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    Doug Spencer
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Watergame - 5. Chapter 5

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older.

There are no watergames in this chapter.

There is description of gay oral sex in this chapter.


In Chapter 5

J&J have arrived in Dunbar
Jeff receives an exciting call from Uncle Jim
J&J get their summer jobs, and start them

Watergame Chapter 5, by Douglas Spencer

Art White is a hard worker. He is a carpenter and has worked for Alvin Corbin for nearly twenty years, and is the most senior carpenter in the company. Alvin’s contracting firm specializes in building new homes, and with the exception of the masonry work, he employs his own people, the carpenters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, dry wallers, and painters are all on his payroll.

Most of the guys typically work a forty-five hour week, from 8:00 AM until 5:30 with a 30-minute lunch break. The guys are also permitted a 15-minute coffee break mid-morning. If they get behind, due to inclement weather, some of the men may be asked to work an occasional Saturday.

Art arrived home at about 5:55 PM this Wednesday and, spotting Jeff’s car, he smiled, knowing his boys are home for the summer. Yes, Art considers both Julian and Jeff to be his sons, and he has unbounded love for both of them. Entering the kitchen and kissing his wife, he wondered where the boys were and Vi just pointed to Julian’s bedroom, and asked Art to wake them for dinner.

Art entered Julian’s bedroom and saw the two boys sleeping, Jeff on his stomach and Julian on his side, facing Jeff. Art couldn’t resist, and with a smirk on his face, raised his hand and gave Jeff a healthy slap on his bottom. Jeff woke up, a look of shock on his face but then saw Art standing over him, and the look changed into a grin, as Jeff rose and wrapped his arms around Art, giving Art a warm and loving hug. The slap on Jeff’s butt awakened Julian, and he waited his turn to also give his Dad a loving hug.

While the boys pulled their sneakers back on, Jeff suffered a twinge of jealousy, realizing that Julian had been raised with a lot of affection from his parents, and it even overflowed to him. Jeff could not even remember his father ever giving him a loving hug, like the one he’d just received from Art, and his mother hadn’t done much better, at least not since he was maybe about five or six years old.

It crossed Jeff’s mind, that Uncle Jim would likely have given him a lot more affection than his parents did, while he was growing up, had his Mom not been so homophobic, and allowed him to spend more time with his Uncle.

J&J enjoyed a delicious dinner of smothered pork chops, smashed potatoes and steamed broccoli with Vi and Art. Just as they were finishing dinner, Jeff’s phone rang, and it was Uncle Jim.

“Hi, Uncle Jim,” Jeff answered, “Is everything ok?”

“A lot more than OK,” Jim replied, “is Julian there with you?”

“Right by my side,” Jeff replied, “we just finished having dinner with Julian’s Mom and Dad, Jul and I just arrived today and we are here for the summer.”

“Turn on your speaker, Jeffie, so I can share the news with both of you!” Jeff turned his phone on to speaker mode.

“It’s on,” Jeff said, “please don’t keep us in suspense!”

“Jeffie,” Jim said, “somehow, at lunchtime today, Calvin and I got up the courage to come out to our whole office, even including Lonnie, our boss, and then we announced our engagement to get married! We are now officially fiancée’s!”

“That’s wonderful, Uncle Jim,” Jeff asked, “when is the big day?”

“We haven’t set the date yet,” Jim replied, “but likely sometime this fall. We want to be married before Christmas so we can spend Christmas together as a married couple.”

“That’s awesome,” Julian said, “give Calvin our congratulations, and tell him we’re happy, for both of you!”

“Will do, Julian,” Jim replied, “and Calvin said he wants us to hook up with you guys again soon. We both enjoyed our time with you guys Monday, very much.”

“The feeling was mutual, Uncle Jim, I’m really happy we caught you guys out there, and, Uncle Jim, I love you, and thanks for sharing the good news,” Jeff said.

“I love you too, Jeffie,” Jim replied, “More than you could ever know. You and Julian have a great summer together, goodbye for now, and please stay in touch.”

“We’ll stay in touch, Uncle Jim,” Jeff stated, “I promise, now that I’ve found you, I don’t want to ever lose track of you again.”

“Bye, Uncle Jim,” both boys said, in unison, and Jeff hung up. Julian and Jeff smiled at each other.

“So,” Art asked, “is this Uncle Jim a real uncle?”

“Oh, very much so,” Jeff replied, “he is my mother’s younger brother, and he’s about twelve years older than me. My Mom hates him, just because he’s gay. My mother is a homophobe.”

“Do your parent’s know,” Vi asked, “about you and Julian?”

“No,” Jeff replied, “I’m afraid to tell them, because I’ve still got one more year of college, and I’m dependent on their financial support. I’m scared they might cut me off.”

“Uncle Jim said that if they did,” Julian said, “that he would help you out, so you could graduate.”

“I know, baby,” Jeff responded, “I just don’t want to have to depend on others, and I consider my education to be my parents responsibility.”

“We learned a lot about his Mom Monday, from Uncle Jim,” Julian said, “I think Uncle Jim is a really cool guy, and I like him.”

“Until Monday,” Jeff stated, “I didn’t even know that Uncle Jim was gay. My Mom cheated Uncle Jim and me from ever having a decent uncle and nephew relationship, just because of her stupid homophobia!

Jeff and Julian went into detail, about how they ended up at the cabin Monday, and met up with Jim and Calvin, including the scare from Jim’s pistol.

“Not to change the subject,” Art said, “but Alvin is expecting you two to come to the office tomorrow and fill out your applications. I think he plans to get both of you started to work by Monday. I would advise you guys to get to the office by 8:00 or 8:30 tomorrow morning.”

“Dad,” Julian mentioned, “If you would wake us up when you get up, we can follow you to the office when you go to work.”

