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Watergame - 40. Chapter 40

Note: All sexually involved characters in this chapter are Eighteen years of age or older. There may be some gay sex described in this chapter.

Chapter 40 picks up with Kevin and Bryan’s return trip to Kenworth, and Uncles Jim and Calvin’s plans for a weekend at the cabin with Dayton, and perhaps Julian.

* * * * * *

Watergame Chapter 40, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer

It’s Tuesday evening, August 21st, and Kevin and Bryan have loaded everything into the cars, and mounted the bikes on Bryan’s bike rack. They’re planning to leave for Kenworth Wednesday morning, it’s a long trip and they will need two days to drive it.

When KC senior arrived home from work, the four of them enjoyed their last dinner together. Kurt and Audrey hated to see the boys leaving, but it just part of having Sons in college. Yes, with Kevin and Bryan in a relationship, they feel like they have two Sons in college, even though Bryan is not a financial burden.

Just as they finished eating dinner Kevin’s phone sounded. Glancing at the screen Kevin saw that it was Ryan and answered “Hi Buddy, what’s up?”

“Kevin,” Ryan asked, “have you left for Kenworth yet?”

“No Ryan,” Kevin replied, “Bryan and I are planning to leave in the morning, why?”

“Well, I’m in a bit of a bind,” Ryan stated, “My Dad couldn’t get the time off from his job to take me back. I tried to get a bus ticket and Greyhound said all of the seats were already filled. I was hoping I might be able to hitch a ride with you, and I can help pay for the gas.”

“Let me discuss this with Bryan,” Kevin replied, “and I’ll call you back shortly. Do you have a way to get to Dunbar from Ridgeville?”

“My Dad can bring me that far before he goes to work.” Ryan said, “I’d be getting there early, like 6:00 AM, as he has to be at his job at 7:00 AM.”

“I have an idea, Ryan,” Kevin replied, “Stick tight, and I’ll call you back.” They hung up and Kevin explained Ryan’s situation to Bryan and Audrey. Bryan was open to giving Ryan a ride back to Kenworth, thinking it might be nice to have Ryan riding with them, since they would be taking both cars back, and would have the front passenger seats empty.

“Mom,” Kevin asked, “if Ryan’s Dad could bring him here tonight, could Ryan sleep in the guest room?”

“Sure Honey,” Audrey replied, grinning, “I know that Bryan won’t be sleeping in it!” The boys both grinned, and Kevin called Ryan back and he picked up on the first ring.

“Ryan, could your Dad bring you here tonight,” Kevin asked, “and you can sleep in our guest room?”

“I think so, hold on a minute and I’ll ask him,” Ryan put Kevin on hold for about two minutes and returned. “We can leave here as soon as I can get my luggage in the car. I need your address so my Dad can put it in the GPS, and we should be there in about an hour and a half.”

“Great,” Kevin said, “we’ll expect you around 7:30.” Kevin gave Ryan the address and they hung up. “Thanks, Mom, you’re the greatest!” Audrey smiled.

About 7:25 Ryan’s Dad pulled into the driveway and Kevin and Bryan walked out to welcome him, both giving Ryan a hug. Ryan introduced his Dad to Kevin and Bryan, and then Audrey and Kurt came out to meet Ryan and his dad.

“Mr. Collins,” Mr. Wilkins stated, “it’s my pleasure to meet Kevin’s parents. You’ve raised a wonderful son, and my son speaks highly of Kevin. I also want to thank you two boys for giving Ryan a ride back to college.”

“It’s not a problem,” Kevin said, “Ryan is not only our teammate, but also a good friend, and we think highly of him also.” Ryan pulled his luggage out of his Dad’s car and Bryan and Kevin carried it, putting it into the back seat of Kevin’s car. Ryan’s Dad took off for Ridgeville and Kevin led Ryan, with his overnight bag into the house and showed him to his room.

“Ryan, have you had any supper?” Audrey asked.

“Not really,” Ryan said, “Mama didn’t have dinner ready yet and Papa wanted to bring me here and get back home before it got too late.”

“We have food left over from our dinner,” Audrey said, “let me fix you a plate and I can reheat it in the microwave.”

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Collins,” Ryan said, “I really appreciate that.”

“Hey,” Audrey said, smiling, “We’ve got to keep our basketball team healthy and nourished.” Bryan and Kevin sat with Ryan while he enjoyed his dinner.

