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Catering with Benefits (1) 1. Appetites

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This is a gay story that, unashamedly steps outside the boxes.

A somewhat sedate medical assistant allows a free-spirited, delightful young exhibitionist into his life, with liberating consequences. Their brave new enterprise develops into a successful partnership utilising the talents of both.

A slice of Australian life, some funny, some serious and with sex scenes in many different flavours that contradict the notion that suburban life is dull. 

A caterer, a creative and decorative entertainer with a penchant for body ornament, a designer of exquisite jewellery, a dancer, a couple of nurses, an ex drag queen, and a personal secretary who knows every secret, all live, laugh, argue, flirt, and enjoy themselves with unwavering politeness, in the best of all possible taste—usually. 
Also meet an insanely wealthy couple, their lovers and other devoted workers, an ex-soldier with masochistic inclinations, his lover and friends and their lovers and friends in a story with a cast of characters who have to deal with institutional child sex abuse, homophobia, acceptance and rejection, domestic violence, medical ethics, catering with risqué add-ons, marriage equality, sexual fetishes and some gay history in Australia,
Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.

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· Edited by Summerabbacat

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I admit to being a little biased as the story is quintessentially Australian and, being Australian myself I am able identify with much of the language and settings of this wonderful story.

The author, Wombat Bill, has a wicked and quirky sense of humour as demonstrated quite often in the chapter titles and the inspiration for the titles. Witty repartee between the characters, particularly if Edward is involved, is one of the many attractions of this story.

The story is character-driven. Wombat Bill plants his characters, warts and all, in settings both ordinary and melodramatic, realising characters that are believable and for the most part likeable.

The introduction of the additional characters into the lives of our protagonists Craig and Justin is never forced; the said characters woven into their lives in a rich tapestry of events, expanding their horizons both in business and their private lives which s a joy to behold.

A beautifully written story that kept me intrigued, delighted and wanting more from beginning to end. 

Response from the author:

Thank you for a favourable review from another of this sites top reviewers. It is so reassuring to know my work is not only read but liked. I am thrilled that I have brought a little joy into my readers' lives at a time when we all need a daily hug. :hug:

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· Edited by chris191070

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This is a gay story that steps outside the box.

Our two main characters are Craig and Justin. They first meet when Craig is Justin's nurse whilst he's in hospital. 

Craig is a rather sedate person and Justin is a bit of an exhibitionist, but they work well together when forming there new business. But this story is not just about Craig and Justin, we also meet there fantastic friends.

There are some very interesting experiences for our friends throughout the story. We meet some good people and some not so good people.

A great insight into the lives of a group of friends, that prove the Australian suburban  lifestyle is anything but dull.

A fantastic read and I look forward to Book 2 of Craig, Justin and friends adventures.


Response from the author:

Thank you for a generous review. Feedback like this keeps me writing. It is especially pleasing to be reviewed by this sites top reviewer. :D

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