“It’ll be early,” Art said, “about 6:30 AM, because I need to leave here by 7:30 to clock in at 8:00. You guys may want to hit the hay by around 10:00 PM tonight.”

J&J took Dad’s advice, and cuddled together in Julian’s bed about 10:00 PM, both boys looking forward to tomorrow and getting to meet Alvin. It took them a while to fall asleep, as they were both wired. They considered having some sex, but decided that sleep was more of a priority right now. The weekend is coming.

* * * * * *

About 6:30 AM on Thursday morning it was barely daylight when Art entered Julian’s bedroom. He walked over and gently shook both boys’ shoulders, disturbing their slumber.

“Morning already?” Julian questioned.

“Time to rise and shine,” Art replied, smiling, “Mom is cooking our breakfast, and we need to leave in an hour, welcome to Working Class America!”

“We’ll be out shortly, Dad,” Julian stated.

Both boys climbed out of bed with morning wood tenting their boxers, and both cuffed playfully at each others tent poles, and grinned. They were both hoping they could take a morning pee and get rid of the boners, not wishing to walk into the kitchen with tented boxers. After successfully draining their bladders, things weren’t so stiff, and they joined Vi and Art at the kitchen table, still wearing only their boxers.

“Dad,” Jeff asked, “how should we dress, to meet Alvin?”

“Casual, jeans and sport shirts should be fine,” Art replied, “you won’t need work clothes today, because I know he won’t start you actually working today. Just a heads up, you guys might be wise to leave the affectionate names at home and just call each other by your first names. Most of the guys are pretty decent, but they might hassle you if they realize just how close you two really are.”

At 7:30 J&J left the house in Jeff’s car, following Art, in his pickup truck. About 7:50 AM they arrived at the contractors office and the boys followed Art inside. Alvin had noticed them all pull in together, and met them at the front office.

“Good morning, Art,” Alvin greeted, “can I assume these are the two college boys you asked me to consider for summer jobs?”

“Yes Alvin,” Art replied, “This is my son, Julian, and his closest friend, Jeff Parks. Jeff’s home is in Summerton, but he is staying with us for the summer.”

Alvin, offering handshakes to both boys, “I’m Alvin Corbin, and I’m the owner of this company, which I named ‘Corbin Homebuilders.’ As the name implies, we specialize in building new homes. If you men will fill out these applications, I will give you interviews, and see if I might offer you employment for the summer. The applications are primarily a formality. When you have them filled out, just give them to Diane, my secretary, and I’ll call you into my office for interviews.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jeff replied, taking the form from Alvin. Both boys sat at a table in the office and started to fill out the forms. After about half and hour, they both handed their completed forms to Diane, and she asked them to please take a seat, until Alvin called them into his office. Alvin seemed to be quite busy on the phone, and J&J waited patiently. After waiting what seemed like a lifetime, Alvin appeared at the doorway of his office, and invited the boys to come in.

Alvin explained to J&J that what he needed most right now, are painters. He has three houses that are ready to be painted. He told them that painters lose little time for bad weather, that if it rains, they can’t paint outside, but can still paint on the inside. There isn’t a lot of outside painting anyway just mostly trim work, because the siding of all these homes is vinyl, and doesn’t require painting.

He explained to the boys that, since they had no painting experience, he would hire them as trainee’s, at $8.50 an hour, but as they became proficient as painters, they would be eligible for a raise. He then asked them if they were interested.

Jeff asked, excitedly, “When could we start?”

Alvin replied, “Since we’re a little behind, I can start you tomorrow, and even work you this Saturday, so you would both have two days work on your first paycheck.”

Jeff, looking and smiling at Julian, “Sir, we accept! Is there anything special we need to get?”

“Probably, we supply all the needed supplies and equipment,” Alvin said, “but if you don’t have some old clothes, you might want to stop by Goodwill and pick up some clothing that won’t matter if it gets paint on it. What you’re wearing is too nice to wear for painting.”

“What time are we expected to be at work?” Jeff asked.

“Everyone clocks in at 8:00 AM, and you will need to pack a lunch. I have two other college kids, Gordy and Simon, that worked here last summer, and they will be returning on Monday. They’re nice boys, and I think you’ll like them. I’m going to have Grady come by and take you on a small tour in a few minutes. Grady is the foreman for the painters, and he will be the one to assign your work area, and help train you.”

Alvin made a quick call, asking Grady to come and take these boys on a quick tour.

Alvin stood up, “Jeff, Julian, welcome aboard. I’ll have your info in the system, so you’ll be able to clock in tomorrow morning.” Grady appeared in the front office. “Grady, this is Jeff and Julian, two of your summer painters, if you’ll please take them on a quick tour, they’ll be all yours at 8:00 AM tomorrow. By the way, Gordy and Simon will also be returning for the summer on Monday, so you’ll be at full staff.”

“Thanks, Alvin,” Grady said, “Come on guys, and welcome.” J&J followed Grady to his pickup, which has a bench seat so they could all fit comfortably in the front seat. It was a few miles to the site.

“Grady,” Jeff asked, “what’s it like to work for Alvin Corbin?”

“He’s a great guy,” Grady replied, “do your job and there is never a problem. I’ve been with Alvin for over ten years, and I love working for him. I’m glad Gordy and Simon are coming back, and I’ll probably pair you guys up with them, and they can show you the ropes.”

Grady took J&J to the homes that were ready to paint, and told them they were lucky to start on a Friday, as Friday’s are Pizza Day. Alvin always has pizza delivered to the work site on Friday, treating the whole crew to pizza. J&J are already looking forward to their first day at work!

Grady returned J&J to the office, shook their hands, and told them he would see them at 8:00 AM tomorrow, and that he would lead them out to the work site, so they wouldn’t get lost.

