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2012 Readers Choice Winners

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Join me in congratulation the winners of the 2012 Readers Choice Awards.


I'd like to also say Thank You to SidLove for volunteering to make the banners for us.


Best Hosted Story:



Best Promising Story:



Best GA Stories:



Best Anthology Story:



Best Non-GA Story:




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Best Antagonist/Villain:



Best Protagonist/Hero:



Best Poem:



Best Story by a New Anthology Author:



Best GA Stories by a New Author:







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I'd like to say a massive massive thank you, diolch yn fawr and tapadh leat to everybody who not only voted for A Friend in Need, but has ever read any of my stories.


This means so much to me.


All of the winners are truly deserving, and to see my name up there with such a heady mix of GA celebs is totally out of this world.

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Thanks Ieshwar!!


And yes, the WST deserves a round of applause! I can only imagine what effort it takes to organize something like this! Jan, Conner, Cia and everyone else are doing a great job, no doubt. :)

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A note to simply say  'thank you', both for the nominations and honour, though the truth is that all of the stories, poems and characters represented in the final ballot were awesome, and represent hours of hard slog by their authors.  


Here's a link 

to say a bit more to all those who've been supporting ET this last year.


It's hats off to Jan and the whole team for all the work it takes to pull off this annual event and I also need to offer an apology to SidLove for having such an agonisingly long story title, that it's a nightmare to fit in the graphic!


Love ya, and thank you.

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Thank you to those who organized and ran this... and special thanks to SidLove: those banners are awesome!


And I'm with Andy... All hail Cia, :joe: Queen of Cliffhangers! :joe: , Sovereign of the Malevolent Precipices, undisputed ruler of the edge of the looming abyss. Long may she reign!  :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

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Congrats to everyone who won!


And CJ, we all know you rigged this to try and take the heat off yourself and your endless cliffy-ness. Circumnavigation done yet, hmmm? :P

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