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Special Thanks to Readers so far and Poll of Favorite Characters in True As It Can Be



True As It Can Be: Favorite Character as of September 2021  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your favorite characters in True As It Can Be? (More than one answer and you can hate to love them too)

    • Beau Cocteau
    • The Beast, Brad Brooks
    • Gary Gaston
    • Mrs. Angela Potter
    • Chip, aka Chris Potter
    • Cook, Dr. Evan Hooker
    • Francis Lumens
    • Paki Featherworth
    • Warren Garcia
    • Min Takato

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  • Poll closed on 10/01/2021 at 03:59 AM

Thanks to all the wonderful readers for recommendations and getting the story more readers views than I imagined, I am deeply gratified that readers enjoyed this story so much in recent weeks. For newcomers, you can catch up on the 6 chapters posted located here.

For Fans, I want to run a poll with you all this month to see who is your favorite characters in this story.


I also want to give an individual shout-out to all those who have given me reactions or recommendations so far as of September 22nd 2021 on this experimental story. I know most authors don't show this level of appreciations like this or write a thank you in the middle of a story, but I've never hit the top 2 spots on GA for my stories, so this blog post is for readers who supported me on this story.

For positive reactions to my story and the recommendations, thank you:











@Gary L



@The Ships Boy
















I know there are other authors and other stories on GA or around the web, I appreciate each of you for giving me your time as I create this story.


I don't know if you will all like how I develop my plot-lines or characters as this story progresses, but I want you all to know your care and interest in this story and its characters is reciprocated by its author.

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Thank you.  You guys do all the work. I lie on my bed after work chilling out with all your help. It is MUCH appreciated 🤗🤗

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