“Grady seems like a right decent man,” Jeff stated, as he and Julian headed toward the Goodwill store.

“He sure does,” Julian replied, “Baby, I wonder what Gordy and Simon might be like.”

“They should be cool,” Jeff said, “They’re college kids too, but I don’t know which college, I guess we’ll find out. It was nice of Alvin to let us start tomorrow and Saturday, so we’ll both have paychecks next week.”

J&J went to the Goodwill store and found several t-shirts and pairs of shorts that would fit. Then they headed on home, and filled Vi in about their experience of the day. She was pleased that they were both so excited about starting their new jobs, and it was Julian’s first job, ever.

Shortly before 6:00 PM Art returned home from work and Vi fed her family a dinner of meatloaf with scalloped potatoes, coleslaw and finished off with homemade Cherry Cobbler. Vi mentioned that she needed to pick up some extra lunch materials, as she was going to need to pack three lunches every day, instead of the one she was used to packing.

Art reminded her that tomorrow was Friday, and pizza day, so she wouldn’t need to pack lunches for tomorrow, but Art wouldn’t be working Saturday, so she would only need to pack lunches for the boys, as Alvin was letting the boys work this Saturday. Art stated that the boys could use his insulated lunchbox this Saturday, and he would pick up an additional one while he was off this Saturday.

* * * * * *

Friday morning was much like Thursday had been, Vi cooked up and served her family a hearty breakfast. The boys were dressed for work today, and followed Art to the office to clock in. Grady met them at the office, and they followed Grady to the house he wished to have them work on today.

Most of these homes had no electric or water hooked up yet, and when Julian asked about where they could find bathroom facilities, was pointed in the direction of one of the several portable potties on the work site. There were about six or seven houses in the group all under different stages of completion. One house had water connected.

Grady told J&J which rooms he wanted them to paint today. About 4:30 he returned to check up on their progress. He told them to go over to the house that had water, and get a couple buckets full, and instructed them how to clean the rollers, brushes and paint trays. They stored the cleaned brushes and rollers in a plastic bag so they wouldn’t dry out overnight.

They would be continuing to paint this same house on Saturday, without supervision, and Grady said he would check up on their work first thing Monday morning. On Friday, they completed painting the kitchen and both bathrooms, and the utility room. These rooms were relatively easy to paint, as no appliances or plumbing fixtures were to be installed until after the rooms were painted.

Saturday they would be painting the living room, dining nook, and hopefully all three bedrooms, which would complete the inside painting of this house. The outside trim work had already been painted earlier, before the siding guys installed the vinyl siding.

Alvin had learned, years ago, that it was more efficient to paint rooms, especially like kitchens and bathrooms, before any fixtures or appliances were installed, and even before any flooring was installed. After the painting was complete, the tile installers would be grouting the tiles into place on the floor, and then the plumbers would be installing the sinks, tubs and toilets. The painters would likely need to return for a little touch up work before the home would be released to the buyer.

* * * * * *

While the boys were working on Saturday, Vi prepared some salads, and Art slipped to the supermarket and picked up four T-bone steaks for Saturday night’s dinner, planning to cook them on the grill. Before Art started the steaks, Vi scrubbed four baking potatoes and wrapped them in foil, placing them in the top of the grill to bake. Art knew the boys would likely be clocking out a little earlier today than they did on weekdays, probably around 4:30 PM and expected them home about 5:00 PM or a little after.

About 5:05 PM J&J pulled into the drive, and were immediately aware of the tantalizing aroma of grilling steaks.

“Wow, baby, I smell steak!” Julian remarked, smiling.

Art, as the boys approached him, “Jeff, how do you like your steak cooked?”

“Medium rare,” Jeff replied.

“Me too, Dad,” Julian stated.

Art, looking at Julian with surprise, “Medium rare, Son?”

“Yep,” Julian replied, looking at Jeff, “Somebody taught me the best way to have steak, I don’t eat it overcooked anymore.”

Art pulled two steaks over to the side, leaving the other two to grill a little longer, knowing that he and Vi preferred Medium well. Vi brought out a tray with four salad bowls and several kinds of dressing, butter, and condiments, and set them on the picnic table. She then returned to the kitchen and brought out a large bowl of tossed salad, and four dinner plates, which she handed to Art at the grill.

“Here you go, boys,” Art stated, placing the two medium rare steaks on plates, along with a baked potato, “Medium Rare,” and handing a plate to each of the boys. He then waited a couple more minutes, and dished up the two remaining steaks onto the last two plates with a baked potato for Vi and himself.

The family thoroughly enjoyed their dinner together.

“I’m sorry guys,” Vi stated, “I didn’t get around to make anything for dessert, we’ve got some Ice Cream in the freezer, if you want something sweet.”

“Who needs dessert!” Jeff exclaimed, “I’m stuffed, great steaks, Dad.”

“Thanks, Son,” Art replied, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Jeff melts when Art calls him ‘Son’, it gives him a warm, fuzzy feeling, that he loves, but he’s still getting used to.

“Dad,” Julian stated, “I think we should get a dog.”

“Why, Jul?” Art asked.

“It seems a shame we have to throw out these nice steak bones, but if we had a dog, he would probably love them,” Julian replied, as he piled all of the bones and other trash on one plate, to carry it to the trash bag. Jeff gathered the rest of the plates, bowls and utensils and carried them into the kitchen to be washed. Vi gathered the dressings and other condiments back onto the tray, preparing to take them back inside, and all evidence of dinner was gone, except for their well-stuffed tummies.

J&J weren’t really all that tired, even though they had worked today, but it was a good excuse to slip off to bed early. They both had a desire to make out for a while. Julian not only closed the door to their room, but locked it as well, just in case. The boys stripped naked, and crawled into bed, then started to make out. After about five minutes of passionate kissing, both had developed hard and leaking erections.

