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Brandon Smiling: From the Billy Chase Chronicles (2) - 2. Entry 2


You know, I didn’t sleep much last night after getting home from my ‘walk-about’.

Billy’s house, I couldn’t get it out of my mind! The room up behind his window, all the various little ‘things’ that I could see in there just from my glances…they made me want to be in there with him. In there…with himalone!

The thought just didn’t leave me last night at all! Seeing his home all lit up like a warm inviting beacon in the darkest night just made Billy more real to me somehow, you know?

But, I figured I’d be a total loss today at school. I really shouldn’t do these things on Thursday nights, a school night! What’s weird is that, due to the events of today, I didn’t miss that bit a sleep one single bit!

I’m gonna get Chandler something for this one! He really is the Yoda of all Gayness!

So, it all started with ‘Oddworld’ today . . .

No, you see there’s this game called Oddworld and, though I think of it as pretty lame next to Overwatch, I think it might be my favorite game now! But…

…Only when I get to play it at Billy’s HOUSE! 😃

So, we were talking about it for a while and I see that Billy is pretty into it. I’d honestly love to get him into World Of Warcraft if for no other reason than to show him off to Cedrick and Franc! Hehehe! But, I get it. Sometimes parents ‘aren’t made of money’ or whatever and Oddworld has a free subscription. Um . . .

Off Topic! 😠


Yeah, I wish that way, but we behaved ourselves…unfortunately. We stuck with talking a lot with very little Oddworlding which was way more than fine with me!

I’m rather proud of myself with this too, because it was I that suggested I come over to play since Billy was willing to loan me his copy of the game! I mean, it’s about time! I cruise his house at night, for God’s sake! I might as well just let myself in now, right? Right!

If you remember all the times I waxed poetic about how intimate it was just to talk to Billy on the phone, you can just imagine what this was like! We had the same connection, the same ease of talking, the same draw to one another only it was one-thousand times stronger! It took everything I had not to pin him to his bed and do unspeakable acts to every inch of his delicious little body! OMG! I was so hard through that whole visit, you have no idea, except, now you do, I guess.

It didn’t help that I pre-planned a little something completely naughty before I went over there today! I did this even though I knew I was going to need to use my bike to get over to his house in a reasonable amount of time. Walking around aimlessly at night is one thing, but I was not going to be late for THIS date! So, I went in black jeans…but, without any underwear on! I should be ashamed, but…am not, am not, am not! Riding my bike over in that condition just got me cooking in all the wrong-right ways, if you know what I mean.

I sat all over his bed with naught anything between me and his soft and fluffy sheets except some thin denim. It felt so-o good! I didn’t want any resistance if my dream with Billy came true today! Unfortunately, like I said, we behaved ourselves, or, at least, Billy did! I think I’m seriously turning into a whore for Billy these days! Cue the bad porno music . . .

You know what? I think my little dressing choice was working too! Even though I showered before going over to Billy’s but, (just in case ‘naked things’ happened, as Jamie would call it) I could, kind of, smell myself and my arousal. That strange funk you get when you either are completely nude or when, like I was, not completely absorbent with nice boxer-briefs. Hehehe! I think Billy might have gotten a whiff too, but it didn’t gross him out. Something about me today absolutely fascinated him! Maybe, it was that!

He…couldn’t keep his eyes off of me, guys! When we talked, he was so attentive to every detail. I caught him looking me up and down more than once. I knew I could feel something from him that was far more than friendship today! Perhaps, my attempt at seducing him today really worked! Maybe Chandler’s having me ‘work Billy’ to drive him completely nuts has finally broken something loose inside!

In any case, despite my desires, I didn’t push the issue. If I am wrong and he was just Billy being ‘Billy,’ straight but being the most attentive friend in the world, then I don’t want to damage what we have with advances yet.

I, sort of, made the first move today. I think the next should be Billy’s! I hope he will!

I hope, I hope, I hope!

I’ll be sure to say ‘yes, yes, yes’ no matter what despicably depravedly and beautiful thing he wants us to do! I’m so willing and ready, Billy! I’m ripe for the taking, boy! I just need you to pick me off my tree! PWEEEZE!

This is Brandon, low hanging fruit!


It’s strange, but from one day to the next I have no idea where my life is going anymore.

Yesterday, it was all clear. I had Billy in my back pocket and all I wanted was him to keep his hand there. Friday afternoon was so wonderful that it feels unreal. Was it real? Did it happen?

You know, it’s only because of this blog that I can really prove to myself that yesterday happened.