Planning a reasonably early start the next day, the boys all headed for bed about 9:00 PM that night. As usual, Kevin and Bryan stripped naked before crawling into bed.

At 5:45 AM the alarm sounded in Kurt and Audrey’s room and Audrey quickly donned her housecoat, went to the kitchen and started coffee to brew. Kurt, wearing just his skivvies, followed about 5 minutes later.

At 6:00 AM Kevin’s phone alarm sounded, waking him and Bryan. After sharing a morning pee Kevin and Bryan walked into the guestroom to wake up Ryan, still in their naked glory. Playfully, the two boys grabbed the sheet and blanket and uncovered a naked Ryan, waking him.

Ryan, opening his eyes, seeing both boys standing naked by his bed, and grinning, “Wow, what a sweet sight to wake up to! I smell coffee, guess I’d better get dressed.” Swinging his legs off the bed and standing up with very obvious morning wood, Bryan couldn’t resist giving it a friendly cuff, with a grin on his face. It was the biggest pecker that Bryan had ever touched.

“No need to get dressed yet,” Kevin said, “just pull on your boxers. Mom is quite used to seeing us in our underwear this early in the day.” Typical of many black dudes, Ryan was rather well hung. Kevin had seen it a few times when Ryan was his dorm mate, and even nursed on it a couple of times before he and Bryan became close. Ryan pulled on his boxers and headed to the bathroom while Bryan and Kevin returned to Kevin’s room and pulled on their own boxers. All three boys then wandered to the kitchen and joined Kurt and Audrey for first cups of coffee.

Audrey thought it a bit different, used to seeing white boys nearly naked at the table, but this morning she viewed black and white. She couldn’t help notice that Ryan was quite muscular and had a well-defined body. While Kurt and the three boys sipped their coffee she started cooking breakfast, and shortly afterwards they all enjoyed breakfast together. Kurt and Audrey both took an immediate liking to Ryan and Kurt was pleased that the three boys seemed to have no racial differences.

As soon as breakfast was finished Kurt went to his bedroom and donned his work clothes. Just before leaving, Kurt pulled Kevin and Bryan into his arms for a group hug.

Kurt, giving Ryan a warm hug, “Ryan, we enjoyed meeting you, and I’m depending on you to keep my boys safe and on the right road.” Ryan smiled. “Guys, drive carefully and I hope you have a safe and pleasant drive back to campus. I need to leave, or I’ll be late for work.”

“Have a good day Mr. Collins,” Ryan said, “and thank you for yours and Mrs. Collins awesome hospitality. You made me feel very welcome and I totally enjoyed spending the last few hours with you all.”

“Ryan,” Kurt replied, “any close friends of our boys is welcome in our home, and we truly enjoyed your visit. We hope to see you again soon. I gotta go.” Kurt grabbed his briefcase and left. On his way, Kurt was thinking how happy he was that the three boys got along so well, regardless of their skin color, and he really had a feeling of love for Ryan.

The boys shared a last cup of coffee with Audrey, and then headed to their rooms to dress for travel. Returning to the kitchen with their overnight bags they all (including Ryan) gave Audrey a goodbye hug and a kiss on her cheek.

“Mrs. Collins,” Ryan stated, “thank you so much for everything! I think I have fallen in love with your whole family.”

“Ryan,” Audrey replied, “I think we have also fallen in love with you. You’re welcome to make this your home away from home, stop by and say ‘hi’ anytime you’re in the area, or if you need a place to sleep. I know we haven’t met him, but give our love to Brandon when you get back to him.”

Ryan, eyes opened wide, “You know about Brandon?”

Audrey, grinning, “Of course we know about Brandon, and you. Our boys don’t keep many secrets from Kurt and me, especially about their love life, and their friends. Don’t worry, we would never hold your sexuality against you. We know that some boys just happen to fall in love with other boys, it’s just a fact of life.”

“I’ve never dared to come out to my Mama and Papa,” Ryan admitted, “I suppose some day they’ll figure it out, and I dread that day. I don’t know if they would accept that their Son is gay.”

“You might be surprised, Ryan,” Audrey replied, “If your parents really love you, they will accept your sexuality and still love you, just like we love Kevin, and now Bryan. If push comes to shove, you’ve got adopted family here that cares, and will give you support, moral support at least.”