“Baby, I’m hungry!” Jeff exclaimed, softly.

“How can you be hungry, baby,” Julian replied, “We just ate, and I’m still stuffed.”

“I’m hungry for a certain creamy custard,” Jeff replied, “that only comes from a special source.” Jeff gave Julian’s cock a loving squeeze. Jeff threw off the covers and knelt between Julian’s feet, lowering his mouth onto Julian’s beautiful and leaking erection, taking all he could of it into his warm, soft, and wet mouth. Julian was incapable of resisting, because it felt so good, and so loving.

For just a moment, Jeff was wondering why he was even doing this, after all, isn’t he supposed to be straight? Fuck it—he wants to taste his lover. He can’t help it, he loves this boy, and everything about him, including his sperm. He started to work Julian’s cock faster, his head bobbing up and down, slowly bringing his baby to an orgasm. Yes—his baby—why does he love Julian so much? Unable to answer this question, he continued to suck on Julian’s member, feeling Julian’s body stiffen, he’s waiting for Julian’s cock to start pulsing, anxious to feel and taste those spurts of seed enter his mouth.

“Baby!” Julian whispered, “I’m about to cum!”

Jeff tightened his lips around Julian’s cock, driving Julian over the edge. The first rope of cum hit Jeff’s throat, then several more ropes shot into Jeff’s mouth, and he savored the flavor of his boyfriend. Jeff thought again to what he was thinking a few minutes earlier, having sex with Julian was so much better than any girl he’d ever dated. Maybe it’s just because he really loves Julian and he never loved any of those girls he used to date.

He knows he wants to make love with Julian, either way, as a top or a bottom. Yes, he would let Julian have his ass, whenever Julian decides he wants to try it. Having milked his boyfriend dry, Jeff pulled off of Julian’s cock, and swallowed those last few dribbles.

“Thanks, baby,” Julian whispered, “My turn!” J&J changed positions, and Julian wasted no time taking Jeff’s prick into his mouth, licking off all the precum that was coating the head and most of the shaft. Jeff thought that he was going to cum, just from the licking job that his boyfriend was giving him.

After Julian got serious about sucking Jeff’s cock, Jeff was feeling his orgasm coming on, and there was no holding it off.

“I’m not gonna last long, baby,” Jeff whispered, “my orgasm is soon to happen!” Julian was patiently waiting for just that!

Just a couple more minutes and Jeff inhaled deeply, holding his breath, then, exhaling as his cock started to squirt ropes of cum into Julian’s mouth. Julian tried to swallow, but Jeff’s orgasm was still happening. Finally, Jeff stopped squirting, and Julian pulled off of Jeff’s cock, and started gulping. He then went back down, and milked out the last few drops, then savored the taste, and swallowed the last bit.

The two boys then kissed, their tongues tasting their own sperm in each other’s mouths. They shared another loving and passionate kiss, then holding each other tightly, drifted off to dreamland.

* * * * * *

At breakfast time on Sunday morning, Art made an announcement.

“Next weekend is Fourth of July weekend, so Corbin Homebuilders will have a three day weekend off,” Art said, “That means we can spend both Saturday and Sunday nights on the water, and we’ll return Monday night. We should be back in time Monday night to catch some fireworks.” Both boys grinned at each other.

“Baby,” Jeff stated, grinning, “we ain’t workin’ next Saturday—we’re gonna have fun, fun, fun at the lake instead!”

“You know it, baby,” Julian replied, smiling, “we gotta get enough swimming time next weekend to last us until Labor Day!” Art and Vi smiled at each other, loving that the boys are so excited about next weekend. Art and Vi really feel like they are now a family of four instead of three. They love having Jeff as part of the family, and Jeff seems to be very comfortable with the White’s. He feels much more at ease with the White’s than he ever remembered being with his own Mom and Dad.

* * * * * *

Monday morning Art slipped into Julian (and Jeff’s) bedroom right after 6:30 AM to wake them, and they appeared at the kitchen table about five minutes later. While her family enjoyed breakfast together, Vi prepared and packed lunches for all. About 7:30 Art left for work in his pickup truck, and J&J followed in Jeff’s car.

When J&J were clocking in at the office at about 8:00 AM, Grady introduced J&J to Gordy and Simon, the two other college boys that were returning for their second summer to work here with Corbin Homebuilders. The four boys bumped fists, and then followed Grady to the work site, Gordy and Simon riding together, and J&J in Jeff’s car.

Grady quickly checked out the work that J&J had done Saturday, and stated that he was well satisfied.

“You guys probably aren’t going to like what I’m going to do,” Grady said, “but since Gordy and Simon worked here last summer, they are more familiar with the procedures, I’m going to pair Jeff with Gordy, and Julian with Simon.” The four boys glanced at each other, and shrugged their shoulders.

“Jeff and Julian finished off that house (pointing) Saturday, so Gordy, take Jeff and you two start on the outside trim of this house, (pointing). Jeff, are you OK with climbing ladders?”

“I think so,” Jeff replied, glancing at his boyfriend, who was nodding an acceptance.

“I know it will take Gordy and Jeff two days to do the outside trim on that house. Simon and Julian, you guys can start raking the lawn on that house, (pointing again) and getting the lawn leveled to where we can get some topsoil hauled in, a few days from now. As you should know, Simon, the wheelbarrow and landscape tools are stashed inside the garage area, and I’ll let you show Julian the ropes on landscaping.”

Julian was a bit relieved, feeling more comfortable on the ground than up on a ladder, even though the landscaping work was likely more labor intensive than painting. The boys tackled the given jobs, and Grady took off, stating he’d be back to check up on them sometime after lunch.

