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More, More, More Gay Stories And Authors

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Hi Frankie and welcome to GA. There are a lot - and I mean a lot - of excellent stories to choose from at GA. This is just a small sampling and I see AJ has suggested quite a few good ones as well. 


Summer Book 1 of CJ by Carlos Hazday.


 and AutumnWinterSpring, and Travels which are books 2 through 5 of this ongoing series 


Running with the Pack by wolfm  


The Navigator by Cynus


Dean Warner Intrigues by Daddydavek


Andrew Todd's stories  - Three Hearts and Riding Lesson are posted here. RL is a series and TH is a standalone


Falls Creek Lessons by Graeme


 Birds Don't Sing Before a Storm and  A Delicate Situation by Ronyx

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I would also check out the anthologies, they have a range of stories written by different authors on the site.  


I use them sometimes to get a flavour of a particular author - then I can move onto something more substantial. To see the anthology listings go to Stories and then click on the Categories side bar and you can see the listings and the live links to each anthology. :)

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Hi Frankie and welcome.  All of the above are good selections.  Unfortunately everyones taste is different, so what I like you might not find interesting.  With that in mind I will list a few authors and stories I really like:


Three hearts by Andrew Todd


The CJ stories by Carlos Hazday


The W.A.R. series by JKSquirrel


Gemini by Sammy Blue


The Knotts series by Uplifted Spirit


Rules of the Road by Geron Kees


Wolf Like Me by Dayne Mora



There are so many more that trying to keep listing them is pointless.  When I find a story I like I tend to follow that storie and author faithfully until I exhaust the offerings of that author.  I also tend to lean toward 'Coming of Age' stories and stories with positave endings.  It just lets me live the life I could not 30-40 years ago :).  Hope this helps populate your library.


Best Wishes,


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Ooh! Everyone has offered such amazing recommendations that I'm hardpressed to add anything to it! :D


Hmm... let's see:

Frankie, these are wonderful stories by wonderful authors. :yes: Enjoy! :D

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I recommend going to the "stories" tab at the top left of the page and then looking at the left column and selecting "favorites".


I personally recommend:




By C. James


Anything by Mark Arbour




The stories by Andrew Q. Gordon 



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Oh and Frankie, here's an old thread that also has many recommendations for stories and authors. :)


I knew you'd find it Drew. I tried but to no avail. 


Edit: Okay, that's not what I was looking for so no wonder I could not find it. I thought there was another story recommendation thread. Ah well, guess not. 

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What I've done in the past is to use the GA Stories Advanced Search function. I would pick a genre (typically Romance or Drama -- I'm a big softy at heart), then pick one or more tags that I like (eg. "college", "coming out", "coming of age", etc). I usually pick a status of "Complete" because I prefer to read stories once they've finished, but there are a lot of great stories that are still in the "In Process" status.


After that, I browse the list of stories presented to see if the story description and other tags appeals. For example, I usually don't read a story with an "abuse" tag, though there have been exceptions when I know the author :)

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In addition to all the great recommendations already posted, I want to invite you into the amazing Metaverse! A story unlike anyone I've read before. https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/browse/list/?filtertype_6=series&filtervalue_6=71d05a90c6ba1be00f7e2f99948b58a1


Also, check out Sasha Distan and metajinx, two authors I really like.


My tastes are perhaps somewhat on the dark side, but I am a hopeless romantic, so it's not too gritty...

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Hey! So, as a new member of GA, I'd very much LOVE help on deciding what to read. If anyone has opinions on anything, why don't you reply? I really just want to add on to my list of gay literature/stories, so help would be appreciated! Thanks!

:P  :D


If you're into teen drama's I've been told I am really great at them. Click the banner below and it'll take you to my stories, hope one catches your interest! <3

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