I know, to any sane person, yesterday was no big deal. Nothing ‘real’ happened between us. I didn’t get him naked and suck him off until he was unconscious with delight. I didn’t get bent over the bed and used in all the delicious ways I wanted Billy to use me. It was just . . . being with him! That was wonderful enough for me that yesterday seemed too good to be true.

But it was true! It did happen and, not only did it happen, I made it happen!

That kind of feeling of control and finally getting things to go my way for a change may be why yesterday seemed so unreal. That may also be because today was so out of my control!

The morning started normal enough. I went out this morning after breakfast and raked up some leaves for my Dad. We went to the store together to get some groceries and I helped him with that. I played a little bit and I played Oddworld just to . . . keep remembering, you know?

This all lasted till after lunch and then, like a reverso-mirror image of yesterday afternoon, this afternoon happened! It happened while my Dad was off on a trip to his office and I was left alone in the house to ‘man the ship,’ as my Dad puts it.

I found myself ‘puttering around,’ as my Grandad likes to call dinking about the house cleaning a bit, setting things in order, vacuuming, playing a game, etc. It was a weird ‘nesting’ instinct that came on this afternoon, all of a sudden. It was almost like I was expecting company, which I wasn’t. Which is why when Benji showed up at the door around 3 PM I almost fell down!

“Hey, Dude! Howzzit hangin’, Brand-X!” I kid you not, Nameless Hacker, his hair was all feathered like an old 80s rock star! It was like a mane all around Benji’s face which made that face more beautiful than would seem humanly possible! Not only that, but I couldn’t help but notice he wore denim cut-off shorts that looked skin tight and another jersey just a little too short for his midriff! It was belly button time!

“Uh . . .” was all that could come out of my mouth, though I did have the presence of mind to step out of his way and show him in the door! What else was I supposed to say? From what dimension did Benji just appear out of today?

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind! Stevie was supposed to ride in with me, but he got held up by his Grammaw. Steve-Stick has been always kind of adorable with his Grams that way. He can’t refuse her anything! Soanywayz, he gave me your address and said he’d meet me here! Cool?” Benji said, flopping his gorgeous self onto our couch and propping his skateboard up next to him. I had to admire at all the decals and stickers he’d found to put on the thing!

“Uh . . . no problem! Thanks for coming . . . unexpected as it is. You, uh . . . ” I tried not to look at his ‘manspreading’ legs, promising a show like no other, but the effort of trying to talk and not look were two conflicting things that were quickly short-circuiting my poor little brain.

“Hahahaha! Does me not wearing undies weird you out, Brand X? Sorry, ‘bout that. None of us Skaters do. They just get in the way when we’re doing stuff, um, on the board, ya know.” Benji caught me! He caught me like he was looking to catch me! OMG! If more hadn’t happened this afternoon, I’d have been in a state of total panic right now, but . . .

“Uh, no worries. Just not, um, used to seeing so much outside of the gym showers. Heh.” I tried to play it off, but my nervousness was too obvious, obviously.

“You guys in the Burbs crack me up! You all get so uptight about silly stuff! Too many churches out here! That’s who I blame! Anything to do with fuckin’ and ‘shit-oh-my’! Hahahaha!” Benji’s infectious laugh made me smile despite my nerves.

“Dude, you’re so right about that! It’s like the rumor mill out here is better than sex for most of these guys. One ‘weirdness’ and you’re a ‘freak’ or a ‘fag’ and no in-between.” I passed it off easily enough.

Benji wasn’t going to let me get off that easy, though, “So, which are you? A Freak or a Fag?” I swear I didn’t breathe for a whole minute when he asked that! OMFG! Are you fucking kidding me?

“Uhhhhh, hopefully neither! Heh.” I said as I tried to retreat into the kitchen to ‘get drinks’.

“I’ve been both most of my life. I’m a Freak coz I am a ‘Skaterboi’ and I’m a Fag because I’m a ‘pretty blond Skaterboi’. I wish some guys would just, like, ask me out on a date rather than go through the whole homophobe bullshit! I’m down for a date with anybody that pays for the pizza!” Benji actually said this in my own living room, in the presence of a statue of Mary and the Baby Jesus! Whoa!

“Um, hehehe, what now?” I peeked out from around the corner, Benji was up pacing around and looking at our knick-knacks and stuff like he was admiring them.

“Sure! I date both boys and girls. I don’t expect the girls to pay for the pizza, though, unless they want to. I guess they call what I am ‘bi’. I think it’s easier than that. I basically love beauty wherever I find it!” Benji said, picking up one of my mom’s old miniatures of Michelangelo’s David . . . the nakedest thing in the house outside of Benji without underwear under his shorts!”