None of the boys had brought coffee to have during break, but we had plenty to chat about. Gordy and Simon were both going to be juniors at Georgia Tech in the fall, and they were staying with Gordy’s grandma, in her spare bedroom, here in Dunbar, as they had the previous summer. They met as freshmen, and had been dorm mates for their second year, and planned to be dorm mates for their approaching third year.

They were quite obviously close friends, as Jeff and Julian also claimed to be. None of the four lads had mentioned anything about having girlfriends, nor did any of them mention any closer relationship with each other, other than close friends. J&J were curious if Gordy and Simon shared a bed at Grandma’s house, but felt it wise not to ask. The ice will be broken at lunchtime. The boys continued to work after they finished their break, until about noon.

“You guys about ready for lunch break?” Gordy asked.

“Sure,” Jeff replied, “whenever you guys want to, we’re hungry.”

“Let’s get our lunches,” Gordy said, “ours is in the same cooler.”

“Ours too,” Jeff said, as Gordy and Jeff both headed to their cars, grabbing their lunch coolers and returning to the house where Simon and Julian were working on the yard. All four of them sat on the floor of the front porch, legs dangling off the edge.

Jeff, pulling a cool Pepsi from their cooler, “Pepsi, baby—I mean—Julian?” Gordy and Simon both caught that slip of the tongue and grinned, and Julian reached his hand out, taking the drink from Jeff’s hand.

“So,” Simon asked, “how long have you guys been together?”

“We’ve been best friends for a few months,” Julian stated.

“Best friends, bullshit!” Gordy exclaimed, “best friends don’t call each other ‘baby’, right, baby?”

“Yeah,” Simon agreed, “if we’re gonna be working together, we may as well be honest with each other, Gordy and I have been boyfriends for close to three years.”

“Just curious,” Jeff asked, “do you guys sleep together at Grandma’s house?”

“Of course,” Gordy responded, “we wouldn’t want it any other way. Granny knows the score, and she is cool with it—thank god!”

“I wonder if Alvin, or Grady knows about you,” Julian queried.

“They both know,” Simon said, “and they don’t really care, as long as we get the job done, and do it right. I’m glad Alvin hired you guys, having gay brothers to work with will make the summer go by faster, and it will be a lot more enjoyable. Welcome to our little club!”

Jeff and Julian looked at each other and grinned. All four boys stood and hugged each other. Jeff and Julian are now feeling very comfortable with Gordy and Simon, and vice versa.

“If we don’t get back to work and make things happen,” Gordy stated, “none of us will have a job here!” The boys picked up where they left off, Simon and Julian on the yard, Gordy and Jeff with the paintbrushes.

About 3:00 PM Grady returned, viewing the progress, “Looking good, guys, I need to run to the city for some supplies and I won’t be back before quitting time. Stay busy, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning.”

After Grady left, the boys really opened up. They all shared each other’s life stories, and by clock out time they all knew a lot about each other. J&J explained what they were going to be doing over the long July 4th weekend. Jeff showed Gordy and Simon the pictures of Julian’s Dream (the yacht) and of Julian and himself in their swimming trunks, as well as Art and Vi. Both Gordy and Simon displayed just a bit of jealousy and stated how much they’d love to be with them on the yacht this weekend.

Simon, after seeing in the photo that Julian’s parents are a mixed couple, made an admission that his parents are also mixed. One would assume that he was mostly Caucasian, but he told J&J that his mother is about 75% Native American, Cherokee. He substantiated his claim, pointing out his high cheekbones, and lack of facial and body hair, and his somewhat bronze colored skin.

“The lucky fucker,” Gordy stated, “he never needs to shave!”

“Does he,” Julian asked, cautiously, “have pubic hair?”

“Oh yeah,” Gordy stated, grinning, “he’s got that, and he’s uncut, I love his uncut cock.”

“I hope you love more than that, about me,” Simon said.

“Aw baby,” Gordy remarked, “that’s just an added bonus, I loved you before I even knew about your beautiful uncut cock.”

When they finished working for the day, Gordy rode back to the office with Jeff, and Julian rode back with Simon. The boys all decided to exchange phone numbers, and it seems they are on the pathway to also become friends. They all clocked out, bumped fists with each other and said they’d see each other tomorrow.

Julian, as Jeff was driving them home, “What do you think about Gordy and Simon?”

“They’re really cool dudes,” Jeff replied, “I love them, not in the same way I love you, but, I like them a lot. I think we can become long distance friends. I kinda wish their school wasn’t so far from ours, it would be really hard to get together with them. I guess we can maybe have some fun together this summer though, if you would like to.”

“I wish the yacht was big enough to sleep six,” Julian said, “I’d really like to share this weekend with them, we could have a blast.”

“I’m happy that things worked out today like they did,” Jeff said, “I know it’s my fault, I slipped and called you ‘baby’ but it really opened things up for all of us. I had no way of knowing that they were a couple, until I fucked up, I guess sometimes fuck-ups can lead to something desirable. I feel very comfortable around them.”

“I do too, baby,” Julian replied, “and I think they feel comfortable around us too. I really like them a lot. Baby, can I ask you something?”

“Sure sweetheart,” Jeff stated, “I hope you know we can talk about anything, what is your question?”

“I know you’ve stated that you are not gay,” Julian asked, “but if something happened, and we were to part, would you be looking for a girl, or looking for another boy?” The question brought tears to Jeff’s eyes, and a pain to his heart.

“Baby!” Jeff exclaimed, “what prompted that? Are you looking at another boy, or are you tired of our relationship?”

“Neither one, baby,” Julian said, “I’m sorry, I just wondered.”

Jeff, crying, and pulling off the road, “Julian, I’m totally in love with you. After loving you, no one else would ever do, I’m into you, for life! Don’t you love me anymore?”