“It’s good to know that, Mrs. Collins, but I hope I don’t have to fall back on that,” Ryan said, “I probably need to get my ass out there or I’ll miss my ride to Kenworth.”

Approaching Kevin and Bryan, both standing by their cars, “Which car are we taking?” Ryan asked.

“Both of them,” Bryan stated, “I’m going to lead, and Kevin is following with his car.”

“So who am I riding with?” Ryan asked.

“I don’t think it matters to us,” Bryan replied, “do you have a preference?”

“No, just as long as I have a place to ride, I like both of you,” Ryan stated, “I guess I’m an equal opportunity rider.”

“Suppose you ride with one of us,” Bryan suggested, “and when we make stops, you switch cars, and that way you can keep both of us company for parts of the journey.”

“Works for me,” Ryan replied.

“I think we need a signaling plan,” Kevin said, “since your leading, if you pull off the road, I’ll follow you, and if I need to make a stop, I’ll flash my headlights to signal you and we can both pull off.”

“That should work,” Bryan agreed. “I need to tank up before we hit the highway, I’ve only got a quarter tank of gas.”

“I’m about half full,” Kevin stated, “I might as well top off too, and we’ll both have full tanks. Where you stop for gas I’ll fill up too.” Both boys got into their drivers’ seats, and Ryan was moving his hand back and forth as in eny-meny-miny-mo, and sat in the front seat of Kevin’s car.

Bryan backed out of his spot and drove toward the road, Kevin right behind. Audrey stood by, and waved the boy’s goodbye, hating to see them leave.

Heading toward the highway, Bryan pulled into the pumps at the convenience store by the on-ramp and Kevin pulled to another pump, and both started to fill their tanks, using their debit cards.

Ryan, stepping out of Kevin’s car, “What do you guys want to drink?” Kevin asked for just water, and Bryan asked for Pepsi. About the time they finished filling the gas tanks, Ryan returned with a Pepsi, water and a Sprite for himself. Handing the Pepsi to Bryan, he slid back into Kevin’s car with the water and Sprite.

Tanks filled, Bryan led the way up the ramp to the highway, heading North toward I-65. Bryan was easy to follow, as there aren’t very many cars on the highway with two bikes on the back.

Ryan, about half an hour later, “Fuck! I should have used the restroom back at the gas station, I didn’t realize how bad I need to tinkle, until now!”

“Relax Ryan,” Kevin said, “I need relief too, coffee does that to you. Relief is only minutes away.” Kevin started to flash his headlights.

“I can’t relax!” Ryan stated, “I’ll pee in my pants.” Bryan saw the signal and pulled off on the next exit, pulling onto the shoulder of the ramp and parked, Kevin following, and parking behind him. Ryan wasted no time exiting the car and unzipping his pants, pulling out his manhood and letting go. Bryan walked back from his car and Kevin walked around his car and they joined Ryan, all three of them watering the grass on the shoulder of the ramp. “That was close! I didn’t think I was gonna make it!”

Kevin, grinning, “Judging from that wet spot on the front of your pants, I’m not so convinced that you did make it!” Ryan looked down at his pants.

“I think I started to squirt a little while I was trying to get that snake pulled out of my fly.” The embarrassed Ryan admitted.

Bryan, thinking about what he and Kevin had observed early that morning, “I think you’ve got more snake to pull out than either one of us do. Don’t sweat it Ryan, it’ll dry in a couple of hours. Are you ready to ride with me for a while?” Ryan nodded and crawled into the passenger’s seat of Bryan’s car.

A few minutes and they approached the interchange where the freeway crossed I-65 and Bryan guided them up the on-ramp to I-65 North, Kevin following.

“Bryan, you aren’t going to tell the other players that I pissed my pants, are you?” Ryan asked, a bit worried.

“Ryan,” Bryan stated, “I hope you know that Kevin and I are better friends than to spread such an embarrassing event around. At some time or another we’ve all had a similar kind of accident.”

“You mean you pissed your pants once?” Ryan asked.

“Probably more than once,” Bryan replied, “but the worst case happened last summer, a year ago. I was bike riding around Houston. It was a hot summer day and I was wearing just shorts and boxers, and a tank top. Being a really hot day, I had been drinking a lot of water, like over two 24oz. Bottles. I was still downtown and needed to pee. God I needed to pee and I couldn’t find a restroom anywhere! I decided to try and make it home, and headed towards home, which was about fifteen minutes from where I was.”

