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7 hours ago, TalonRider said:

Congratulations to DADDYDAVEK for winning LPW #55.

In celebration we'll be having Chicken Wings and Lasagna at the feast.

WOW, that was so unexpected and its Its Friday GIF


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And back to me again.

Get Gnarly and Go Talk On An Elevator. And don't forget your wear your Lipstick. The Whistle Blower says it's Father-in-Law Day so we'll be having Cheesecake

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3 hours ago, clochette said:

Damnabit I missed it <_<

Congrats DDK :hug: *snatch!* :gikkle:


Is that the avocados way of having sex? :unsure:

Asexual avocados I reckon :unsure2: :lol:



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No reason..
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We've got 90's coming back this week.

Grab some Ice Cream Sandwich's and your Coloring Book. It's National Night Out Day. In DD's case, he probably should put his sandwiches in a cooler. 

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