“Of course I do, baby,” Julian replied, “I love you more every day, I just wondered if you would want to find another boy to love, or a girl. I didn’t mean to upset you, and I’m sorry I made you cry. I wouldn’t want to see us end, I’m totally in love with you too. I love you very, very much, even more than I ever dreamed of loving anyone.”

“So, is everything OK between us, baby?” Jeff asked.

Julian, stretching over the console, and wrapping his arms around his lover, “Baby, please don’t underestimate my love for you, it’s real! We need to get on home, Mom and Dad will worry about us.” They shared a passionate and loving kiss and hug, and Jeff pulled back onto the road, heading home, and they arrived a few minutes later.

Shortly after J&J arrived at the White’s home, they were all enjoying another one of Vi’s tasty dinners.

“Dad,” Julian asked, “do you know who Gordy and Simon are?”

“Yeah,” Art replied, “They’re the two gay boys from Georgia Tech that Alvin hired last summer, and they’re back to work this year. Have you met them yet?”

“Yes,” Julian replied, “We’ve met them, and worked with them today. They’re both really nice boys, and I think we’re gonna be friends, too. We get along well together, Jeff worked with Gordy today and I worked with Simon. Simon is part Cherokee Indian.”

Art, grinning, “I have a feeling this is leading somewhere.”

“I kinda wish the yacht slept six people, instead of just four.”

“It does, Son,” Art stated, “there is another mattress that is secured to the ceiling in your bedroom. It can drop down, and has legs that fasten to your bed, making like a double sized bunk bed. It even has a ladder that lies on top, so two more people can sleep in your bedroom. I suspect that you would like to invite Gordy and Simon to spend the weekend with us aboard Julian’s Dream?”

“Dad,” Julian said, “sometimes I think you’re a mind reader!”

“I don’t have to be, not when I know my son as well as I do. I think you should clear it with your boyfriend, as you would both be giving up some privacy. Vi are you willing to take on a couple more boys for the weekend?”

“I’m cool with it,” Jeff said, “they’re nice guys, and I think we’d all have a blast!”

“It’s not a problem for me,” Vi said, “I haven’t shopped groceries yet, and I just need to buy a little extra for two more young men. I think it would be fun to have them with us.”

“OK Son, looks like it’s a go. Just let us know ASAP so we can plan for four, or six.”

“Thanks, Dad, Mom,” Julian said, “I don’t think they have plans for the Fourth, I’ll ask them tomorrow. I hope they accept!”

J&J headed to Julian’s room shortly after dinner, and spent a couple of hours playing video games, then stripped (yes, naked) and crawled into bed about 10:00 PM. 6:30 AM comes early.

“Baby,” Jeff said, “you’ve just got the most awesome parents that any boy could ever hope to have. I can’t believe they gave you an OK to invite Gordy and Simon to share the weekend with us. Christ, I can’t even get the balls to take my boyfriend to meet my parents, but my parents are nothing like yours. I think I love your Mom and Dad more than I love my own, and I’m so happy to be spending my summer break with you, and your family! Baby, I really am in love with you—and you scared the shit out of me earlier. I don’t want us to ever end, I love you too much!”

“I know you’re my first love,” Julian replied, “and I hope you’re my last love—I want to spend my life loving you. Goodnight, baby, it feels so wonderful, just to even sleep with you, with your warm body next to mine.”

A few minutes later J&J were in slumberland.

* * * * * *

Tuesday morning was almost a replica of Monday, the men sharing a hearty breakfast together while Vi packed lunches for her brood. The men all left about 7:30 AM, heading to work. It was overcast today, and looked like it might start raining at any minute.

After clocking in, Grady led the boys to one of the houses that was ready to paint on the inside. Grady was expecting rain, and elected to have the boys do interior painting today. He assigned Simon and Julian to paint the bathrooms and kitchen, and Gordy and Jeff to start on the living room and bedrooms.

At lunchtime the boys used boxes containing kitchen cabinets as chairs and sat down to eat together.

“What are you guys planning to do over the Fourth of July weekend?” Jeff asked.

“Just chill, I guess,” Gordy answered, “maybe find some fireworks to watch Monday night.”

“I talked with Mom and Dad last night,” Julian stated, “and they told me I could invite you guys to spend the weekend with us on the lake. We’ll be spending both Saturday and Sunday night on the yacht, and we can have a lot of fun together. What d’ya say?”

“You can’t be serious!” Gordy exclaimed.

“He is serious,” Jeff said, “I was there, when Dad told us it was a go. We both want you guys to join us for the weekend. We spent Memorial Day Weekend on the yacht, and we had a blast. It’ll be even more fun if you guys are there with us.”

“Where would we sleep?” Simon asked.

“There is a pull down mattress,” Jeff explained, “that would make our bed like a double size bunk bed. My baby and I will take the lower, and you guys can have the upper mattress. Mom and Dad have a separate bedroom on the other end of the yacht.”

“It seems like we could all have a gay time together, pun intended,” Gordy commented, grinning.

“Babe,” Simon said, “that sure sounds like a lot more fun than trying to chase down some fireworks.”

“Do you guys like to swim, and dive?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah,” Gordy replied, “can we skinny dip?”

“Not hardly,” Jeff replied, “I don’t think Julian’s Mom would appreciate that! You would need to pack your swim suits.”

“We guys can get away with sitting around in our boxers and having coffee in the mornings, though,” Julian stated.

“How about fishing?” Simon asked.

“I don’t know,” Jeff responded, “none of us did any fishing when we were on the lake Memorial Day Weekend, we’d need to ask Dad about that, it may be permitted. We mostly just lounged around and played in the water, and had a great time.”

“So what would this cost us?” Gordy asked.

“Technically, nothing, but I’m sure that Mom would appreciate some help with the cost of the extra groceries,” Jeff replied.

“I’m game, baby,” Simon stated, “what do you think?”