Beauty? Guys are . . . beautiful to you?I asked with the appropriate amount of skepticism. As we know secretly in our very own blog here, I certainly know how guys can be absolutely beautiful! Benji being a prime example of this!

“Some are. Some are just sexy without being ‘pretty’. A few are definitely both! Girls too, though finding a guy that is truly beautiful inside and out - that’s something special!” Benji gently put ‘David’ down, but I noticed he was sure to trace his finger down David’s rump as he did this and said what he said.


“Girls got a lock on us guys when it comes to being honest about their feelings and being true to them. It’s the rare guy that allows himself to do that. I aim to not be that guy! Honesty, no matter how rough, is always better than lies!” Benji said like Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Skater Dude!

“I don’t know! I’ve recently met a girl or two that doesn’t match the ‘honesty’ thingie too well!” I called out Joanna without naming her. Billy’s Ex is not high on my list of ‘good girls,’ not by a long-shot!

“Meh, no one is perfect. Weird as it may seem, Bruh, what I’ve noticed about girls is that they go dishonest when whoever they are dating is being dishonest. Girls seem to be all about ‘justice’ I guess. Hehehe!” He said as he slowly wandered over to where I was standing. I would have asked what he meant by that one since this concerned Billy and all, but I was too hypnotized for that. I was because he wandered over to me and stood in front of me, stared at me for a moment (which was definitely ‘weird as it may seem’), and then got this big silly grin.

“Got any snacks?” He asked. It was adorable, for some reason. I could only think of Chester when he hears someone shaking his favorite treat bag. To punctuate this bizarre request, Chester came into the room, made a bee-line straight for Benji and began the whole figure eight thing around his legs! Apparently, Benji was attractive even to cats!

“Ooo, hey buddy! What’s your name!” Chester called himself ‘Purrow’ like he normally does when he’s being extra ‘charming’. I helped with the translation.

“He means Chester, but has a hard time pronouncing it. Hehehe!” I say, being thankful to my pussycat for coming to my rescue. Any more sexual hypnosis from Benji would have lead me to some kind of compromising position, I’m pretty sure.

He picked up Chester, which he hardly lets anybody do, where Chester then snuggles into Benji’s arms like he’s always belonged there.

“I think he likes you! Feel honored. Let me go look for some of those ‘snacks’ you two are after.” I couldn’t help but have a flirtatious humor in my voice. It’s hard not to return Benji’s flirts. He’s too damned good at it!

“Try not to mix ‘em up, if you don’t mind. I hate catnip.” Benji teased.

Oh my God, it’s so hard not to fall for someone this, well - charming! Where on earth did he come from and how is it he found his way here and settled in like he’d always belonged here?

I seriously thought, as I got out some nuts and pumpkin seeds for snacks and Chester’s favorite Meow Mix treats, that since Billy is straight, why not go for this invitation! Lookswise, Benji, is more perfect even than Jamie or Chandler. He’s got those beautifully wild blond looks, a fun lifestyle, and an undeniably sexy-wicked sense of humor that is hard not to fall for. More seductively he has a sense of honesty and freedom about him that are things I so…crave, even in just a friend!

But, then I consider Billy’s continuing ‘weirdness’ toward me and Chandler’s words keep coming back to me.

Is Benji Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now?

Billy and I are on the verge of something. I don’t want to spoil it with a fling. Even a fling as tasty as Benji promises to be!

So…he and I had snacks. He showed me a rather cool channel on the ESPN series that covers nothing but ‘X Games’ - those being ones about skateboards, snowboards, surfing, BMX mountain biking…that kind of stuff.

Stevie finally made it over and we all went out for pizza. Between the three of us we could come up with enough for a whole large pepperoni just for us! I got a couple of pieces, Stevie only took one piece and picked all the pepperonis off - the rest went down Benji’s gullet! The boy can EAT! God only knows where all those calories go, even with skateboarding and anything else he gets up to.

So, no Nameless Hacker, I couldn’t treat you to any sizzling details about any of the delights that can go on in an afternoon spent alone with an awesome boy sent from Heaven.

I held on to my ‘virtue’ as the old books used to call it (semi-virginity).

But, I have to say, Billy might be on a timer now. If something real doesn’t start happening between us soon, I may move on! I can’t believe it, but I’m in demand now! But, I can’t let that go to my head. I’ve never won any popularity contests, so I’ve got to be careful not to give too much away at once to someone I don’t really know.

I have to be careful with this old heart of mine, you know? I only have one and once it's broken…it might just stay that way!

This is Brandon The Virtuous!

Copyright © 2021 MrM; All Rights Reserved.
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