“It seemed like every hundred feet I peddled I felt another squirt of pee leaking into my shorts. I knew the front of my shorts had a lot bigger wet spot than what you just had.” Ryan grinned.

“Well,” Bryan went on, “I made it home and threw down my bike, and as soon as I was on my feet my pecker could wait no longer, and flooded my pants and shorts. Pee soaked my shorts and ran out of both cuffs. I spread my legs, hoping the pee wouldn’t run down my legs and into my sneakers and the pee made a big puddle on the driveway. Just a small amount got onto my socks.”

“Did anyone ever know about that?” Ryan asked, curiously.

“Not until today!” Bryan replied, grinning. “I squeezed what pee I could out of my shorts and ran into the house and down the stairs to my bedroom and private bath. Mom saw me come in, and I think she just thought I was in a hurry. I was, but I was no longer desperate to pee. I shucked off the wet shorts and boxers, and rung them out over the toilet. Then I cleaned myself and put on clean boxers and shorts, and peed again, but into the toilet. Water can sure go through a guy pretty quick, when you drink a lot of it.”

“What did you do with the wet ones?” Ryan inquired.

“I stashed them under my bed until the next time Mom did laundry, and then sneaked them into the washer when she wasn’t looking. I’m pretty sure she never knew.” Ryan grinned.

“I’ve never totally pissed my pants like that since I was a toddler,” Ryan said, “but I have had a few times that I’ve squirted a little, like this—spot—hey! It’s almost gone!”

“I told you it would dry quickly,” Bryan said, grinning, “I can hardly even see where it was. Are you getting hungry?”

“Yeah, kinda,” Ryan replied, “I’m not starved, but I could enjoy some lunch, whenever you guys want to stop.”

Another half an hour of travel and Bryan pulled off on an exit that had a Burger King and pulled into a parking slot and Kevin pulled in next to him. The boys all ordered combos to eat in, some kind of sandwich and fries and a drink, going Dutch. Before leaving, all three of them headed to the restroom and drained, and refilled their cups. It was time for Ryan to ride with Kevin for the next leg of their trip. Bryan pulled back onto the Interstate with Kevin and Ryan on his tail.

Ryan, after a few miles, “Kevin, are you guys going to drive straight through to Kenworth?”

“NO WAY!” Kevin exclaimed, “That’s Nine Hundred Miles! We’re gonna try to kill about Five Hundred today, get a motel room tonight and finish the trip tomorrow.”

“Would it be OK if I just sleep in your car tonight?” Ryan asked.

“Why would you want to sleep in the car?” Kevin inquired.

“To be honest, I really don’t have the extra money to spring for a Motel room,” Ryan replied.

“Ryan, that’s not even an option,” Kevin stated. “We’ll get a room with two double beds, Bryan and I will share one and you can sleep in the other. There’s no way we’d let one of our best friend’s sleep in the car when we have an empty bed in our room. If we needed to, we’d even share our bed with you, but that shouldn’t be necessary.”

“It might be cozy though,” Ryan said, grinning.

“A little too cozy!” Kevin exclaimed, “Bryan and I might want to do something sexy, and it would be pretty awkward with a third boy in our bed.” Ryan grinned, picturing the situation.

“I can hardly wait to get back on campus,” Ryan stated, “and be back with my Brandon! It’s been a long lonely summer for us.”

“You haven’t seen each other all summer?” Kevin asked.

“Nope,” Ryan answered, “we’ve called each other just about every day, but that’s not the same as being together. I wonder if Brandon has been rubbing it off as much as I have, or if he may have found another boy up there to give him some sexual satisfaction.”

“Brandon didn’t come off to me as that kind of guy,” Kevin said, “just where is ‘up there’?”

“Massachusetts,” Ryan replied, “and that’s a long way from Ridgeville. You and Bryan are fortunate to have families on both ends that have accepted your sexuality and your relationship. I’m not certain if Brandon’s family knows about him or not, but I’ve never had the balls to come out to my parents. I have to keep my personal life secret from them.”

“That sucks!” Kevin remarked, “I came out to my parents when I was fourteen, I think.”

“I know,” Ryan said, “your Mom told me. I wish my parents were as open minded as yours. I have the scholarship that pays most of my school expenses, but I’m still dependent on my parents for what the scholarship doesn’t cover, like a little spending money and some of my personal needs, like clothing and toiletries. I’m afraid that if they knew I was gay they would cut me off.”