“I think it would be an awesome weekend,” Gordy remarked, pulling three twenty’s from his wallet.

“Count us in, Julian,” Gordy stated, smiling, “and give this to your Mom to help with the groceries.”

“I think we’d better get some paint on these walls,” Simon stated, “Grady’s gonna think we’ve been fucking the dog!”

“Yeah,” Gordy added, grinning, “or fucking each other!”

It occurred to Jeff that Gordy and Simon had been boyfriends for three years, and likely had made love to each other a few times. He wondered when he and Julian would get around to try some real love making, as so far their sexual activity had been strictly oral. Not that there was anything wrong with having oral sex, and they both had found it to be pretty enjoyable and satisfying. About 4:00 PM Grady arrived at the house the boys were painting.

“Because of the rain,” Grady stated, “all of the crew has been sent home, except for us. Gordy, Jeff, if you two will get things cleaned up here, and get the brushes and rollers ready for tomorrow, you guys can go and clock out a little early.”

“Simon, Julian,” Grady continued, “I’ve got a truck coming in with a load of sheet rock. I’m going to take you with me to unload it, and then I’m gonna let you guys go home too.”

Grady drove his pickup, with Julian and Simon with him in the front bench seat, to a house that had just been sided, and Julian and Simon followed Grady into the garage.

“Just chill a few,” Grady said, “truck should be here any minute, how are you four guys getting along?”

“We’re getting along fine, Grady,” Simon replied, smiling.

“I knew you guys would hit it off,” Grady stated, smiling, “I suspect that you all have something in common, but I’m not going there. What you guys do in your private lives is none of my concern, as long as it doesn’t affect the production here.” Julian and Simon exchanged glances, both knowing what Grady was hinting at, both boys pleased that Grady didn’t say any more.

The van truck arrived, and backed up to the overhead garage door. Grady instructed the boys to unload the 42 sheets of wallboard, leaning them against the inside wall of the garage where the drywall crew could get to them, as well as a case of drywall screws and several buckets of drywall mud and a few rolls of drywall tape.

When they were done, Grady made sure the doors were all locked, and took Julian and Simon back to the house where he had picked them up. Jeff’s car was gone, as well as both Jeff and Gordy, but Simon’s car was still parked there. Simon drove Julian to the office so they could clock out, and meet with their boyfriends to head home.

* * * * * *

When J&J arrived at home, Art was just finishing cleaning out the cab of his pickup, as he had arrived home somewhat earlier, because of the rain at the work site. Art smiled, seeing his boys, and motioned them over to him.

“Guys,” Art stated, “there is really no reason for us to drive two vehicles to work every day. I just cleaned out the cab of my truck, and it has a bench seat, so you guys can ride back and forth to work with me, and we can save some gas money.”

“Or we could just carpool,” Jeff said, “and you could ride with us on some days.”

“No, that won’t work,” Art responded, “I’m a carpenter, and I have to have my tools with me. The only thing you guys need is your lunch cooler.” Julian and Jeff glanced at each other, realizing that Dad was right. All three men entered the kitchen door, ready for another of Vi’s wonderful dinners.

“Did you ask your friends, about this weekend?” Art inquired.

“I sure did!” Julian exclaimed, grinning ear to ear, “And they accepted, I can hardly wait until this weekend! Mom, Gordy gave me this to give to you, to help pay for the extra food.” Julian handed the $60.00 to Vi.

“They didn’t have to do that,” Vi stated, “we can afford to feed a couple of extra boys over the weekend.”

“Mom,” Jeff commented, “they’re really nice boys, and I think they really wanted to contribute something in exchange for yours and Dad’s wonderful hospitality. Dad, they did ask if they could do some fishing, and I told them I would ask you, because I wasn’t sure.”

“They would need to have their own rods and tackle,” Art replied, “and they would need to get fishing licenses. They can get those at the marina store. They would also need to be careful not to hook one of us innocent swimmers!” J&J cringed at the thought.

After dinner, J&J retreated to their (yes, they both consider Julian’s room to be ‘their’ bedroom) room, always more comfortable to get down to just their boxers, and positioned themselves on the bed to play some games. Mom was conditioned not to be offended when the boys came out occasionally, wearing only their boxers.

About 10:00 PM, they shut down the game system and TV, dropped their boxers to the floor, and climbed into bed to sleep, their naked bodies comfortably touching.

“I can hardly wait for the weekend, baby,” Julian said, “and I’m so glad that Gordy and Simon are going with us.”

“Me too, baby,” Jeff replied, “I really like them a lot, and I’m happy that they are gay, like us. I feel comfortable with them.”

“Baby, I thought you considered yourself to be straight?” Julian commented.

“I—uh—I think I’m gonna give up that ghost,” Jeff stated, “there is no way I can love you the way I do, and still be straight. You know I love your cock, and love to swallow your sweet cum. Straight boys don’t suck cock and swallow cum, and I even want to feel you in my boy pussy, whenever you’re ready to fuck me. It just took you to wake up my gay side, and I don’t think I can revert, cute chicks don’t even attract me anymore!”

“I have worried,” Julian said, “afraid that some cute chick would steal you away from me. Jeff, I love you, and losing you would surely break my heart!”

“Baby,” Jeff responded, “I’m into you for the long haul—and I would rather die than to break your heart! In all seriousness, I want to marry you someday, and make you mine forever.”

“Oh, god, baby” Julian replied, “I know you would be an awesome husband, and I can only hope to be as good for you!”

“You will be, baby,” Jeff replied, “as long as we keep loving each other the way we do, nothing can ever tear us apart!”

The two boys shared another passionate kiss and hug, held each other tightly and drifted off to sleep.

