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Pets you own

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Thought it would be quite fun and interesting to see what members have what pets, and if you like, you could even post some pics of them.


So i'll start as I guess that would help.


I have 2 cats - Smokey (Russian Blue) and Sasha (Moggy) Smokey is 11 in May and I think Sasha is 6. I also have a 220ltr Fish tank where I keep my tropical fish. I have a veriety of community fish 0 Angles, Neons, Tiger barb, scissortails and up until last month a catfish, but he passed away :(


Here are my two Kitties...




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Those are gorgeous cats. :)  I also have two cats.  They are brothers and are around 6 years old.  Joker is a tuxedo cat.  He's the one in my profile pic.  The Dark Knight is all black. 




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Awww, they are really sweet. Joker looks like he has spotted a fly or something the way he is looking. Whatever it was I hope he ate it :D

LOL  That's exactly what happened in that picture. ;)  They are pretty good about eating bugs, except for centipedes.  The little bastards won't eat those.  *shudder*

Cute cats, James. :)  My cat bed is used as a toy box.  None of my cats have ever showed an inclination to actually sleep in it.  lol

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I have two cats Amalia and Esteri, and then there´s this stray tom cat who comes to eat here almost daily. He´s been doing that about four years now and still won´t let me touch him and won´t come indoors. He´s the fourth stray who has adopted me as their feeder and they always end up staying years. 


(Sorry, no idea how to post pictures  :/  But there are some in the gallery.)

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throughout 5 years, i have had 16 hamsters, all teddy bears. 2 dogs but one died due to a heart disease and currently own a dog (Rocky), several dozen fish i dont give names to and a turtle (Justin) and almost adopt a 3 legged frog a minute ago but didnt.

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OK - I will be the first to branch out into the larger animals.  The only pet I have at the moment is Bo, a 22 yr old appaloosa, who's pic I use as my profile pic. His full show name is Bodacious Spots, and although you can't see them in this pic, his butt is covered in brown spots. I have the same issue with having no idea how to post a pic here or I would share several of the hundreds I have.


Even though I don't actually own them, I get to help care for 49 other horses at the barn I work for, so to a degree I guess you can say I have an entire herd, and I get almost as upset when one of the others get ill or injured as I do when it happens to Bo!

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Ill follow Kitt here :) i sold my pony a few days ago so im back down to one horse, who i absolutely adore. Hes called Lincoln, Linc, Linky. etc. and hes a purebred registered Cleveland Bay :)



Also got one cat (who hates me slightly) called Lottie



two guinea pigs (who are the coolest things ever) called Ludo (left) and Archer (right)



two rabbits, that technically belong to my sister. Officially they are called Alfie (left) and Charlie (right) but i accidently renamed them Angry (left) and Hairy (right) and its unfortunately stuck...  :*)  :lol:



and three fish :)

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We have three sugar gliders--Andromeda, Lucy, and Apple, one guinea pig--Patches, and 3 beta fish. (Andromeda is the sugar glider in the first picture but all three of them look alike to everyone but me.)


IMG 20150221 185516164

IMG 20150221 185618613


Over the years, however, we've had two cats (J.C. & K.B.), three other guinea pigs (Jasmine & Aurora & Snuggles), another sugar glider (Nutmeg), a sun conure (Misty), as well as a snail, (yes, I said snail) named Emma that my daughter picked up on a trail hike that lived for almost two years. And that's just since being on my own, not all the various dogs, cats, birds and hamsters that I grew up with.

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Currently we just have two dogs, Dixiebelle, a blue eyed Catahoula/Healer/Lab mix and her daughter Gracie Bear also called the Menace. Which is one dog to many, any one want the menace?


Over the years I've had numerous cats, but only a few stick out in memory: Tobias (or Toby) was a beige tabby, a real character who ate veggies. George was a grey tabby who would go on walks with me, and if I went too far would be waiting on the steps when I got home. And Harley (Har-Har), a small orange tabby, was a traveler, he drove up the east coast with us and disappeared at each place we stayed the night only to reappear when we were packing the car.


We've also had a blue tailed skink named Apollo, two parakeets named Snowball and Dragon, two mice named Satchmo and Nemo, and various unnamed fish.

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Bubbles! Brittany Spaniel. :D Very calm in the house, but gently playful and patient with the kiddies. Very soft mouthed as well and rarely barks. She's also a lot better behaved than everyone else in the house. :D

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Ah...all of mine have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Its too hard to let them go so I've not summoned any more.


They were all cats, of course. All cats seem to connect with me in a special way...even big ones. My perfect pet would be a Tiger.

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Just one, rather large, horse.


Copper is a 19 year old Irish sport (which is horse speak for no particular breed at all). he's 16.2hh, and has this lovely habit of bucking when he's happy, or annoyed, or excited... or just generally. Copper is semi retired now, which means he gets to have a lovely easy life of long walks, nice hacks out across fields, and lots of time to roll around in his field and actually be a horse.


Here he is looking lovely and red in the winter sunlight, getting ready for a ride.




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Isn't that bundled in as standard with the ownership deal? :lol:


youd think, but she genuinely does! :lol: she loves the rest of the family but doesnt bother asking me for food, affection, love, etc. and the last time i tried to move her off my bed she attacked my hand! it sucks being treated with utter contempt by an animal.... 

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I've got a cat, her name's Cacahuète (translate by Peanut), she's 6. And two goldfish. 

My cat loves to drink in the bowl of the goldfish on the coffee table, never saw her drink anywhere else.


I don't know how to put a pic here so there's a link



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All this is good but nothing beat my friend who actually lives in a zoo so he had bears, tigers, lions, wolves, monkeys, otters, over 500 penguins and just about as many wild animals as possible.

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Well, let's see:


3 chickens, Henny Penny, Little Red and Margaret. 

18 Quails: all with superhero names thanks to my kids

5 cats: Thor, Pirate, Sweety Pie, Wisdom and Lilyfur

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Woobie Bear

and (Hurricane) Sandy

too cute!!! I want to come to your house for snuggles.

All this is good but nothing beat my friend who actually lives in a zoo so he had bears, tigers, lions, wolves, monkeys, otters, over 500 penguins and just about as many wild animals as possible.


none of these things are pets. wild animals are not, and should never be, considered as pets.

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I understand what you saying sasha and I wouldn't count them as pets either, but my mate has grew up with them and even interacts with some so there pets to him I know it not like a dog a cat or a rabbit.

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