Another couple of hours of travel and the drinks they had all had at BK, plus the refills they’d been sipping was starting to build some serious pressure on their bladders.

“I hate to ask, Kevin, but I’m needing to pee, again,” Ryan said.

“You and me too,” Kevin said, “I saw a sign about ten minutes ago that said the next rest area was in twenty-two miles. Are you good for another twelve, maybe fifteen minutes?”

“Yeah,” Ryan replied, “I think I can hold it that long, I don’t want to repeat what happened this morning!” They soon saw the sign that said ‘Rest Area 1 mile’ and Kevin started to flash his headlights. Arriving at the exit, Bryan pulled off, as did Kevin. Another sign as they pulled into the Rest Area said ‘Welcome to Kentucky’.

Bryan, while they walked to the restroom, “I was really anxious to stop here, I didn’t need your flashing lights.” Just inside the door, Ryan unbuckled his pants and unzipped. Reaching the urinal he shoved his jeans and boxers down, letting the ‘snake’ out. Relief! He didn’t feel like battling with the fly again. When you’re sporting seven inches in the flaccid state, getting it out through both fly’s is a challenge, and even harder when it’s erect. Bryan also lowered his jeans and let go and only Kevin worked his ‘snake’ out through the fly.

Before returning to the Interstate, Bryan and Kevin discussed where they might spend the night. They were now in Kentucky and agreed to try and find a Motel 6 near Louisville. Bryan called the first one, and they were filled. Trying the one north of Louisville, he was able to reserve a room. This would be better anyway, as they wouldn’t have to travel through Louisville during the morning traffic.

It was about 7:00 PM when they checked into the motel. Kevin and Bryan split the cost of the room. They carried their overnight bags in, and decided Ryan would have the bed closest to the bathroom, and the other boys had the bed closer to the window. After getting settled in their room, they went out in search of a restaurant to get some dinner. Knowing that Ryan was really short on money, Kevin said he would pick up Ryan’s dinner and Bryan said he would pay for Ryan’s breakfast the next morning.

They returned to their motel room about 9:00 PM, watched TV for an hour and decided to hit the sack after that show ended, all three boys stripping naked, as usual. For whatever reason, Ryan fell asleep quickly, and Kevin and Bryan took the opportunity to get each other off orally, before falling asleep. Wanting to get back on the road fairly early, Kevin set the alarm on his phone for 7:00.

Thursday morning Ryan woke up early, about 6:45 AM, with the daylight starting to light up the room and his usual morning wood. He needed to piss, but also had an insatiable desire to release a load from his groin, as he hadn’t gotten off in a few days. He knew that if he got himself off, the morning wood would go away and it would be easier to relieve his bladder.

Thinking about Brandon didn’t help matters any. He glanced over at Kevin and Bryan, still sleeping soundly, slid the sheet down and started to slowly stroke his Nine plus inches of hardness. It felt good, and he knew he was going to release a healthy load.

He could feel his orgasm rising, and just seconds before he was about to shoot his wad, Kevin’s alarm sounded, and both Kevin and Bryan were awake! Glancing over at Ryan, Ryan quickly removed his hand from his rather substantial erection that was slick with precum and still standing tall. He couldn’t reach the sheet to cover himself up. The two other boys knew what he had been doing.

“Don’t stop on our account, Ryan, go ahead and finish what you were doing,” Kevin said,

“You guys busted me!” Ryan sputtered.

“Go ahead and finish, Ryan,” Bryan stated, “We wanna watch that big black cock of yours shoot it’s load of cream!”

“Are you guys willing to maybe—help me out a little bit?” Ryan asked, hoping one of them might give him head.

Bryan glanced at Kevin, almost as if to ask permission. Kevin gave Bryan a nod, reaching into his bag and retrieving a bottle of lube. Bryan held the palm of his hand out, and Kevin squeezed out a quantity of lube on it.

“Now we can really slick him up!” Kevin exclaimed. Ryan lay on his bed with Bryan on one side of him and Kevin on the other. Bryan wrapped his lubed hand around Ryan’s masterpiece and started stroking it. With the help of the lube, he was stroking the whole 9 inches, from the head to the pubic hair, and while Bryan was stroking, Kevin was caressing Ryan’s inner thigh and massaging his ball sack. Both Kevin’s and Bryan’s eyes were glued to Ryan’s magnificent hunk of meat.