* * * * * *

Thursday morning at 6:30AM Art slipped into the boys bedroom and grinned, noticing the two pairs of boxers on the floor and knowing the boys were most likely sleeping naked. He was tempted to pull the covers off them, but then just shook their shoulders to wake them. Being straight, he wasn’t really THAT interested in seeing their genitals!

Art, while they were eating breakfast together, “How are the boys going to find us Saturday morning to go to the lake with us?”

“They’re not far away,” Julian said, “I guess we could give them our address and they can drive here that morning.”

“We still have a spare bedroom,” Vi stated, “if they don’t mind sharing the bed, they could follow you guys home Friday night from work, we could all have dinner together and they could sleep in the spare bedroom.”

“They won’t mind sleeping together,” Jeff stated, grinning, “they sleep in the same bed together at Gordy’s Grandma’s house every night anyway, and they’ll be sharing the mattress on the yacht.”

“I’ll catch up with them today,” Art said, “and invite them to come home with us Friday night, and they’ll be here Saturday morning.”

* * * * * *

Thursday afternoon Art got hold of Grady on the cell phone, and asked which house Gordy and Simon were working on, and Grady told him. About 1:00 PM Art appeared and found Simon.

“Simon,” Art asked, “where is Gordy?”

“He just went to the portajohn,” Simon replied, “is something wrong?”

“No,” Art replied, “I just needed to chat with you guys a minute.” While Art waited for Gordy, Simon was thinking that Art had maybe changed his mind about the weekend. Gordy returned.

“Guys,” Art stated, “I just wanted to see you guys about this weekend.”

“I guess you’ve changed your mind about taking us with you to the lake this weekend?” Gordy said, with a look of disappointment on his face.

“Gordy, why would you think that?” Art asked.

“Cause every time Simon and I make plans to do something fun, it never seems to work out,” Gordy replied.

Art, putting his arm around Gordy’s shoulder, “I just wanted to simplify things a little. Guys, just pack what you need for the weekend tonight, and bring it with you when you come in to work tomorrow. Don’t forget your swimwear. When we all clock out, you guys can just follow us home, and spend Friday night at our house. We have a spare bedroom where you two can sleep, and then we can head to the lake on Saturday morning.”

“Art,” Simon remarked, “why are you and your wife going through so much for us?”

“You guys have made some friends,” Art explained, “bringing you guys along for the weekend was Julian and Jeff’s idea, and we’re doing this for them, just as much as for you.”

“We only met them Monday,” Gordy mentioned, “but Simon and I think they are pretty cool, and we like them both a lot. They’re both really good to work with too. Good friends are hard to find, and I think we stumbled across a couple of jewels!”

“I need to get back to work, guys,” Art said, “and you guys need to also. See you at clock out time.” Art was smiling at Gordy’s ‘jewels’ comment, thinking to himself how fortunate he was to have two Sons as wonderful and Julian and Jeff. Even though Jeff is not his biological son, he has as much love for him as if he was.

Art is also looking forward to the weekend. He had worked very little with Gordy and Simon last summer, and anticipates getting to know them a lot better this weekend. He made a quick call to Vi, and told her that Simon and Gordy would be coming home with him and the boy’s Friday afternoon, and staying over Friday night.

Vi told Art that she had anticipated that, and had shopped groceries accordingly. She would be doing a lot of cooking Friday, and was planning to bake a large pan of lasagna for dinner Friday evening. Vi has so much love and respect for both Julian and Jeff, and is secretly looking forward to having Gordy and Simon around for the weekend.

Vi is well aware that Gordy and Simon are a loving couple, just like Julian and Jeff, and she is happy that J&J have become friends with them. Gay boys tend to not have a lot of close friends, but having other gay friends does tend to bring them closer. Like birds of a feather flock together. Friday morning Gordy and Simon had a discussion on the ride to work.

“Baby,” Gordy said, “I’m so excited about this weekend. I can’t believe we’ve been invited to share the weekend with Julian’s family on the yacht at the lake.”

“I think Julian’s parents are really special.” Simon stated. “They have to be aware of the relationship between Julian and Jeff, but seem to be very accepting of it, and I’m willing to bet they know about us too.”

“Yeah, they know we’re willing to sleep together,” Gordy replied, “and most everyone knows that straight guys aren’t comfortable sleeping together—I think that’s a dead giveaway. After sleeping quite regularly with you, I’m not too keen on sleeping alone, it just seems so—distant!”

Simon, snickering, “I wonder what some of our college friends would think, if they knew we sleep together in a twin bed in our dorm room?”

“Heh,” Gordy replied, “They’d probably start calling us ‘fags,’ but it does keep us cozy, and I can never be too close to you, baby!”

“That’s an emotion that I think we both can share,” Simon said, “I’m glad that, at least most of the time, Grady let’s us work together.”

“I think he’s learned,” Gordy responded, “that we’re more productive when we work side by side. I like working with Jeff and Julian too and its cool that we have something in common with them. We’re here, baby, time to clock in.”

Julian, after they all clocked in, “Did you guys bring what you need for the weekend?”

“Yeah,” Simon replied, “I know today is gonna drag on forever, Gordy and I are so ready to start the weekend with you guys!”

“No more so than Julian and I are to have you guys with us for the weekend,” Jeff said, “I predict we’ll have a blast. Julian’s Mom and Dad are awesome hosts.”

Grady, to the boy’s pleasure, had them all working together on the same house today, and, being a Friday, they all looked forward to the Papa Johns delivery guy to bring the pizza at lunchtime.

At 5:30 PM everyone clocked out, and Gordy and Simon followed Art’s pickup to the White’s home to start their weekend. All four of the young men are very excited.

To be continued……….

As always, comments are welcome, and appreciated.


Coming in Chapter 6


J&J with Gordy and Simon share the 4th of July weekend
J&J will get to occupy the White’s home, alone for a week
Jeff seriously considers coming out to his family.

Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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