, so I might as well have a good time.” Alec smiled as Finn flopped onto his back. He stretched himself out a fair distance away. Finn smiled up at the stars and they were silent for a few minutes, enjoying the decently warm weather and gentle breeze that rustled the trees around them. The truck bed wasn’t the most comfortable, but Alec didn’t care. This was the calmest he’d been in months.

He glanced over to Finn, who smiled back. Alec swallowed and scooted closer, curling into Finn’s side. The other boy stiffened for a minute before wrapping an arm around Alec’s waist. Alec rested his head on Finn’s chest and made a content noise at how warm his boyfriend was. Fingers moved from his hip to rub his lower back slowly and Alec’s eyes slid closed. He was surprised the touches weren’t freaking him out. It was strange, but nice he’d decided. He didn’t think it was possible, but he grew even calmer.

“Is it bad that I know Milo signed up for this, but I’m scared? Like what if something happens? He’s not even that old and Milo’s dumb. Who’s gonna watch his back if I’m not there?” Finn asked, voice so quiet it was almost a whisper.

Alec frowned and hesitantly let his hand land on Finn’s chest, rubbing in what he hoped was a soothing way, “It’s not a bad thing. He’s your brother. Of course, you worry about him. I think that’s normal.”

Alec lifted his head when he heard Finn sniffle. He sat up and forced down his panic, fingers still splayed over Finn’s chest, “I-It’s going to be okay.”

Finn wiped at his eyes and gave a weak smile, “Y-yeah. I’m sure it will be.”

His fingers covered Alec’s on his chest and Alec felt him take a deep, shaky breath. Feeling brave in the face of Finn’s tears, he leaned down, kissing him softly. Finn let out a soft noise and deepened the kiss. Alec felt the familiar nervousness when Finn slid a hand over his hip. He didn’t jerk away, however, when Finn’s tongue slipped over the seam of his lips. He was pulled closer by his hip, and he squeezed his eyes as he opened his mouth. Fingers cupped his cheek gently as the tip of Finn’s tongue brushed gently against his. Not sure what to do, he let Finn guide him. Soon his back was flat on the truck bed and Finn was leaning over him. Finn had broken the kiss but continued to give him more. He stiffened as he felt the pads of Finn’s fingers rub over bare skin on his stomach.

“Okay?” Finn gasped softly as he rested their foreheads together.

After a few seconds, Alec nodded, “Y-yeah.”

“You can tell me to stop whenever.” Finn said as he eased up Alec’s shirt. Alec let out a soft breath as lips pressed to the center of his chest. Finn was rubbing circles on both hips as his lips trailed over to a nipple. Alec’s eyes almost popped out of his head when Finn’s tongue flicked against the nub. He shifted and took the entire thing into his mouth, sucking gently. Alec’s back arched and he pushed at Finn’s shoulders as a spike of anxiety lanced through him.

“Too much?” Finn asked as he sat back immediately.

Alec squirmed as the air hit his wet skin, “I t-think so. I’m sorry.”

“Why?” Finn’s head tilted to the side and Alec looked away. He let Finn rearrange them until he was snuggled in his arms, Finn’s chest to his back. He closed his eyes as Finn covered them up and tried not to think about his insecurity from earlier. Surely if he kept doing this, Finn would lose patience.

“Isn’t it annoying?”

Finn kissed his neck gently, “No. Don’t think like that. I want you to tell me. I don’t want to do anything you don’t like or aren’t ready for. I love you way too much for that.”

Alec froze, waiting for the other boy to take back his words, or to correct himself. Finn stayed quiet though, and Alec snuggled closer, “M-me too.”

Finn’s arms tightened around him, and he nuzzled his neck, holding him tight.


They fell asleep and woke up to the sun creeping up in the sky, painting everything around it in swaths of orange, red, and yellow. Finn hadn’t lied, it took Alec’s breath away and watching it while holding the blond’s hand made it all the better.

Are y'all ready to hurt?

Next week on IHTT: Pain


Copyright © 2022 Demiurge; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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What kind of medieval town is this:

"parents raised concerns about a gay student in the locker room"?

And as far as Alec's parents are concerned: I agree with Dr. Awzall's comment: they need to be sent to a clinic to get neutured and castrated...or words of that kind. Doen't matter...the effect would be terrific!

But I'm so happy that Alec is slowly coming out of his shell. It puts him in another kind of light (I guess sunset light🙂).

The story remains as compelling as it already was...sweet, gentle, compassionate....can't wait for Ch. 9

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"there have actually been a lot of issues with gay athletes on small town sports teams".

I'm only vaguely aware of that, but I still consider it medieval! Don't tell me these kids get capital punishment on the pyre on the town square. 

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On 3/14/2022 at 4:38 PM, Georgie DHainaut said:

What kind of medieval town is this:

"parents raised concerns about a gay student in the locker room"?

And as far as Alec's parents are concerned: I agree with Dr. Awzall's comment: they need to be sent to a clinic to get neutured and castrated...or words of that kind. Doen't matter...the effect would be terrific!

But I'm so happy that Alec is slowly coming out of his shell. It puts him in another kind of light (I guess sunset light🙂).

The story remains as compelling as it already was...sweet, gentle, compassionate....can't wait for Ch. 9

Yeah, well look at the ‘parents’ and others who are screaming about the books in the Libraries and the curricula in the schools.  They are so afraid that their little darlings’ innocent ears may hear something that they themselves deem offensive, they are trying to take control.  Instead of actually teaching them, they want to hide everything under a rock and pretend it doesn’t exist and will go away.  Sorry, folks.  It doesn’t work that way.  And all they are doing is making sure those kids will be unprepared for the world.

I always told my students that anyone has the right to have control over their own child, but that’s where it ends.  No one has the right to control someone else’s child.  If Suzy’s mom tells me not to give her a certain title, I won’t.  But don’t tell me to take it off the shelf so no one can get it.  You don’t have that right.  Thankfully, a lot of the places where this is being tried, cooler heads are prevailing.

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I'm saddened that Milo has to enlist and be at risk fighting in a war (?). I'm saddened that Finn is hugely afraid that no one will be watching over and protecting Milo. (and afraid this is foreshadowing).

I'm afraid for how Alec is continuing to be bullied by his parents, and that they will be going ballistic with this overnight escape, but suspect Finn's parents will offer Alec the safe haven he needs. Hopefully Alec will choose to go to university or college with or very close to Finn.

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