“Oh my god,” Ryan remarked, “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven! I’m loving this treatment!” Bryan and Kevin shared a grin. “I’m getting close, you better keep your eyes open if you wanna watch me cum! OH FUUUCK! ALMOST THERE!”

Both Bryan and Kevin could feel Ryan’s cock starting to pulse, and like a geyser, streams of white started to shoot from Ryan’s pee hole, the first spurt landing on his face, and then more ropes of cum spewed all over his stomach and chest, and some on Bryan’s hand. Bryan and Kevin were surprised that a boy could shoot that much cum. The excitement of getting Ryan off caused both Bryan and Kevin to become aroused—very aroused, and both had maximum erections, and both were streaming precum. These two think a lot alike.

Kevin, grinning at Bryan, “Shall we?”

“Why not!” Bryan replied, grinning

Both boys knelt on Ryan’s bed, each of them straddling one of his thighs with a knee almost in his crotch.

“What are you doing?” Ryan asked.

“You’ll see, we aren’t done with you yet!” Kevin said, grinning. Both boys started jacking off, Ryan’s eyes darting back and forth between their cocks. After about five minutes they both shot their loads onto Ryan, most of it landing on his stomach. Ryan grinned. By this time, Ryan’s manhood had nearly deflated, and he was quite saturated with all of their combined ejaculates, and he still needed to pee!

“I think I’m in serious need of a shower,” Ryan stated.

“Don’t worry Ryan,” Bryan said, “we’re going to give you one.” The boys had checked it out, and the motel had a king sized shower, plenty big enough for three men. Bryan turned on the water and got it adjusted and Kevin led Ryan into the bathroom.

“I gotta pee, really bad,” Ryan stated.

“Go ahead, the toilets right there in front of you,” Kevin said. Ryan stood and drained his bladder, finally getting his relief. He then stepped into the shower, followed by the two smaller boys. Both Kevin and Bryan soaped up washcloths, one on each side of Ryan and proceeded to scrub him down. Both of the boys washed his genitals, enjoying the pleasure of fondling his big pecker in its flaccid state. His cock was definitely squeaky clean, and ready for Brandon to pleasure it, probably tonight.

Bryan turned off the water, and the boys, using two bath towels, dried Ryan completely, then used two more towels to dry each other. When Bryan and Kevin returned to the room, Ryan was sitting on his bed, wearing clean boxers and a grin on his face.

“So Ryan,” Kevin ventured to ask, “what did you think of our special treatment?”

“That was a totally unexpected and very pleasant surprise!” Ryan responded. “I never thought that you guys would get into that kind of fun and games. That was also the first time that another boy ever gave me a hand job, and what a hand job it was! The lube really added to the sensation. It felt almost as good as fucking, without actually pushing into a hot ass, like Brandon’s!”

“What better way to get my hand on that big handsome cock of yours,” Bryan remarked, grinning. “I’ve lusted to feel it in my hand for a long time, not that I’m not completely satisfied with what my boy and I share together. I think that Kevin’s cock was perfectly designed to fit my mouth!” Kevin smiled.

“Ditto, for Bryan’s cock,” Kevin added, “we complement each other well. I think we all need to get dressed, get some breakfast and hit the road. I’m hoping we can get to Kenworth by four or five this afternoon.”

“I can hardly wait to get there and see my baby,” Ryan stated. “He’s already on campus, waiting for me. He knows that you guys were kind enough to bring me back to him, and I know he’ll be watching for us to arrive.”

The boys checked out of the motel, and went to Denny’s for breakfast. As promised, Bryan picked up the tab for Ryan’s meal.

To be continued...............

* * * * * *

And so ends another chapter. Sorry folks, we didn’t get quite as far as I had hoped. The boys, Kevin, Bryan and Ryan are on their way back to Kenworth and had a fun and interesting encounter in the motel room very early on Thursday morning.

Chapter 41 will pick up with the boys completing their trip to Kenworth and a very happy reunion between Ryan and Brandon. Thursday evening Jim and Cal will be calling Julian and discussing their plans to share a weekend getaway at the cabin with Dayton.

As always, we writers 💓 comments and I appreciate you guys taking the time to read my tales.

I love you guys,


Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.

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